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Allium (Ornamental Chive)

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Most Allium or Chives species are best grown in a well drained soil in a partially shaded to sunny spot. The larger the leaves and flowering stalks the sunnier the place should be. Dwarf forms are excellent for the rock garden. Others, especially smaller Allium species, such the majority from East Asia (China and Japan), are best cultivated in a slightly moist and peaty soil in partial shade (e.g. Allium beesianum, Allium japonicum and Allium sikkimensis).
All offered here are very easy to raise from seeds. Sow flat in any well drained, yet humus rich soil from autumn to early summer. Keep sowing pots in a protected spot outside in the garden during winter. Most Allium species require a prolonged cooling after sowing before seeds will germinate from mid spring to early summer. Plant to their final spot in the garden in autumn or spring teh following year. Most Allium will flower within 2 to 3 years. Larger species such as Allium stipitatum may take up to 4 years to gain flower size.
All are USDA Climate Zone 6 unless otherwise specified.
30 seeds per package, unless not mentioned differently.