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Nesocodon mauritianus (Blue Mauritius Bellflower)

30 (50)cm, Blue Mauritius Bellflower is a highly threatened and extremely rarely cultivated perennial, with semi-woody stems, narrow lanceolate, dark green, serrated and glossy leaves and quite large, beautiful bright plum blue bellflowers with orange-red nectar drops inside. For any humus rich, well drained soil and a winter minimum of some 15°C in a sunny (winter) to partially shaded (summer) position. If we had to rate its overall rarity in nature as well as in cultivation, the Blue Mauritius Bellflower would range among the top 10 in our catalogue! V-VIII.
30 seeds per package.

Our price of € 0.43 per seed is the lowest you will find anywhere on the web. Other companies and private persons offer this species at between € 1.25 to more than € 8.50 per seed!

price (plus Shipping Costs)
seed package3226 € 12,90

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