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Brugmansia suaveolens (Brazil's White Angel Trumpet)

3 (5)m, Brazil's White Angel Trumpet is a tall, semi-woody shrub from South America where it is extinct in the wild. It produces showy, very large (up to 30cm in length), pendulous, pure white flower trumpets, which are about twice as large as those in Brugmansia arborea, and which are heavily scented at night. It is very similar to Brugmansia arborea which has a long green calyx surrounding half of the flower trumpet, and ovoid to shortly elongated ovoid fruits, whereas in Brugmansia suaveolens the calyx is shorter, not surrounding the flower trumpet, and fruits are always elongated. As no wild plants are known in either Brugmansia arborea and Brugmansia suaveolens, in this complex of white flowering plants it is very difficult to make a proper identification. Sometimes the length and the curving of petal tips are used to separate these two species, yet this is a variable trait. And as both species have been in cultivation for several centuries in South America, there are probably no true-to-type specimens in cultivation anymore, but all denominated species plants are hybrids in extreme forms, which are close to the original former wild species. Our seeds are from pure white flowering plants with up to 25cm long fruits. They are fully self-fertile and come true from seed. In the garden trade all plants with rose and orange flowers are inevitably hybrids with Brugmansia sanguinea or Brugmansia versicolor. In cultivation it prefers a humus rich, freely draining soil and a fresh spot at a winter minimum of some 12°C. II-XI.
10 seeds per package.

price (plus Shipping Costs)
seed package (1,000 seeds)0378 € 29,90
seed package (10 seeds)0274 € 0,99
seed package (100 seeds)0357 € 7,99

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