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Nymphaea pubescens (White Hairy Water Lily)

100 (150)cm ø, White Hairy Water Lily is a showy larger species from temperate to tropical areas in Asia. Nymphaea pubescens has floating glossy leaves and spectacular flowers hold on a stalk above water level. Flowers are pure white in the true species. Certain rose flowering populations are regarded to be of hybrid origin or may be a new undescribed species. Easily grown in large containers with a water level of some 40 cm to 100 cm above soil. In cooler areas plants are seasonally dormant in winter, when their more or less leafless rhizomes can be stored under water at a minimum of some 12°C. Our seeds are from the true to type white flowering species and originally came from Kerala, India. Seeds will germinate rapidly in some 3 to 5 days at a water temperature of around 25°C. V-IX.
20 seeds per package.

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seed package0650 € 7,99
seed package

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