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These are just a few points for the benefits and may give you some ideas why to grow your plants from seeds:
  • Lower Cost
    It will usually save you money as you will be able to raise several, if not even many plants from a single seed package. Thus the price per plant is much lower than buying single potted up plants at your local garden store or retail nursery. And if you raise several plants from one species you always have extra plants to swop for other plants with your friends or neighbours.

  • Greater Variety
    Plants raised from seed will usually show a broader range of flower colors and varying growth habit in general. In variable plants you will not only have a single standard common color or growth type, but a much greater variety. This will give you the possibility to select certain seed raised plants by yourself for their unusual flowers or superior strength under you local growing conditions.

  • Uncommon Plants
    The range of plants is always very limited in garden stores and retail nurseries. Usually you will find only "standardized" plants which are produced in masses for a large-scale market. Rarely, if ever, you will find plants from beyond this very limited assortment. Numerous plants are simply commercially not available. If you would like to grow these you will have to start from the the very beginning, i.e. by seeds.

  • Better Adoption to Your Local Conditions
    Seed raised plants will be better adopted to your local growing conditions and may establish much faster in your garden. Potted plants from garden stores and plant nurseries are always highly stressed after planting, as their root system is accustomed to a more or less different substrate type and leaves are used to other light conditions. If potting soil and garden soil differ too much, this may even lead to a complete loss of your bought plants.
    Especially annuals do much better if they are sowed directly to the ground in your garden. Most annuals dislike to be potted out and may take longer to finally become established and to start flowering.

  • Healthier Plants
    Potted plants may be infested with pests and diseases, which cannot be detected by first sight. Purified seeds are usually free of these and so are seedling plants. Lilies (Lilium spp.) are notorious to be infested with viral infections leading to an abnormal growth and deformed flowers, yet lily seeds are mostly free from any of these.
    Supermarkets sometimes offer potted plants (especially perennials) at very low discount prices. These plants produce atypical, weak shoots under these artificial growing conditions within few days and it may be very hard to establish these poorly neglected plants in your garden.

  • Fun and Satisfaction
    It's exiting and it's fun to see large plants growing from tiny seeds, and it may fill you with some pride to follow your plants through their entire life cycle from small seedlings to adult flowering plants. Sometimes you may fail to raise a certain plant from seed at a first trial, the more satisfying it is to have success under different growing conditions in cultivating perhaps a very rare plant.
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