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Seed Mix No. 5: Subalpine Wildflowers

Achillea millefolium

White Yarrow


Arnica parryi

Dwarf Angelica


Astragalus adsurgens

Upright Milkvetch


Castilleja sulphurea

Sulfur Paintbrush


Delphinium occidentale

Western Larkspur


Eriogonum umbellatum

Sulfur Flower


Helenium hoopesii

Orange Mountain Daisy


Lupinus alpestris

Mountain Lupine


Oxytropis lambertii

Showy Locoweed


Penstemon rydbergii

Rydberg's Penstemon


Penstemon strictus

Rocky Mountain Beardtongue


Penstemon whippleanus

Dusky Beardtongue


Senecio atratus

Golden Butterwort


Senecio eremophilus

Cut-Leaf Groundsel


Other species


Inert parts

(e.g. dry flower petals)



Note:Seed mixes cannot be delivered to customers in Australia, Canada, and the USA. From all linked species above pure seed is available. You may want to order single seed packages instead.

Seed Mix No. 5: Subalpine Wildflowers
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Mix (5g)6585 € 7,99
sufficient for 5m2

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