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Amorphophallus pulchellus (Showy Dwarf Amorphophallus)

10 (15)cm, Showy Dwarf Amorphophallus is an only in 2013 described dwarf species from central Laos threatened from extinction or already extinct in habitat: by autumn 2015 the only known population had been wiped out by road construction, in 2018 three tiny specimens could be rediscovered at the same site which will hardly survive in the now completely disturbed former habitat. The photo of the leaf shows one of those last specimens in nature. Amorphophallus pulchellus makes rather broad leaf segments on a purplish tinged stalk and white spathe with a pale rosy-violet base and a long protruding yellow spadix. In winter keep dormant corms slightly moist at a minimum of some 20°C. 1.0 cm long tubers are already flowering size! VI-VII.

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dormant rhizomatous offset (1.0 cm)8813 € 9,90
dormant rhizomatous offset (1.0 cm)

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