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Echium auberianum (Prickly Blue Bugloss)

100 (170)cm, Prickly Blue Bugloss is a rather rare perennial species from the subalpine region of Las Cañadas on Tenerife growing at some 2.400m in pure lava. It makes dense, very hairy rosettes from which several inflorescences emerge to show brilliant blue flowers. A spectacular plant, but very demanding and only suited for the experienced connoisseur. As a matter of fact this is the most difficult of all Echium species we offer and it took us several start-ups before we have finally managed to successfully grow it to flowering size! It it best grown in pure crushed lava, grit sand, pumice or any other inorganic substrate, and in full sun. Keep drier and always very sunny in winter and protect leaves from moisture and rain throughtout the year. It requires a deep pot so that its large succulent roots will develop well. Sow seeds flat in any pure anorganic substrate at some 15° to a maximum of some 25°C with a strong temperature drop during night time. Seeds irregularly germinate over a period of several months. V-VII.
20 seeds per package.

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