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Hibiscus cooperi 'Naselai Pink'

100 (250)cm, 'Naselai Pink' has been reinstated as a species of its own in 2019. It is only known from cultivation and supposedly native of the Melanesia region, where it is still grown on several islands. It is a low woody evergreen shrub with utmost showy, rose pink flowers with an inner red eye and a distinct white halo. In the garden trade it is usually mistaken for Hibiscus storckii which is a different species and which is not in general cultivation. For any rich, well drained substrate in full sun throughout the year and reduced watering in winter at a minimum of some 20°C. True to type seeds are worldwide exclusively available from Seeds from all Hibiscus species in section Lilibiscus (e.g Hibiscus arnottianus, Hibiscus cooperi, Hibiscus denisonii, Hibiscus fragilis, Hibiscus genevii, etc. ) germinate unevenly over a period of several months. Keep pots in a warm spot and the soil slightlly moist until germination will occur. V-IX.
5 seeds per package.

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