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Bursera (Copal Trees)

Copal Trees is a comparably large genus of evergreen to deciduous woody shrubs and trees from subtropical to tropical regions in the Americas. In several species the resin is strongly fragrant and called copal. Copal has been used by pre-Columbian Mesoamericans as incense in ritual ceremonies. All smalller Bursera species make excellent pot and bonsai plants. They are easily cultivated in any very well-drained substrate with greatly reduced watering in winter at a minimum of some 15°C, when plants will usually shed their leaves. Our seeds are handselected from plants grown in Europe and they are from true to type plants.
Sow flat at a minimum of some 20°C throughout the year in any well drained, rather inorganic soil in full sun. Keep soil slightly moist, but never wet.
7 seeds per package.
Bursera fagaroides (Torchwood Copal)

Bursera fagaroides (Torchwood Copal)

50 (120)cm, Torchwood Copal or Fragrant Bursera is a small caudex plant from central to north-western Mexico, formerly also extending into southern Arizona (USA), where this species is now regarded extinct. Older specimens of Bursera fagaroides form a showy massive trunk with a peeling bark and arching narrow branches. It has pinnate leaves and small inconspicuous flowers followed by lilac-red fruits containing a single seed each. The entire plant is highly fragrant when bruised. For its small size it makes a perfect pot plant and is valued as high priced bonsai plant.
7 seeds per package.

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