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Asimina (Hardy Custard Apple)

Hardy Custard Apple or Pawpaw is a small genus with some winter hardy species native of North America and north-eastern Asia in an otherwise rather tropical family. They are native of deep, humus rich, slightly moist and acidic soils in open spots in woods. They grow as tall, woody shrubs to small trees and have showy, large leaves and cup-shaped flowers which are born on the past years stems. These are followed by edible fruits (weighing up to 300g each) with a very sweet, deliciously aromatic white pulp. Asimina plants do not self-pollinate, thus always two different individuals shall be planted next to each other. Seeds are prone to diseccation and have to be store moist and cool in order to maintain their viability. Most seeds you will find elsewhere have been stored dry and at room temperature, so that may not be viable anymore. We store them under appropriate conditions and they are shipped slightly moist packed in order to prevent desiccation.
Sow the large seeds flat in any humus rich, sandy, very well drained soil in pots in a protected, sunny spot outside during winter. Seeds germinate in late spring the following year. Transplant in autumn as soon as leaves start to yellow or alternatively in early spring before leaves emerge.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6.
3 large seeds per package.
Asimina triloba (Winterhardy Custard Apple)

Asimina triloba (Winterhardy Custard Apple)

3 (7)m, Hardy Custard Apple or Paw-Paw is a loosely branching, tall woody shrub to small tree with alternate, long, obovate, dark green leaves, pubescent on the underside. The large, purplish brown flowers are born on the stems from previous years. Makes large, deliciously sweet fruits with a white, pineapple-banana-like flesh. Fruits mature in autumn. It is native of deep, rich, slightly moist soils throughout the south-eastern US extending to S Canada where is has partly become quite rare due to deforestation. Seeds will be shipped slightly moist packed in order to prevent their desiccation. IV-V.
3 seeds per package.

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