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Paraquilegia (Dwarf Aqilegia)

Asian Paraquilegia is very close to the real Columbine and differs in its more compact rosettes and strongly dissected, very short leaves and surprisingly large flowers in vivid colors. Grows best as rock garden plants in any well drained, rocky soil in full sun.
Sow flat on any rocky soil in autumn to spring in a sunny spot. Keep soil always slightly moist from beneath until seeds start to germinate in late spring. Transplant in late summer preferably in their second year or as soon as plants are strong enough.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
30 Seeds per package.
Paraquilegia anemonoides (Asian Columbine)

Paraquilegia anemonoides (Asian Columbine)

10 (15)cm, Asian Columbine is a rare and very decorative dwarf rock garden plant with large, intense violet flowers above a compact, bluish green rosette of strongly dissected leaves. From mountain rock crevices and subalpine meadows in the border of north-western Yunnan and south-western Sichuan (China). III-IV.
30 seeds per package.

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