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Pistacia vera (Pistache)

2 (9)m, Pistachio or Pistache makes broad feathered, glossy, dark leaves and terminal clusters of small flowers followed by red-skinned fruits on female plants. The fruits contain the well-known Pistachio nut inside. Pistacia vera develops strictly either male or female plants, thus several plants have to be grown together for pollination. An ornamental container plant suited for any well drained, rich soil in a sunny spot. Keep young plants drier, cool (yet frostfree), and always sunny in winter. Supplied are freshly harvested, viable seeds from Lebanon. Until sowing keep seeds cool at some 5°C in the refridgerator to prevent them from desiccation. USDA climate zone 7/8. IV-VI.
Seeds are not available for a delivery to the following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA.
3 seeds per package.

price (plus Shipping Costs)
seed package (ex Turkey)9099 € 3,99
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