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See our policy on Data Protection and Privacy, Customer Account & Cookies is committed to promote sustainability of natural resources, to minimize emissions and to preserve genetic diversity:

  • All offered seeds are collected from either organically cultivated plants WITHOUT any use of chemical pesticides, fungicides or fertililizers, or from wild plants under strictly sustainable aspects and in complicance with all international, European and national laws in order not to jeopardize their natural populations.
  • We do NOT offer seeds of genetically modified or engineered plants and we never will.
  • We do not offer seeds from plants listed in CITES Annex I. All offered seeds from plants listed in CITES Annex II and Annex III derive from cultivated plants and are exempt from CITES regulations. For more information on CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) please go here.
  • Since 2015 we do not use peat in our substrates anymore. Instead we have replaced it by coconut fiber substrate. All other components (i.e. grit pumice, crushed lava and shredded pine bark) are sourced locally. Additionally, we recycle and reuse all our growing media.

  • All of our electronic devices and cooling storage rooms are energy saving models only (energy saving class A+, A++, and A+++, European Union energy efficiency label, Directive 2010/30/EU).

  • Our server provider and our webhoster uses renewable energy resources only, which are certified by RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System e.V. Germany).

  • We use only the absolutely necessary amount of packing material in order to provide best possible protection of seeds at a minimum of waste. All packing material is fully recyclable and primarily consists of chlorine free bleached paper and environmentally friendly polypropylene (PP).

A word on the Guerrilla Gardening movement
We do no support guerrilla gardening (or urban gardening) and strongly discourage all our customers to set free any species (via seedballs, seedbombs etc.), which are not native in your region. Some colorful flowers might be nice to human eyes, but it might have a contrary effect on biodiversity. Several non-native species bear an invasive potential under particular conditions and might suppress local native plant species and/or they may be harmful to local fauna. Always keep non-local species under your personal control (e.g. in your garden, in a greenhouse, in a wintergarden, on a window sill, etc.) and do not introduce them into nature. If you would like to participate in guerrilla gardening, inform yourself at your local environmental agency which species are native in your area and do not use seeds of horticulturally modified plants, such as hybrids or cultivars.

Download document as PDF-file We do not print and ship a high gloss catalogue. A monthly updated seed catalogue is available for download as PDF-file *. Think green - please print out those pages only, which you really need to have in a printed form!

[* Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF files is available for free in English here.]

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