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Gladiolus palustris (Marsh Gladiolus)

90 (120)cm, Marsh Gladiolus is native of semi-moist meadows in central and NW Europe. As the related Gladiolus communis ssp. communis it has bright pink flowers with a white throat and stripes. Very similar to Gladiolus italicus, yet the seeds of Gladiolus palustris are smaller and winged, whereas those of Gladiolus italicus are larger and not winged. In contrast to Gladiolus communis ssp. communis the winged seeds of Gladiolus palustris are about twice the size. Easily cultivated in any humus rich, slightly moist, yet very well drained soil in partial shade to full sun. Completely winter hardy in Central Europe. The seeds are from true-to-type plants. USDA Climate Zone 6. V-VI.
20 seeds per package.

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