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Dracunculus canariensis (Canary Dragon Aroid)

100 (150)cm, Canary Dragon Aroid makes a pure white, narrow spathe and a yellow spadix above several divided, fresh green leaves on a plain green stem. Dracunculus canariensis is native of the western Canary Islands (Spain), whereas it is extinct on Madeira (Portugal). It grows in humus rich, partially shaded to sunny spots and is a summer-dormant and winter green species. It is not sufficiently winter hardy in Central Europe or North America, and thus it is best grown in a sunny spot in a cool, frost-free greenhouse at a winter minimum of some 5°C and careful watering. V-VI.
10 seeds per package.

price (plus Shipping Costs)
seed package (ex Gran Canaria, Spain)1340 € 3,99
seed package (ex Gran Canaria, Spain)
(ex Gran Canaria)
seed package (ex Tenerife)3514 € 2,99
seed package (ex Tenerife)
(ex Tenerife)

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