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Amorphophallus ongsakulii (Ongsakul's Dwarf Amorphophallus)

10 (15)cm, Ongsakul's Dwarf Amorphophallus is a miniature species from central Laos, where it is known from two locations only. One of them - the type locality from where the species had been described - has become exctint in 2018 due to more competitive plants. Amorphophallus ongsakulii makes a pale rosy-beige spathe and a pale rose to lilac spadix hold above tiny, fern-like leaflets. In winter keep dormant corms slightly moist at a minimum of some 20°C. 1.0 cm long tubers are already flowering size! The photo of the leaf was taken at the original site in habitat. VI-VII.

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dormant corm (0.5 cm)8209 € 4,99
dormant corm (0.5 cm)

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