Matthiola maderensis

Matthiola maderensis
100 (150)cm, tallest and one of the most ornamental Matthiola species native of the succulent zone of Madeira. Has very long, lax branching racemes of very fragrant flowers, opening whitish rose and fading to reddish purple, above a decorative basal to short-stemmed rosette of long, lanceolate, silvery green leaves, which show purplish red margins if being cultivated in a sunny spot. Easy in any rich, rocky soil, keep always sunny and in winter at min. 10°C. Usually grows as a biannual, yet can easily be propagated by seed. VI-VIII.

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seed package (ex Madeira - São Vicente) - 1095
(ex Madeira - São Vicente)
seed package (cultivated, unknown origin) - 6482
(cultivated, unknown origin)