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Acanthopanax (Winter Hardy Finger Aralia) & Tetrapanax (Ricepaper Shrub)

Finger Aralia (Acanthopanax spp., syn. Eleutherococcus spp.) are fully winter hardy, woody, deciduous woody shrubs with loosely branching, upright to arching stems. The Ricepaper Shrub (Tetrapanax papyrifera) belongs to a monotypic genus with only one half-hardy species from mild temperate regions in Taiwan and China. They make terminal ball-like to elongating clusters of small yellowish-green flowers followed by ornamental black berries in late summer and autumn similar to the related ivy (Hedera spec.) above fresh green, palmately divided leaves. Native of woods in East Asia and Japan. For any humus-rich, slightly moist soil in a partially shaded spot. Tetrapanax papyrifer should be given a good winter protection in colder regions.
Sow seeds of Acanthopanax species flat in any humus-rich, well drained soil, keep pots in a protected, sunny spot outside during winter. Transplant in summer or following spring as soon as seedlings are strong enough.
Sow seeds of Tetrapanax papyrifer flat in any humus-rich, well drained soil at some 20°C throughout the year in a partially shaded to sunny spot. Seedlings are best grown under frostfree conditions with a minimum of some 5°C in winter before they may be planted out in late spring.
All Acanthopanax species are USDA Climate Zone 6. Tetrapanax papyrifer is USDA Climate Zone 9.
20 seeds per package.
Acanthopanax henryi (Henry's Finger Aralia)

Acanthopanax henryi (Henry's Finger Aralia)

3 (5)m, Henry's Finger Aralia is a woody, loosely branching deciduous shrub with upright to slightly arching stems, fresh green, palmately divided leaves and up to five terminal round clusters of decorative black fruits in late summer and autumn. For any humus rich, well drained, slightly moist soil in partial shade. IV-V.
20 seeds per package.

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