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Hibiscadelphus (Hawaaian Mountain Hibiscus)

Mountain Hibiscus is a small genus of woody, shrublike species within the mallow family (Malvaceae) and endemic to the Hawaaian archipelago. Three out of seven species are already extinct and the remaining members are highly threatened. All are semi evergreen, woody, branching shrubs with acer like to heartshaped leaves and typical zygomorphous, tubular, axillary flowers in dark reddish to greenish lilac shades. All are easily grown as pot or container plants in any well drained, rocky soil in full sun throughout the year. Keep plants drier in winter in full sun and at a minimum of some 15°C. If plants are becoming too large, they can be cut back easily in early spring.
Sow seeds on any well drained, rock-sandy soil. Place pots in a sunny to partially shaded spot at a minimum of some 25°C. Keep seedlings always slightly moist from beneath. Transplant to larger pots after the second pair of feathered leaves.
7 seeds per package.