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Typhonodorum (Giant Aquatic Arrowhead)

Giant Aquatic Arrowhead is native of tropical Africa (Tanzania to Madagascar, and Comores). It grows as a perennial making an impressing tall banana-like pseudo stem and up to 150cm long, large arrow-shaped leaves. In cultivation this plant requires a bog-like position and a minimum of 20°C (the optimum are some 25°C) throughout the year in a sunny spot.
Place the large seed horizontally on an humus rich soil, cover the seed only slightly with soil. Cover the soil (pot has to be without drainage holes) with some 2cm of water. Will germinate rapidly at some 25°C in a sunny spot. The first leaves are more or less lance-shaped and will gradually extend to the typical arrow-like form.
The price is given per one (1) large seed.
Typhonodorum lindleyanum (Giant Aquatic Arrowhead)

Typhonodorum lindleyanum (Giant Aquatic Arrowhead)

250 (400)cm, Giant Aquatic Arrowhead is an impressive aquatic aroid species with very large arrow shaped leaves formed in a rosette on a tall pseudo stem. Mature plants make several inflorescences with a white spathe in hot summers. For any humus rich soil, which has to be always covered with water. Best use a large, hole-free pot. Minimum of some 20°C in winter and keep plants sunny throughout the year. A relatively high air-humidity is recommended, best cultivated in a heated greenhouse. Current seeds are from fruits produced in pur winter/spring and thus are naturally much smaller (roughly half the size) and those from fruits collected in summer/autumn, yet they are equally viable and sold in packages of 2 (two) seeds each and at a reduced price due to lower shipping costs. II-XII.
1 seed per package.

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