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Pamianthe peruviana (White Peruvian Daffodil)

40 (60)cm, White Peruvian Daffodil is a rare species from Peru and supposedly extinct in nature. It has long and broad, slightly bluish-green, glossy leaves and extremely large, pure white fragrant flowers of up to 15cm in diameter. Despite it's rarity it is easily grown in any humus rich, well drained and always slightly moist soil in a partially shaded (summer) to sunny (summer) spot. Keep plants at a minimum of some 15°C throughout the year. Unlike most other Amaryllidaceae, Pamianthe peruviana makes pale brown seeds. Our seeds are hand selected and each one is controlled for viability. All non-viable seeds as well as those with insufficient embryonic tissue are discarted. Thus, you can be assured that you will receive only viable seeds from this botanical treasure! X-II.
2 seeds per package.

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