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Alocasia, Englerarum & Leucocasia (Giant Taro)

Alocasia is a very broad and diverse genus, whereas Englerarum and Leucocasia are monotypic genera with only one species each, namely Englerarum hypnosum which was separated from the genus Alocasia in the year 2013 and Leucocasia gigantea, which is going to be separated soon from Colocasia. All are ornamental foliage plants from subtropical to tropical areas from Asia to Australia and Oceania. Many species have extremely showy, large oval to arrow-shaped leaves and/or beautiful leaf patterns and are easily grown in any humus rich soil in a partially shaded (summer) to sunny (winter) spot. Smaller to medium sized Alocasia species can be grown in pots, the larger species may require a container. In winter keep plants slightly drier at a minimum of some 15°C.
Sow seeds flat in any humus rich substrate at a minimum of some 24°C throughout the year. Keep seedlings in partial shade during summer months.
7 large seeds per package.

Note: All corms are available for a delivery within Europe only ! Seeds are shipped worldwide. For Non-European customers only: We do ship dormant tubers outside Europe, provided that all risk is upon the buyer. We do not issue any phytosanitary certificate, which is officially required for most countries. We kindly ask you to check with your local import regulations before placing an order!
Leucocasia gigantea (Giant Taro)

Leucocasia gigantea (Giant Taro)

400cm, Giant Taro (syn. Colocasia gigantea) is an extremely large species from northern and central Indochina with white, slightly sweet fragrant flowers arranged in a fan and fruits which have a very nice, strong fruity pineapple fragrance at maturity. Plants are extremely fast growing, they may reach maturity from a tiny seed less the size of a sand grain to a very large flowering specimen in just six months! Throughout its distributional range the species is already very large (hence its name), however, in certain populations specimen are consistently even larger than on average. 'Thailand Giant' was originally collected in northern Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand by late Alan Galloway and Petra Schmidt and has been propagated by Tony Avent, Plant Delights Nusery, USA, and produces up to 4 m long and up to 2 m broad leaves with a nice bluish-green tinge, whereas 'Lao Giant' was found in Bolikhamxayi Province, central Laos by Bjørn Malkmus-Hussein, Spain. Leucocasia 'Lao Giant' is a worldwide new introduction from and this strain will become even slightly larger than the already huge 'Thailand Giant'. Easily grown in any humus rich, well drained soil in partial shade (summer) to fulll sun (winter). In winter keep plants slightly drier at a minimum of some 15°C. Leucocasia gigantea will hardly make any offsets, thus the main propagation is via seeds. VII-X.
20 seeds per package.

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seed package ('Lao Giant') (20 seeds)0288 € 7,99
   seed package ('Lao Giant') (20 seeds)
('Lao Giant')
seed package ('Thailand Giant') (20 seeds)8808 € 4,99
   seed package ('Thailand Giant') (20 seeds)
('Thailand Giant')