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Ethnobotanical Seeds - Magic Plants

Several plants or seeds in the categories below have been used for their said either psychoactive, mind-expanding, sedative, tranquilizing and/or stimulating properties, and several are used in the pharmacy for their medicinal values. Please note that all of these so-called witch plants or magic plants should be grown strictly for ornamental purposes only! Do not test any of these plants on yourself nor on other humans or your beloved pets! Depending on cultivation methods, they may contain an unpredictable amount of toxic substances, which may have fatal effects if being overdosed! Enjoy all of these "mystic" plants with your eyes only!

As for the complete offer on our website does not hold responsability for any other use than for ornamental purposes. Please be aware of any possible import restrictions to your country before ordering any seeds of these plants!

Hyoscyamus niger (Black Henbane)Withania somnifera (Wintercherry)Mandragora officinarum var. autumnalis (Autumn-flowering Mandrake)