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Echium simplex (White Giant Bugloss)

2 (3,5)m, White Giant Bugloss makes an impressively tall, perfectly white flower stalk. It is native of the island of Tenerife, where it only locally occurs in a small area in the Anaga Mountain Range in the north-eastern parts of this island, growing in rocky, humus rich soils in the vicinity of the ocean. It is an excellent container plant with large, smoothly pubescent leaves in dense and broad rosette on a short, up to 100cm tall stem. Keep plants at a minimum of some 10°C in winter in a sunny spot and water carefully. It will flower within some 3 years and dies down afterwards, however it can be easily raised from seeds. A spectacular and very easy going species! IV-V.
20 seeds per package.

price (plus Shipping Costs)
seed package (1,000 seeds)6528 € 79,00
seed package (20 seeds)1471 € 4,99
seed package (20 seeds)
seed package (20 seeds) - special price0325 € 0,99
(a total of 50 packages are available at this special price)

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