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Romulea (African Crocus)

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South African "Crocus" with charming, for the plant size in general unusually large, and double colored flowers. They have linear, grass like foliage. Good for cultivation under cold glass or in a sheltered and rather dry spot in the rocky garden with some good winter protection (i.e. a thick dry mulch layer). If being cultivated under frostfree conditions (recommended for colder climates), several species will already gain flowering size within one year.
Sow small seeds flat in any well drained, humus rich soil at some 20°C throughout the year. A decrease in temperature at night down to some 10°C will significantly enhance the germination process. Some species may germinate within 6 weeks, others will need an entire growing cycle (i.e. 6 months) before germinating. Keep seedlings frostfree during pre-cultivation in pots for two years. In winter keep pots frostfree and drier at a minimum of some 5°C. Transplant the naturally tiny bulbs after leaves have withered in (late) summer. All species with a hardiness to USDA Zone 8 or 9 should be permanently grown as pot plants in a cool wintergarden or greenhouse with little freezing in order to promote flowering. Once established Romulea are free flowering and well increasing by small adventive bulbs.
All are USDA Climate Zone 8 unless otherwise specified.
20 seeds per package.
Romulea unifolia

Romulea unifolia

10 (20)cm, makes a single, dark green, glossy leaf and most ornamental, rich orange-red flowers with black and yellow blotches at the edge of the cup. Native of the Roggeveld Escarpment (Middelpos and Sutherland). V-VI.
20 seeds per package.

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