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Hibiscus, Mallows & Co

On this page you find floriferous winter hardy species for your garden as well as subtropical members for pot or container cultivation from the mallow family (Malvaceae).

Important note on buying Hibiscus seeds from internet selling platforms
On several well-known internet selling platforms you will find hundreds of offers for hibiscus seeds in every imaginable color. Especially blue and rainbow-colored Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cultivars seem to be very popular, in particular by Chinese vendors. However, there simply DOES NOT exist any hibiscus with these colors, and what you buy is never what you will get. If you are lucky, you will at least receive some kind of hibiscus seeds, yet in most cases these fraudulous sellers will send you whatever they may find on their seed shelf, which usually is not even any kind of hibiscus. Unfortunately, there are more and more sellers from western countries, who also offer similar seeds - with false descriptions and color-enhanced photos taken somewhere from the web. Also, if you are interested in a particular color or color shade, you should know that plants raised from seeds of hybrid cultivars will never come true. The daughter generation inevitably will have a different color and shape, and in most cases it is inferior to the mother plant. Only hibiscus species will yield true-to-type daughter plants with the same color, flower-shape etc. as the mother plant.
If you do not want to be disappointed and simply lose your money, we strongly recommend not to buy any of these seeds, especially not from Chinese sellers! And even if you may not have much experience with plants, it should seem suspect to you if such suppliers usually also offer "rainbow roses" or "blue roses", "blue strawberries", "blue chrysanthemums", "blue calla" and other unnatural color variants - blue seems to be a very popular color in image processing programs in China.

And if you are still inclinded to buy from fraudulous Chinese sellers - maybe give it a thought to donate your money to a sharity fund instead.