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Brighamia insignis (Hawaiian Volcano Palm)

90 (150)cm, Hawaiian Volcano Palm is a very unusual, in habitat extinct, most ornamental caudex plant with a massive, unbranched, grayish green stem and a dense crown of large, spoon shaped, fresh green, glossy leaves. It produces fragrant, white to pale yellow, trumpet shaped and very ong stalked flowers. It is easily cultivated in any very well drained soil in a sunny (winter) to partially shaded (summer) spot at a minimum of some 10°C. Brighamia insignis is usually not self pollinating, which has lead to its extinction as its natural pollinator (a hawk moth) had become extinct and an artificial pollination program had been stopped. Our seeds are from a single specimen which has proven to readily self pollinate and which does not depend on any pollinator nor an artificial pollination anymore in order to set viable seeds. The first daughter generation exhibits the same capability of self pollination, so that this unique strain may be the basis for a future reintroduction program in habitat. VIII-X.
20 seeds per package.

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