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Jaborosa & Nolana (Little Bells)

Jaborosa and Nolana or Little Bells are annuals to perennials within the nightshade family (Solanaceae) and are native of dryish, sandy to rocky sites in Peru und Chile. Most species have very restricted populations and occur in small areas only. Especially several annual Nolana species have showy, quite large, morning glory-like cup-shaped flowers in white, pale blue to pale bluish-rose on trailing stems. Jaborosa usually have a perennial rootstock and rhizome-like stems with brownish-green flowers and are extremely rare in cultivation. All annual Nolana members are easily grown in any rich, well drained soil in full sun. They make excellent rock garden plants. Jaborosa sativa is fully winterhardy in Central Europe and a perfect plant for the rock garden as well.
Sow seeds flat in pots in any rich, well drained substrate at some 20°C in mid spring. Keep pots in a sunny spot. Carefully transplant young plants to the final spot in the garden as soon as they are strong enough and after the last freezing nights from late spring to early summer.
10 seeds per package.
Jaborosa sativa

Jaborosa sativa

30 (45)cm, Jaborosa sativa is a botanical oddity which is virtually unknown in cultivation. It is a herbaceous, fully winterhardy species from Argentina with a perennial rootstock, a rosette of undulated fresh green leaves, and annual short stalks which are densely covered with clusters of unreal looking green flowers with brown sprinkles followed by walnut-sized green fruits. Its botanical name suggests, that parts are edible of this plant, yet for lack of any further information we do not recommend to consume any parts thereof! Easily grown in any rich, well dained soil in a sunny spot. Excellent in the rock garden. Sow seeds flat in any rich, well drained substrate in pots in mid spring at some 20°C. Keep pots in a sunny spot. Transplant seedlings to the final spot in the garden after the last freezing nights by the end of spring to early summer. VI-VIII.
20 seeds per package.

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