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Hibiscus saintjohnianus (Orange Haiwaiian Hibiscus)

300 (500)cm, Red Hawaiian Hibiscus (syn. Hibiscus kokio ssp. saintjohnianus) or Koki'o ʻula in Hawaiian language is an extremely rare and threatened evergreen tall shrub known from few populations only on the northwestern side of Hawaiian island of Kaua'i, USA. Hibiscus saintjohnianus has dark green, slightly leathery leaves and rich orange to more rarely scarlet-orange or yellow flowers. This species is widely confused with Hibiscus kokio. It differs from Hibiscus kokio in several aspects, apart from the different petals color, the epicalyx bracts are very short in Hibiscus saintjohnianus. For any rich, well drained substrate in a partially shaded (summer) to sunny (winter) spot at a minimum of some 15°C. Our plants are unhybridized, true-to-type and self-fertile. At present (July 2023) there is one seller on Etsy (namely "SeedsNursery") supposedly offering seeds from this species. Don't waste your money. He stole the photo and comments from buyers on his other articles will tell you the rest. He also offers seeds from Hibiscus schizopetalus - another scam. Again, the photo has been stolen and so far only two persons in the world have successfully managed to get Hibiscus schizopetalus to set a couple of seeds. Another supposedly cultivar available as seeds is 'Fiji Island'. Well, again a stolen photo, and above this cultivar is 100% sterile and it will never ever set seeds after self-pollination. VIII-XII.
5 seeds per package.

U.S. customers only: seeds cannot be shipped to the U.S.

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