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Echium wildpretii ssp. wildpretii (Tajinaste Rojo)

100cm ø rosette, Tajinaste Rojo is an utmost showy biannual to semiperennial species and the symbol of Tenerife, where it is locally called "Orgullo de Tenerife" (Pride of Tenerife). It makes a cylindrical inflorescence of up to 400cm in height with several thousands of deep red flowers which are arranged in arching circles. Its habitat is located at an altitude of some 2.100m in the subalpine zone of the Cañadas depression on Tenerife. In cultivation it is preferably grown in some rather inorganic soil (e.g. crushed lava, pumice, grit sand, etc.) and should be carefully watered, especially in winter. It requires the sunniest position throughout the year and a minimum of some 10°C in winter. It temporarily endures slight freezing down to -7°C if the inner rosette is sheltered from rain. A somewhat delicate plant for the connoisseur, however the low price makes it worth a try! An excellent plant for a frostfree greenhouse or cool wintergarden. USDA Climate Zone 8. IV-VI.
20 seeds per package.

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seed package (20 seeds)1539 € 4,99
seed package (20 seeds)

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