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Hibiscus scottii (Scott's Hibiscus)

80 (120)cm, Scott's Hibiscus is an utmost desirable, extremely rare and endangered, evergreen small woody shrub from Socotra island, offshore Yemen, where it occurs in open spots in dry forests. It has small glossy dark green leaves and surprisingly large, rich yellow flowers with a small dark red center. For any rich, well drained substrate in full sun throughout the year and reduced watering in winter at a minimum of some 20°C. Hibiscus scottii is one out of five look-alike yellow flowering species which are endemic to Socotra, and which are easily confused: Hibiscus diriffan, Hibiscus macropodus, Hibiscus malacophyllus, Hibiscus quattenensis, and Hibiscus scottii. Socotra hosts even more yellow flowering endemic Hibiscus species (plus several probably introduced African species), yet these are more easily recognizable. Most (if not all) specimens which are labelled Hibiscus diriffan in cultivation are actually Hibiscus scottii. The problem has emerged as the original collection of Hibiscus scottii had been wrongly identified as Hibiscus diriffan, and probably all existing plants in cultivation descend from this single collection. Leaves in Hibiscus scottii are highly variable, they may have an obtuse, orbicular, or elliptical shape, the leaf margins are either entire, serrated or crenulate and the leaf base may be cordate, rounded, or truncate. Even a particular plant may change its leaf shape from a juvenile to an adult stage, and later in its adult stage again depending on cultivation conditions. Thus the leaf shape does not serve to identify plants. The only true distinctive and unique trait in Hibiscus scottii are very short rusty-brown hairs on the calyx and epicalyx, as well as the lower base outside the petals. Our plants are correctly identified and true-to-type. V-IX.
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