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Cyphomandra (Tree Tomato)

Tomatillo or Tree Tomato are decorative, fast growing and easy container plants with large ornamental leaves. They will develop fruits in a wintergarden as well. Require plenty of water and fertilizer in summer. Plants which are becoming too large can be easily cut back in spring before new growth. For any humus rich, well drained substrate in a sunny spot throughout the year, in winter keep plants drier at a minimum of some 10°C.
Sow flat at 20°C in any rich soil in a sunny spot. Keep drier, cooler and sunny in winter at a minimum of some 10°C.
20 seeds per package.
Cyphomandra betacea (Tomatillo)

Cyphomandra betacea (Tomatillo)

150 (300)cm, Tomatillo or Tree Tomato is native of Northern Latin America. It has decorative, very large, elephant-ear like leaves which have a slight reddish tinge in full sun and white flowers in autumn followed by egg shaped bright red to more rarely orange-red or orange fruits, which will mature in a heated wintergarden in late spring. An excellent, very robust container plant. We have seeds from several cultivars with different colors and fruit sizes available. IX-XI.
Seeds are not available for a delivery to the U.S.
20 seeds per package.

price (plus Shipping Costs)
seed package (orange small fruited)8587 € 2,99
seed package (orange small fruited)
(orange small fruited)
seed package (orange-red large fruited)6027 € 2,99*
seed package (orange-red large fruited)
(orange-red large fruited)
seed package (red large fruited)2233 € 2,99
seed package (red large fruited)
(red large fruited)
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