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Aroids - Dragon Plants

On this page you find a choice of  hardy as well as subtropical and tropical members within the aroid family (Araceae) which produce tubers, corms or rhizomes. At present we are propagating a very good selection of tuber-forming aroid species within the following genera: Amorphophallus, Anchomanes, Ariopsis, Arisaema, Arum, Biarum, Colletogyne, Dracontium, Dracunculus, Gorgonidium, Helicodiceros, Pinellia, Pseudodracontium, Pseudohydrosme, Spathantheum, Taccarum, and Typhonium. A full list is available on this page: "Amorphophallus, Arisaema, Arum, Dracontium, Pseudodracontium and Typhonium in propagation". We do not propagate these species on large scales and usually only few seeds, respectively offset tubers in certain species, will be available. Please note, that we do not take backorders nor reservations. Thus please bookmark this page and come back to us once in a while to check current availability.