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Viola (Winterhardy Violets)

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All Violets offered on this page are fully hardy perennials with nice foliage and showy flowers. Several species are suited as excellent ground-covering plants. Most members within this broad family grow well in any rich, well drained, and slightly moist soil during summer in a partially shaded to sunny position. A small group of utmost beautiful and very rare species with rosulate leaves (i. e. with leaves arranged in a dense basal rosette), which are native of subalpine regions in South America (Viola section Andinium), as well as most other subalpine members, such as Viola cheiranthiifolia and Viola palmensis, both native of the Canary islands, require especially in winter a good protection from excessive wetness. These species are best grown under cold glass throughout the year with a layer of grit sand or crushed lava around their base.
Sow flat at some 5°C to 15°C from autumn to late spring. Seeds require a cooling period for several months prior to germination. As it is the case in many hardy perennials, if seeds are sowed too late in the year, most will not germinate before spring the following year. Transplant seedlings in early summer or as soon as plants are strong enough. Some may flower in summer the same year already, some may need another year. Several species have two flower seasons, a major one in spring and a second, minor one in late summer, which greatly depends on weather.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6 unless stated differently.
20 seeds per package unless noted differently.
Viola yedoensis

Viola yedoensis

10 (13)cm, violet native of open spots in woods and moist soils in Central and Southern Japan. Makes elongated oval to arrow-shaped leaves in a dense rosette and pale blue to purplish blue flowers in spring. Easily cultivated in any humus rich, always slightly moist soil in a sunny to partially shaded spot. IV-V.
20 seeds per package.

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