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Pancratium (Canary & Mediterranean Sea Daffodil) & Vagaria

Canary and Mediterranean Sea Daffodils and the closely relatged genus Vagaria have small (Vagaria spp.) to large (Pancratium spp.), white, narcissus-like, strongly perfumed flowers above glaucous, deciduous leaves. For pots with a rocky, rather inorganic soil in full sun. Best grown under cold, yet frostfree glass or in a heated wintergarden. Plants will go dormant in summer and restart growth in late summer to early autumn with lower temperatures. Keep sunny in winter with careful watering.
Sow black seeds throughout the year preferably in pure grit sand at some 15° to maximum 22°C (in certain Canary plants, higher temperatures will slow down or even inhibit germination!). Keep soil always slightly moist and place pots in a sunny spot. Easily raised from seeds.
Canary Sea Daffodils (aff. Pancratium canariense) and all Vagaria species are not winter hardy!
10 seeds per package or per bulb (diameter given in cm).

Note: All bulbs are available for a delivery within Europe only ! Seeds are shipped worldwide. For Non-European customers only: We do ship dormant bulbs outside Europe, provided that all risk is upon the buyer. We do not issue any phytosanitary certificate, which is officially required for most countries. We kindly ask you to check with your local import regulations before placing an order!
Pancratium canariense (Canary Sea Daffodil)

Pancratium canariense (Canary Sea Daffodil)

20 (30)cm, Canary Sea Daffodil is a Narcissus like Amaryllid which is endemic to the Canary Islands. It bears rather narrow glaucous (bluish green) leaves and white, star-like, slightly fragrant flowers. For any well draining, rocky soil in a sunny position in winter in an always frostfree spot at a minimum of some 5°C. IX-XI.

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seed package (ex Gran Canaria, Spain)
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seed package (ex Tenerife, Spain)
(ex Tenerife, Spain)
Pancratium illyricum (Illyrian Sea Daffodil) Exclusive

Pancratium illyricum (Illyrian Sea Daffodil) Exclusive

30 (40)cm, Illyrian Sea Daffodil is a very rarely cultivated Pancratium species from mountaineous regions on Sardinia (Italy) and Corsica (France). It makes broad bluish-green leaves and large fragrant white flowers with broad petals, which sometimes show a light green middle stripe. Stalks are born shortly above emerging leaves in spring. Pancratium illyricum is the only Pancratium species which is sufficiently winterhardy in Central Europe, as it is winter dormant and summer green. For any well drained, rocky soil in full sun. Plant bulbs quite deep (three times their size) in a sheltered spot, which is protected from winter wetness and freezing through. Bulbs are best grown for one year in pots under frostfree conditions at some 5°C in winter, before they are planted to their final spot in the garden in spring. Bulbs derive from high altitude populations at some 1,150m on Sardinia and are especially cold resistant. Plants rarely, if ever, make daughter bulbs, thus propagation is very slow and mostly by seeds. USDA Climate Zone 7. IV-V.

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Pancratium maritimum (Mediterranean Sea Daffodil)

Pancratium maritimum (Mediterranean Sea Daffodil)

30 (50)cm, Mediterranean Sea Daffodil is a Narcissus like species from the Mediterranean region where it occurs in sand dunes close to the sea. It makes broad glaucous leaves and beautifully large, white, star-like and strongly fragrant flower trumpets. For a sandy or rocky soil in a sheltered, sunny position in the garden (with good proctection against freezing in winter) or preferably in a frostfree greenhouse or a cool wintergarden. Makes quite large, black styrofoam like seeds. From a wild collection made in Jadra/Jiyé south of Beiruth, Lebanon and Golfo di Marinella on Sardinia, Italy. USDA Climate Zone 8. VII-VIII.

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Pancratium spec. 001 (ex Fuerteventura) Exclusive

Pancratium spec. 001 (ex Fuerteventura) Exclusive

25 (35)cm, a most likely undescribed new species, which has been included in Pancratium maritimum (Mediterranean Sea Daffodil) in the past. Yet it differs in several aspects from the latter and should be raised to species rank. It mainly differs in making much broader (up to 5cm) bluish-green leaves, and much smaller seeds similar to those in Pancratium canariense (Canary Sea Daffodil), lacking the styrofoam-like substance. Showy, pure white star-like flowers. Native of sand dunes in the Corralejo region in northern Fuerteventura. For a sandy or rocky soil in a sunny spot throughout the year. A summer dormant and winter green species. In winter keep drier at a minimum of some 5°C. USDA Climate Zone 9/10. VII-VIII.

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