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Canary Perennials Collection

A collection of 7 different Canary perennials which are easily grown in pots. This special offers contains a total of 7 separate seed packages:

-Argyranthemum brousonetii ssp. broussonetii (Tenerife Laurel Forest Marguerite) (20 seeds)
-Canarina canariensis (Canary Bellflower) (20 seeds)
-Cedronella canariensis (Canary Lemon Shrub) (20 seeds)
-Dracaena draco (Canary Dragon Tree) (7 Seeds)
-Echium virescens (Rose Flowered Canary Shrub Viper's Gloss) (20 seeds)
-Euphorbia atropurpurea f. atropurpurea (Purple Flowered Succulent Shrub Spurge) (10 seeds)
-Isoplexis canariensis (Canary Shrub Foxglove) (40 seeds)

The regular price for this unique offer is € 21.93. You save more than 25% on the price for single packages!

Argyranthemum brousonetii ssp. broussonetiiCanarina canariensisCedronella canariensisDracaena dracoEchium virescensIsoplexis canariensisEuphorbia atropurpurea f. atropurpurea

Canary Perennials Collection
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seed collection6206 € 15,90

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