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Musschia (Madeira Giant Bellflower)

The genus Musschia is endemic to Madeira and consists of only three species, Musschia aurea (yellow flowers), Musschia wollastonii (brownish-red flowers), and most recently in 2007 discovered Musschia isambertoi (yellowish-green flowers) from the island of Deserta Grande (Selvagens archipelago). All are very distinct and absolutely rare members of the Bellflower family, somehow related to Azorina vidalli from the Azores that we offer as well. The winter minimum for both offered species are some 10°C in a sunny spot.
As these two species occupy total different habitats, their requirements on sowing the dust-like seeds are quite different.
Musschia aurea: Sow flat on any rocky soil, which should be kept always slightly moist until germination starts. Do not cover the dustlike seeds with soil. Keep seedlings drier in a sunny to partially shaded spot.
Musschia wollastonii: Sow flat on any humus rich soil, which should be kept always slightly moist from beneath. Do not cover the dustlike seeds with soil.
All Musschia are best sown in autumn at deacreasing temperatures at some 15°C to 20°C, as higher temperatures will impede germination in this mainly winter growing genus. In Musschia aurea reduce watering to a minimum during summer, while plants show few growth.
40 seeds per package.

Legal note: In accordance with national German laws (BNatSchG and BArtSchV) as well as European (Bern Convention) international conventions (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora - CITES) we do not sell any wild collected material such as seeds from protected plants. Seeds from protected plants exclusively derives from horticulturally artificially propagated plants in Germany respectively Lebanon only, where plants have been taken into cultivation in the late 70ies and early 80ies of the last century.
Musschia aurea Exclusive

Musschia aurea Exclusive

30 (60)cm, a rare plant growing in vertical cliffs facing the sea at lower altitudes, known from only few sites on Madeira (Portugal). It is a semi-caudex plant and makes massive, woody, brownish-gray trunks and rosettes of long, glossy, fresh green, serrated leaves from which emerges the tall, lax inflorescence of large, upwards facing yellow flowers. Musschia aurea is virtually unknown in general cultivation. We have grown several mother plants from seeds given to us from a botanical garden and this is the first time it is offered to the broader public. In contrast to the second species it requires a rocky, very-well drained soil in an always sunny spot, winter minimum 10°C. Easily grown from seeds and quite long-lived under good growing condtions. VII-IX.
40 seeds per package.

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Musschia wollastonii (Madeira Giant Bellflower)

Musschia wollastonii (Madeira Giant Bellflower)

200 (400)cm, Madeira Giant Bellflower is a most impressive monocarpic plant with a single tall, slightly woody stem topped by a rosette of very large, up to 100cm long, pubescent, serrated, broadly lanceolate leaves, from which emerges the giant, lax pyramidal inflorescence with numerous pale yellow to brownish-red, upwards facing flowers. A spectacular plant which is very rare in nature, growing on vertical, moist cliffs in few sites in the laurel forest in central Madeira. Musschia wollastonii prefers a humus rich soil, which should be kept always slightly moist, and a partially shaded spot in summer, sunnier in winter at a minimum of some 10°C. IX-XII.
40 seeds per package.

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seed package (red flowers)1108 € 4,99
seed package (red flowers)
(red flowers)
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seed package (yellow flowers)
(yellow flowers)