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Dodecatheon alpinum Dodecatheon amethystinum Dodecatheon clevelandii Dodecatheon conjugens Dodecatheon dentatum Dodecatheon ellisae Dodecatheon jeffreyi Dodecatheon meadia Dodecatheon meadia Alba Dodecatheon meadia Goliath Dodecatheon meadia Red Colours Dodecatheon meadia Select Mixture Dodecatheon pulchellum Dodecatheon pulchellum Red Wings Dodecatheon pulchellum v radicatum Dodonaea angustifolia Dodonaea aptera Dodonaea baueri Dodonaea boroniifolia Dodonaea bursarifolia Dodonaea ceratocarpa Dodonaea coriacea Dodonaea divaricata Dodonaea falcata Dodonaea filiformis Dodonaea hackettiana Dodonaea hirsuta Dodonaea humilis Dodonaea inaequifolia Dodonaea lanceolata Dodonaea lobulata Dodonaea microzyga Dodonaea oxyptera Dodonaea peduncularis Dodonaea petiolaris Dodonaea pinifolia Dodonaea ptarmicaefolia Dodonaea rigida Dodonaea rigida aff Dodonaea rupicola Dodonaea stenozyga Dodonaea triangularis Dodonaea triquetra Dodonaea truncatiales Dodonaea viscosa Purpurea Dodonaea viscosa Purpurea prov New Zealand Dodonaea viscosa ssp angustifolia (ssp C) Dodonaea viscosa ssp angustissima (ssp D) Dodonaea viscosa ssp cuneata (ssp E) Dodonaea viscosa ssp mucronata Dodonaea viscosa ssp spathulata (ssp G) Dodonaea viscosa ssp viscosa Dodonaea viscosa ssp viscosa prov Tasmania Dodonaea viscosa ssp viscosa prov New Zealand Dombeya burgessiae Dombeya cacuminum Dombeya calantha Dombeya cymosa Dombeya pulchra Dombeya rotundifolia Dombeya tiliacea Doodia media Doronicum austriacum Doronicum clusii Doronicum grandiflorum Doronicum orientale Doronicum orientale Finesse Doronicum orientale Goldcut Doronicum orientale Golden Pygmy Doronicum orientale Little Leo Doronicum orientale Magnificum Doronicum pardalianches Dorotheanthus Gelato Bright Red Dorotheanthus Gelato Dark Pink Dorotheanthus Gelato Mixed Dorotheanthus Gelato Orange Dorotheanthus Gelato White Dorotheanthus Gelato Yellow Shades Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Langkloof Dorotheanthus bellidiformis mix Dorotheanthus bellidiformis yellow red eye Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Apricot Shimmer Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Cape pink Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Lunette yellow Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Pastels Mixed Dorotheanthus bellidiformis fa oculatus Dorotheanthus bidouwensis Dorotheanthus gramineus Dorotheanthus gramineus mixed Dorotheanthus maughanii Dorotheanthus rourkei Dorotheanthus spp mix Dorotheanthus ulularis Dorstenia contrajerva Dorstenia foetida Dorstenia foetida fa crispa Doryanthes excelsa Doryanthes palmeri bs Dorycnium hirsutum Dorycnium pentaphyllum Dorycnium pentaphyllum ssp germanicum Dorycnium pentaphyllum ssp herbaceum Doryopteris pedata Douglasia montana Dovea macrocarpa Dovyalis caffra Dovyalis hebecarpa Draba aizoides Draba athoa Draba brunifolia ssp heterocoma v nana Draba bruniifolia Draba bruniifolia ssp olympica Draba condensata Draba cretica Draba dedeana Draba dubia Draba hispanica Draba hispanica v segurensis Draba hoppeana Draba kitadakensis Draba korabensis Draba lasiocarpa Draba loiseleurii Draba magellanica Draba mollissima Draba ramosissima Draba rigida Draba rosularis Draba sakurai Draba shiroumana Draba sp unident prov Turkey Draba sphaeroides Draba spp mix rockery Draba ussuriensis Draba zapaterii Dracaena aletriformis Dracaena draco Dracaena fragrans Dracaena hookeriana Dracaena umbraculifera Dracocephalum argunense Blue Bird Dracocephalum argunense Fuji Blue Dracocephalum argunense Fuji White Dracocephalum austriacum Dracocephalum botryoides Dracocephalum forrestii Dracocephalum grandiflorum Dracocephalum grandiflorum Altai Blue Dracocephalum moldavicum Dracocephalum moldavicum Arat high oil organic Dracocephalum moldavicum Dragon Mixture Dracocephalum moldavicum Snow Dragon Dracocephalum nutans Dracocephalum peregrinum Blue Dragon Dracocephalum renatii Dracocephalum rupestre Dracocephalum ruyschianum Dracocephalum ruyschianum Blue Moon Dracocephalum sp unident Chile Dracocephalum speciosum Dracocephalum thymiflorum Dracophilus dealbatus Dracophilus dealbatus Arrisdrift Dracophilus dealbatus Alexander Bay Dracophilus delaetianus Beauvallon Dracophilus delaetianus n Rooiberg Dracophilus delaetianus thick leaves Dracophilus delaetianus k Luederitz Dracophilus montis-draconis Dracophilus montis-draconis Sperrgebiet blue-grey Dracophilus montis-draconis Sargdeckel summit Dracophilus montis-draconis Sargdeckel valley Dracophilus proximus Dracophilus proximus Rosh Pinah Dracophilus proximus Swartwater Rv Dracophilus proximus dark yellow pollen Dracophilus proximus Lorelei Dracophilus sp nov rounded blue lvs Dracophilus sp nov Khubus Dracophyllum milliganii Dracophyllum secundum Dracophyllum traversii Dracopis amplexicaulis Dracunculus canariensis Dracunculus vulgaris Cretan form Dregea sinensis Drimia altissima Drimia angustifolia Drimia anomala Drimia elata Drimia physodes Drimia sanguinea aff Drimia sp Drimia sp unident cm spikes Drimia sp unident Theronsberg & Roggeveld Drimia sphaerocephala Drimiopsis burkei Drimiopsis burkei Devon & Leandra areas Drimiopsis burkei Rankins Pass Drimiopsis burkei Waterberg Vaalwater Drimiopsis maculata Drimiopsis sp nov rare & beautiful Steelpoort R Drimys winteri v andina Drimys winteri vsvs Drosanthemopsis salarius Riethuis Drosanthemopsis vaginatus Kwagganap Drosanthemum albiflorum Drosanthemum archeri Drosanthemum barwickii Drosanthemum bellum Drosanthemum bicolor Drosanthemum diversifolium Drosanthemum diversifolium Strandfontein Drosanthemum eberneum n Karoopoort Drosanthemum eburneum Drosanthemum eburneum Smorenskadu Drosanthemum eburneum Karoopoort Drosanthemum floribundum Drosanthemum grandiflorum Drosanthemum hispidum Drosanthemum hispidum Riversdale Drosanthemum micans Drosanthemum schoenlandianum Drosanthemum sp unident Samoep Drosanthemum sp unident Skilpad Drosanthemum sp unident k sw Kliprand Drosanthemum speciosum yellow fld form Drosanthemum speciosum McGregor Drosanthemum striatum Drosanthemum subalbum Drosanthemum subalbum w Quaggaskop Drosera aliciae Drosera anglica Drosera arcturi Drosera ascendens Drosera auriculata Drosera auriculata Hobart Tasmania Drosera binata Drosera binata prov Tasmania Drosera brevifolia Drosera burkeana South Africa Drosera capensis Drosera capensis broad lvd form Drosera capensis giant to cm tall Drosera capensis red form Drosera capensis Alba Drosera capillaris Drosera cistiflora Drosera coaicaulis Drosera collinsiae Drosera communis Drosera cuneifolia Drosera curviscapa Drosera dielsiana Drosera dielsiana v filiformis Drosera erythrorhiza Drosera filiformis v filiformis Drosera filiformis v tracyi Drosera formosa Drosera gigantea Drosera glanduligera Drosera intermedia Drosera lovellae Drosera macrantha ssp macrantha Drosera menziesii Drosera montana Drosera natalensis Drosera nidiformis Drosera regia Drosera rotundifolia Drosera spathulata Drosera spp mix general (up to spp listed) Drosera stolonifera Drosera venusta Dryandra arborea Dryandra arctotidis Dryandra armata Dryandra ashbyi Dryandra baxteri Dryandra blechnifolia Dryandra calophylla Dryandra carlinoides Dryandra cirsioides Dryandra columnaris Dryandra comosa Dryandra conferta Dryandra cuneata Dryandra drummondii Dryandra erythrocephala Dryandra falcata Dryandra ferruginea large fld form Dryandra ferruginea ssp ferruginea Dryandra foliosissima Dryandra formosa Dryandra fraseri Dryandra hewardiana Dryandra horrida Dryandra ionthocarpa Dryandra lindleyana Dryandra longifolia Dryandra mucronulata Dryandra nervosa Dryandra nivea Dryandra nobilis Dryandra obtusa Dryandra plumosa Dryandra polycephala Dryandra praemorsa Dryandra preissii Dryandra proteoides Dryandra pulchella Dryandra quercifolia Dryandra seneciifolia Dryandra serra Dryandra sessilis Dryandra shuttleworthiana Dryandra speciosa Dryandra squarrosa ssp squarrosa Dryandra stuposa Dryandra subpinnatifida Dryandra tenuifolia Dryas drummondii bs Dryas drummondii cs Dryas integrifolia bs Dryas octopetala cs Dryas suendermanni x Drymophila cyanocarpa Dryopteris erythrosora Dryopteris intermedia Dryopteris marginalis Dryopteris sieboldii Drypis spinosa Duboisia myoporoides Duchesnea indica Duchesnia Harlequin variegated Dudleya albiflora Punte Norte Cedros Is Dudleya brittonii aff Rumarosa BCN Dudleya candida n Coronado Is Dudleya edulis Dudleya pulverulenta Dudleya saxosa v collomiae Apache Trail Az Dugaldia hoopesii Dulichium arundinaceum Dumasia villosa Duranta erecta Duvernoia aconitiflora Duvernoia adhatodoides Dyckia remotiflora Dyckia sp unident Dyerophytum africanum Dypsis cabadae Dypsis decaryi Dypsis lastelliana Dypsis leptocheilos Dypsis lutescens Dypsis onilahensis Dypsis rivularis Dyschoriste fischeri Dyschoriste rogersii aff Dysoxylum fraseranum Dysphania rhadinostachya Eberlanzia disarticulatus Ceres Karoo Eberlanzia sp unident Brandkop tiny pink fl Eberlanzia sp unident k n Laingsburg Eberlanzia spinosa Ebracteola derenbergiana Ebracteola derenbergiana Sargdeckel Ebracteola derenbergiana n Aurus Ebracteola derenbergiana k n Rooiberg Ebracteola fulleri Swartkop flats Ebracteola fulleri green filaments Ebracteola fulleri Aggeneys Ebracteola fulleri k w Pofadder Ebracteola montis-moltkei Ebracteola montis-moltkei Rehoboth Ebracteola wilmaniae Danielskuil Ebracteola wilmaniae Waterval Ebracteola wilmaniae k Modderrivier Ecballium elaterium Eccremocarpus scaber Eccremocarpus scaber Aureus Eccremocarpus scaber Carmineus Eccremocarpus scaber Roseus Eccremocarpus scaber Tresco Mix Eccremocarpus scaber mix Eccremocarpus scaber red form Echeandia flavescens Echeveria calderoniae Sta Barbara Gto Echeveria laui Echeveria nodulosa Lag Encantanada Oax Echeveria peacockii Echeveria sp unident Apache Trail Az Echeveria spp mix Echeveria strictiflora Cuatrocienagas Echeveria strictiflora Brewster Co Tx Echeveria strictiflora v nova Ramon Arispe Echeveria subrigida Echeveria walpoleana Huizache SLP Echinacea Mango Meadowbrite Echinacea angustifolia pl Echinacea angustifolia organic seeds Echinacea atrorubens Echinacea hybrids mix Echinacea laevigata organic Echinacea pallida pl Echinacea pallida Hula Dancer Echinacea pallida organic seed Echinacea paradoxa Echinacea purpurea Echinacea purpurea Alba Baby Swan White Echinacea purpurea Alba White Swan Echinacea purpurea Amado Echinacea purpurea Bravado Echinacea purpurea Double-Decker Echinacea purpurea Leuchtstern Echinacea purpurea Lustre Hybrids Echinacea purpurea Magnus Echinacea purpurea Primadonna Pink Echinacea purpurea Primadonna White Echinacea purpurea Ruby Giant Echinacea purpurea Ruby Star Echinacea purpurea organic seeds Echinacea sanguinea Echinacea simulata Echinacea tennesseensis Echinaceae tenesseensis Rocky Top Hybrids strat Echinocactus electracanthus Echinocactus grusonii Echinocactus horizonthalius Eijido La Muralla Echinocactus horizonthalonius Echinocactus horizonthalonius Guadalupe Co NM Echinocactus horizonthalonius Las Cruces NM Echinocactus horizonthalonius Marathon Tx Echinocactus horizonthalonius Shafter Tx Echinocactus horizonthalonius White City NM Echinocactus parryi Echinocactus platyacanthus Catorce SLP Echinocactus platyacanthus Conception Del Pro Echinocactus platyacanthus Santa Caterina Gto Echinocactus platyacanthus Tehuacan Pue Echinocactus platyacanthus (ingens/palmeri) Echinocactus polycephalus Hoover Dam Az Echinocactus polycephalus Inyo Co Ca Echinocactus polycephalus Iron Mts Ca Echinocactus polycephalus Las Vegas Nv Echinocactus polycephalus Meadview Az Echinocactus polycephalus Resting Spring Mts Ca Echinocactus polycephalus Searchlight Echinocactus polycephalus n Baker Ca Echinocactus polycephalus w New Berry Springs Ca Echinocactus polycephalus Helendale Ca Echinocactus spp mix Echinocactus texensis Echinocactus texensis Roosevelt Co NM Echinocactus texensis Culebra Bluffs NM Echinocereus adustus Echinocereus adustus Cosihuiriachi Chih Echinocereus adustus v schwarzi Echinocereus amoenus f Oaxaca Echinocereus barthelowanus Magdalena Island Echinocereus berlandieri Jim Hogg Co Tx Echinocereus berlandieri Cameron Co Tx Echinocereus brandegeei Echinocereus brandegeei River Los Angeles BCS Echinocereus bristolii Echinocereus bristolii El Novillo Son Echinocereus bristolii v pseudopectinatus Echinocereus bristolii v pseudopectinatus Bisbee Echinocereus bristolii v pseudopectinatus Cochise Echinocereus bristolii v pseudopectinatus n Son Echinocereus bristolii v pseudoperbellus Bisbee Echinocereus carmenensis Sierra del Carmen Echinocereus chisoensis Brewster Co Tx Echinocereus chisoensis v fobeanus HK Echinocereus chloranthus Echinocereus chloranthus El Paso Co Tx Echinocereus chloranthus Hudspeth Co Tx Echinocereus chloranthus Dona Ana Co NM Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus Brewster C Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus Culberson Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus Dona Ana C Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus Jeff Davis Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus Lincoln C Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus Lincoln Co Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus Nogal NM Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus Otero C Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus Otero Co Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus Presidio C Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus m Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus 'corellii' Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus 'corellii'b Echinocereus chloranthus v cylindricus Brewster Echinocereus chloranthus v nova Coke Co Tx Echinocereus cinerascens Echinocereus cinerascens Pachuca Echinocereus cinerascens Tula Tam Echinocereus cinerascens Ixmiquilpan Echinocereus cinerascens v ehrenbergii Echinocereus coccineus Echinocereus coccineus Bluewater Lake NM Echinocereus coccineus Carizzozo NM Echinocereus coccineus Catron Co Echinocereus coccineus Catron Co NM Echinocereus coccineus Colorado City Az Echinocereus coccineus Dona Ana Mts NM Echinocereus coccineus Greenlee Co Az Echinocereus coccineus Jarilla Mts NM white Echinocereus coccineus Jarilla Mts NM white sel Echinocereus coccineus Jarilla Mts rare yellow Echinocereus coccineus Ladrone Mt NM Echinocereus coccineus Los Alamos Co NM Echinocereus coccineus Manzano Mts NM Echinocereus coccineus Otero Co NM Echinocereus coccineus Red Rock NM Echinocereus coccineus SB Jarilla Mts NM Echinocereus coccineus SB Sierra Co NM Echinocereus coccineus Sandia Mts NM Echinocereus coccineus Sandoval Co NM Echinocereus coccineus Sierra Co NM Echinocereus coccineus Taos Co NM Echinocereus coccineus Babicora Chihuahua Echinocereus coccineus v arizonicus Hidalgo Co NM Echinocereus coccineus v arizonicus few thick sps Echinocereus coccineus v gurneyi Lincoln Co Echinocereus coccineus v gurneyi Brewster Co Tx Echinocereus coccineus v paucispinus Kimble Co T Echinocereus coccineus v paucispinus Crockett Co Echinocereus coccineus v roemeri Echinocereus coccineus v roemeri Llano Co Tx Echinocereus coccineus v toroweapensis Echinocereus dasyacanthus Echinocereus dasyacanthus Brewster Co Tx Echinocereus dasyacanthus Carlsbad NM Echinocereus dasyacanthus Crockett Co Tx Echinocereus dasyacanthus Eddy Co NM Echinocereus dasyacanthus El Paso Co Tx Echinocereus dasyacanthus Jarilla Mts NM Echinocereus dasyacanthus Lincoln Co NM Echinocereus dasyacanthus Otero Co NM Echinocereus dasyacanthus Pecos Co Tx Echinocereus dasyacanthus San Miguel Co NM Echinocereus dasyacanthus Terrell Co Tx Echinocereus dasyacanthus varicoloured spines Echinocereus dasyacanthus white spines Echinocereus dasyacanthus Alamagordo NM Echinocereus dasyacanthus v steereae Echinocereus dasyacanthus v steereae brown spines Echinocereus davisii Echinocereus davisii Brewster Co Tx Echinocereus davisii v brevispina Echinocereus delaetii Echinocereus delaetii v freudenbergeri Echinocereus delaetii v freudenbergeri El Fuste Echinocereus durangensis Echinocereus engelmannii Echinocereus engelmannii fa Beaver Dam Mts Echinocereus engelmannii fa nw Az Echinocereus engelmannii n Laguna Chapala BCN Echinocereus engelmannii v acicularis Sonoita Son Echinocereus engelmannii v armatus Joshua Tree Ca Echinocereus engelmannii v armatus San Bernardino Echinocereus engelmannii v armatus Esmeralda Co Echinocereus engelmannii v bonkerae Salt River Cy Echinocereus engelmannii v bonkerae Gila Co Az Echinocereus engelmannii v boyce-thompsonii Echinocereus engelmannii v boyce-thompsonii Super Echinocereus engelmannii v boyce-thompsonii Pinal Echinocereus engelmannii v chrysocentrus LZ Echinocereus engelmannii v chrysocentrus Mohave C Echinocereus engelmannii v chrysocentrus St Geo Echinocereus engelmannii v chrysocentrus Indian S Echinocereus engelmannii v fasciculatus Cochise C Echinocereus engelmannii v fasciculatus Dos Cabez Echinocereus engelmannii v fasciculatus Graham Co Echinocereus engelmannii v fasciculatus Hidalgo Echinocereus engelmannii v fasciculatus Mammoth A Echinocereus engelmannii v fasciculatus Safford A Echinocereus engelmannii v fasciculatus Sedona A Echinocereus engelmannii v fasciculatus Solomon Echinocereus engelmannii v fasciculatus Agua Prie Echinocereus engelmannii v munzii San Bernardino Echinocereus engelmannii v munzii San Jacinto Mts Echinocereus engelmannii v munzii Crescent Pass C Echinocereus engelmannii v variegatus Flagstaff Echinocereus engelmannii v variegatus Lund Ut Echinocereus engelmannii v variegatus Navajo Co Echinocereus engelmannii v variegatus The Gap Az Echinocereus enneacanthus Echinocereus enneacanthus Jimenez Chih Echinocereus enneacanthus Presidio Co Echinocereus enneacanthus Sierra Blanca Tx Echinocereus enneacanthus green fruit Echinocereus enneacanthus reddish fruit Echinocereus enneacanthus Cuchillo Coah Echinocereus enneacanthus v brevispinus Kimble Co Echinocereus enneacanthus v brevispinus Nueva Ros Echinocereus enneacanthus v brevispinus Kerr Co Echinocereus fendleri Echinocereus fendleri Catron Co NM Echinocereus fendleri Coconino Plateau Echinocereus fendleri Fremont Co Col Echinocereus fendleri Fremont Co JRT Echinocereus fendleri Guadaloupe Co NM Echinocereus fendleri La Plata Co Col Echinocereus fendleri SB San Juan Co NM Echinocereus fendleri San Juan Co NM Echinocereus fendleri Sierra Co NM Echinocereus fendleri Taos Co NM Echinocereus fendleri Bernalillo Co NM Echinocereus fendleri v albiflora Echinocereus fendleri v boyce-thompsonii Echinocereus fendleri v fasciculatus e Tucson Echinocereus fendleri v kuenzleri Echinocereus fendleri v kuenzleri Lincoln Co NM Echinocereus fendleri v kuenzleri Otero Co NM Echinocereus fendleri v kuenzleri SB Echinocereus fendleri v kuenzleri Sacramento Mts Echinocereus fendleri v kuenzleri 'hempelii' Echinocereus fendleri v kuenzleri 'hempelii' Bue Echinocereus fendleri v kuenzleri 'hempelii' Buen Echinocereus fendleri v kuenzleri 'hempelii' SB Echinocereus fendleri v ledingii Echinocereus fendleri v ledingii Graham Co Az Echinocereus fendleri v rectispinus Echinocereus fendleri v rectispinus Janos Chih Echinocereus fendleri v rectispinus Luna Co Echinocereus fendleri v rectispinus Prescott Az Echinocereus fendleri v rectispinus Sierra Co NM Echinocereus fendleri v rectispinus Truth or Cons Echinocereus fendleri v rectispinus Alma NM Echinocereus ferreiranus Longispinus Echinocereus ferreirianus Echinocereus ferreirianus Puerto el Portezuelo Echinocereus ferreirianus Sierra San Francisco Echinocereus ferreirianus Bahia Los Angeles Echinocereus ferreirianus v lindsayi cit Echinocereus fitchii Echinocereus fitchii Webb Co Tx Echinocereus fitchii Jim Hogg Co Tx Echinocereus fitchii v albertii Echinocereus fitchii v armatus Echinocereus fitchii v armatus Huasteca Canyon Echinocereus grandis Isla San Lorenzo Echinocereus knippelianus Echinocereus knippelianus v kruegeri Echinocereus knippelianus v kruegeri n Ascencion Echinocereus knippelianus v reyesii Echinocereus kuenzlerioides Echinocereus laui Echinocereus leucanthus Echinocereus lloydii Brewster Co Echinocereus lloydii x Pecos Co Tx Echinocereus longisetus Encantada Coah Echinocereus mapimiensis Acatita Coah Echinocereus maritimus Echinocereus maritimus San Carlos Canyon Echinocereus maritimus Sierra Columbina Echinocereus maritimus Mission San Fernando Echinocereus metornii Sierra Mojada Coah Echinocereus nicholii Silver Bell Mtns Az Echinocereus nivosus Echinocereus nivosus Gral Cepida Coah Echinocereus ochoterenae Cerro Culagua Echinocereus palmeri Echinocereus palmeri e Buenaventura Chi Echinocereus pamanesiorus L Echinocereus pamenesiorus Echinocereus papillosus Echinocereus papillosus w La Gloria Tx Echinocereus papillosus v angusticeps w Puerto R Echinocereus papillosus v angusticeps nw Hidalgo Echinocereus parkeri Dulces Nombres NL Echinocereus parkeri Santa Fe NL Echinocereus parkeri n Aramberri NL Echinocereus parkeri Galeana NL Echinocereus pectinatus Echinocereus pectinatus Huizache SLP Echinocereus pectinatus Ramon Arispe Coah Echinocereus pectinatus Salinas SLP Echinocereus pectinatus mixed vars Echinocereus pectinatus Cedros Zac Echinocereus pectinatus f steereae Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri Crockett Co Tx Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri Encantata Coa Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri Musquiz Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri Santa Theresa Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri Sombrerete Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri Val Verde Co Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri e Cuatrociena Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri n Cuencame Dur Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri 'ctenoides' Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri 'ctenoides' Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri 'ctenoides' Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri 'ctenoides'Jim Echinocereus pectinatus v wenigeri Chihuahua Echinocereus pentalophus Echinocereus pentalophus 'procumbens' Echinocereus pentalophus Puerto Rico Tx Echinocereus pentalophus v leonensis Echinocereus pentalophus v leonensis Higueras Echinocereus pentalophus v leonensis Huasteca Echinocereus plumosus Echinocereus polyacanthus Echinocereus polyacanthus e Tomochic Chih Echinocereus polyacanthus Cosihuiriachi Chih Echinocereus polyacanthus v densus Echinocereus polyacanthus v pacificus Echinocereus polyacanthus v pacificus BCN Echinocereus poselgeri Echinocereus poselgeri Jim Hogg Co Tx Echinocereus poselgeri Starr Co Tx Echinocereus poselgeri 'tamaulipense' Echinocereus poselgeri Hipolito Echinocereus primolanatus Echinocereus primolanatus El Papalote Coah Echinocereus primolanatus Sierra Paila Coah Echinocereus primolanatus Cuatrocienegas Echinocereus pseudopectinatus Cochise Co Echinocereus pseudopectinatus Moctezuma Son Echinocereus pseudopectinatus SB Bisbee Echinocereus pulchellus v amoenus Echinocereus pulchellus v sharpii Echinocereus pulchellus v sharpii San Roberto NL Echinocereus pulchellus v sharpii Ascencion Echinocereus pulchellus v sharpii white Echinocereus pulchellus v sharpii Ascencion NL Echinocereus pulchellus v weinbergii Echinocereus pulchellus v weinbergii Sta Teresa Z Echinocereus pulchellus v weinbergii B Echinocereus pulchellus v weinbergii Sombrerete Echinocereus rayonensis Echinocereus rayonensis Rayones NL Echinocereus reichenbachii Echinocereus reichenbachii Kerr Co Tx Echinocereus reichenbachii Las Crucitas Tam Echinocereus reichenbachii Llera Tam Echinocereus reichenbachii Otero Co Col Echinocereus reichenbachii St Martin de las Vacas Echinocereus reichenbachii 'castaneus' Mela Creek Echinocereus reichenbachii 'pailanus' Echinocereus reichenbachii v albispinus Echinocereus reichenbachii v albispinus Troy Ok Echinocereus reichenbachii v albispinus Tishoming Echinocereus reichenbachii v baileyi Echinocereus reichenbachii v baileyi Caddo Co Ok Echinocereus reichenbachii v baileyi Granite Ok Echinocereus reichenbachii v baileyi Kiowa Co Ok Echinocereus reichenbachii v baileyi Lawton Co Echinocereus reichenbachii v baileyi Medicine Pk Echinocereus reichenbachii v baileyi Apache Caddo Echinocereus reichenbachii v caespitosus Bromide Echinocereus reichenbachii v caespitosus Burnett Echinocereus reichenbachii v caespitosus Eastland Echinocereus reichenbachii v caespitosus Hayes 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perbellus Quay Co NM Echinocereus reichenbachii v perbellus Roger Mill Echinocereus reichenbachii v perbellus Sweetwater Echinocereus reichenbachii v perbellus Timpas Col Echinocereus reichenbachii v perbellus Wenoka Ok Echinocereus reichenbachii v perbellus Woods Co Echinocereus reichenbacii 'castaneus' Llano Tx Echinocereus rigidissimus Echinocereus rigidissimus Santa Catalina Mts Az Echinocereus rigidissimus Santa Rita Mts Az Echinocereus rigidissimus e Patagonia Az Echinocereus rigidissimus orange spines Echinocereus rigidissimus Nacozari Son Echinocereus rigidissimus v rubrispinus Lau Echinocereus roetteri x Echinocereus roetteri x Jarilla Mts red-orange Echinocereus roetteri x Otero Co NM br red Echinocereus roetteri x Sacramento Mts NM Echinocereus roetteri x pink -dark stripe Echinocereus roetteri x red & pink -dark line Echinocereus roetteri x rich pink -dark stripe Echinocereus roetteri x Jarilla Mts huge red Echinocereus roetteri x mixed Orogrande NM Echinocereus russanthus Echinocereus russanthus Brewster Co Echinocereus russanthus Brewster Co Tx Echinocereus russanthus SB Brewster Co Echinocereus russanthus Santa Clara Canyon Chih Echinocereus russanthus Sierra Co NM Echinocereus russanthus n Brewster Co Tx Echinocereus russanthus Brewster Tx Echinocereus russanthus ssp fiehnii Echinocereus russanthus v cowperi Echinocereus russanthus v neocapillus Brewster Co Echinocereus russanthus v neocapillus Solitario Echinocereus russanthus v neocapillus Brewster C Echinocereus sanpedroensis Echinocereus sanpedroensis PG Echinocereus scheeri Echinocereus scheeri Durango-Mazatlan Echinocereus scheeri L Echinocereus scheeri La Bufa Chihuahua Echinocereus scheeri Sierra Obscura Echinocereus scheeri Basaseachic Echinocereus scheeri Cuarenta Casas Chih Echinocereus scheeri v gentryi Echinocereus scheeri v huitcholensis Plomosos Sn Echinocereus scheeri v koehresii Echinocereus scheeri v koehresii L Echinocereus scheeri v obscuriensis Echinocereus schmollii b cit Echinocereus schmollii cit Echinocereus sciurus Echinocereus sciurus Cabo San Lucas BCS Echinocereus sciurus v floresii Echinocereus sciurus v floresii Topolobampo Sina Echinocereus scopulorum Echinocereus scopulorum Isla Tiburon Echinocereus spinigemmatus San Andres Jal Echinocereus spp super flowering mix Echinocereus sterrerae Echinocereus stoloniferus Echinocereus stoloniferus Tesopaco Son Echinocereus stoloniferus v tayopensis Echinocereus stoloniferus v tayopensis Agua Blanc Echinocereus stramineus Echinocereus stramineus Jarilla Mts NM Echinocereus stramineus Pedricena Durango Echinocereus stramineus Ramon Arispe Coah Echinocereus stramineus Rodeo Dur Echinocereus stramineus San Pedro Coah Echinocereus stramineus Est Marte Coahuila Echinocereus subinermis Echinocereus subinermis v aculeatus La Bufa Chi Echinocereus subinermis v luteus Echinocereus subinermis v luteus L Echinocereus subinermis v ochoterenae Echinocereus subinermis v ochoterenae Cerro Culag Echinocereus subinermis v ochoterenae Cerro Cob Echinocereus triglochidiatus Echinocereus triglochidiatus Apache Co Az Echinocereus triglochidiatus Corona Torrance Co Echinocereus triglochidiatus Fremont Co Col Echinocereus triglochidiatus Laguna NM Echinocereus triglochidiatus Manzano Mts NM Echinocereus triglochidiatus Otero Co NM Echinocereus triglochidiatus Rio Puerco Sandoval Echinocereus triglochidiatus San Juan Co NM Echinocereus triglochidiatus Sandia Mts NM Echinocereus triglochidiatus Sandoval Co Echinocereus triglochidiatus Taos Co NM Echinocereus triglochidiatus Alamagordo NM Echinocereus triglochidiatus f inermis Echinocereus triglochidiatus f inermis La Sal Mts Echinocereus triglochidiatus f inermis Mesa Co Echinocereus triglochidiatus f inermis Paradox Echinocereus triglochidiatus f inermis LZ Echinocereus triglochidiatus v gonacanthus Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Capitol Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Cima Ca Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Cocon Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Confus Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Fishlak Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Houser Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Lincoln Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Mohave Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Montros Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis San Raf Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis SanJuan Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Wayne C Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Wilson Echinocereus triglochidiatus v mojavensis Beaver Echinocereus triglochidiatus v paucispinus Echinocereus viereckii Echinocereus viereckii v huastacensis Rayones Echinocereus viereckii v morricalii Echinocereus viereckii v morricalii b Echinocereus viereckii v morricalii Monterrey Echinocereus viereckii v morricalii Horsetail F Echinocereus viridiflorus Echinocereus viridiflorus Boulder Co CO Echinocereus viridiflorus Capulin Union Co NM Echinocereus viridiflorus Chaffee Co Wyo Echinocereus viridiflorus Colfax Co NM Echinocereus viridiflorus Colorado Springs Col Echinocereus viridiflorus Conchas Lake NM Echinocereus viridiflorus El Paso Co Ca Echinocereus viridiflorus Fort Union NM Echinocereus viridiflorus Hamilton Co Ks Echinocereus viridiflorus Hutchinson Co Tx Echinocereus viridiflorus La Junta Co Echinocereus viridiflorus Larimer Co Col Echinocereus viridiflorus Logan Co Col Echinocereus viridiflorus Manzano Mts NM Echinocereus viridiflorus Saguache Co CO Echinocereus viridiflorus San Miguel Co NM Echinocereus viridiflorus Sandia Mts NM Echinocereus viridiflorus Santa Fe Co NM Echinocereus viridiflorus Taos Co NM Echinocereus viridiflorus Torrance Co NM Echinocereus viridiflorus Weld Co CO Echinocereus viridiflorus n Hot Springs SD Echinocereus viridiflorus ne Saguache Co Col Echinocereus viridiflorus w Cuba NM Echinocereus viridiflorus Black Mesa Ok Echinocereus waldeisii Tula Echinocereus websterianus Echinochloa colonum Echinochloa crus-galli v frumentacea Echinochloa crus-galli v longiseta Echinochloa crus-gallii Echinochloa crus-gallii short USA mid west Echinochloa crus-gallii tall Northern European Echinochloa crus-gallii tall Southern European Echinochloa crus-gallii tall USA biotype Echinochloa crus-gallii v oryzicola Echinochloa crus-gallii v short N Europe Echinochloa crus-pavonis Echinochloa frumentacea Echinochloa hispidula Echinochloa muricata Echinochloa oryzicola Echinochloa oryzoides Echinochloa utilis Echinocystis lobata svs Echinofossulocactus 'xiphacanthus' Echinofossulocactus albatus Echinofossulocactus albatus Sierra de San Miguel Echinofossulocactus coptonogonus Echinofossulocactus coptonogonus Ventura SLP Echinofossulocactus coptonogonus longer spines Echinofossulocactus coptonogonus Salinas SLP Echinofossulocactus crispatus n Cassada Morelos Echinofossulocactus dichroacanthus Guanajuato-SLP Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus Chapultepec Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus Cinco de Mayo Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus Dr Arroyo NL Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus Emilio Zapata Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus Escondido NL Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus Galeana NL Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus Matehuela SLP Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus Palmas Altas Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus Saltillo Coah Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus San Roberto NL Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus e Matehuala Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus Cedros Zac Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus spines converge Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus sw Ascencion Echinofossulocactus erectocentrus Aramberri NL Echinofossulocactus lamellosus Metztitlan Hgo Echinofossulocactus lamellosus Sierra Mixteca Oax Echinofossulocactus lamellosus 'hastatus' Echinofossulocactus lamellosus Metzquititlan Hgo Echinofossulocactus longispinus Echinofossulocactus multicostatus Echinofossulocactus multicostatus Los Imagines Echinofossulocactus ochoterenaus Echinofossulocactus ochoterenaus 'rosasianus' Echinofossulocactus ochoterenaus Fresnillo Zac Echinofossulocactus phyllacanthus 'grandicornus' Echinofossulocactus phyllacanthus 'guerrianus' Echinofossulocactus phyllacanthus v nova Echinofossulocactus phyllacanthus v tricuspidatus Echinofossulocactus sp unident CG n Tula Ta Echinofossulocactus spp mix Echinofossulocactus sulphureus Echinofossulocactus sulphureus Vista Hermosa Echinofossulocactus vaupelianus Echinofossulocactus violaciflorus Guanajuato Echinofossulocactus violaciflorus Salinas Echinofossulocactus violaciflorus San Felipe Gto Echinofossulocactus violaciflorus San Juan del R Echinofossulocactus violaciflorus Valparaiso Zac Echinofossulocactus violaciflorus l deep purple Echinofossulocactus violaciflorus nr SLP Echinofossulocactus violaciflorus red centrals Echinofossulocactus violaciflorus small purple fl Echinofossulocactus violaciflorus Dolores Hidalgo Echinofossulocactus zacatecasensis Zacatecas Zac Echinofossulocactus zacatecasensis thin wavy ribs Echinomastus dasyacanthus Echinomastus dasyacanthus El Paso Co Tx Echinomastus dasyacanthus Los Pinos Mts NM Echinomastus dasyacanthus Organ Mts NM Echinomastus dasyacanthus Red Rock NM Echinomastus dasyacanthus Sierra Co NM Echinomastus durangensis Echinomastus durangensis Conejos Durango Echinomastus durangensis Pedricena Dur TL Echinomastus durangensis Bermejillo Durango Echinomastus erectocentrus se Florence Az cit Echinomastus erectocentrus Pima Co Az cit Echinomastus intertextus Echinomastus johnsonii v lutescens Mohave C Az Echinomastus johnsonii v lutescens Clark Co Nv Echinomastus laui Echinomastus macdowelli Echinomastus mariposensis Encantada Coah cit Echinomastus mariposensis w Brewster Co cit Echinomastus mariposensis Cuatrocienegas cit Echinomastus unguispinus Rodeo Durango Echinomastus unguispinus Gomez Palacio Dur Echinomastus warnockii 'pallidus' Brewster Co Echinomastus warnockii aff Cuatrocienegas Echinops bannaticus Blue Glow Echinops bannaticus The Giant Echinops exaltatus Echinops ritro cs Echinops ritro bs Echinops ruthenicus Echinops sphaerocephalus Echinops sphaerocephalus Arctic Glow Echinops spinosissimus Echinops tianschanicum Echinopsis "Helianthocereus" spp mix Echinopsis "Lobivia" spp mix Echinopsis "Trichocereus" spp mix Echinopsis Lobiviopsis Dainty Bess Echinopsis New Hybrids mix Echinopsis Paramount Hybrids Echinopsis acanthophlegma v oligotricha Echinopsis acanthophlegma v oligotricha Cochabam Echinopsis acanthophlegma v oligotricha Arenas Echinopsis acanthophlegma v patula Echinopsis acanthophlegma v pilosa Echinopsis akersii Echinopsis ancistrophora Echinopsis ancistrophora El Fuete Jujuy Arg Echinopsis ancistrophora Jujuy/Salta border Echinopsis ancistrophora Alemania Salta Echinopsis antezanae Echinopsis arachnacantha Echinopsis arachnacantha v densiseta Echinopsis arachnacantha v sulphurea Echinopsis arebaloi Echinopsis atrovirens Echinopsis atrovirens v haefneriana Echinopsis atrovirens v haefneriana R Echinopsis atrovirens v haefneriana Challapata Echinopsis atrovirens v huasiensis Echinopsis atrovirens v ritteri Echinopsis atrovirens v ritteri La Cueva Tarija Echinopsis atrovirens v yuncharasensis Yunchara Echinopsis aurea Echinopsis aurea P Echinopsis aurea R Echinopsis aurea Villa Viso Echinopsis aurea w Sanagasto Cat Echinopsis aurea Cafayete Echinopsis aurea v calochrysea Echinopsis aurea v dobeana Echinopsis aurea v dobeana R Echinopsis aurea v fallax Famatima La Rioja Echinopsis aurea v fallax RA Echinopsis aurea v fallax Catamarca Echinopsis aurea v leucomalla Echinopsis aurea v leucomalla R Echinopsis aurea v quinesensis Sierra de San Luis Echinopsis aurea v robustior San Luis Echinopsis aurea v shaferi Echinopsis aurea v shaferi Andalgala Echinopsis aurea v sierragrandensis Echinopsis ayopayana Echinopsis backebergia 'wrightiana' Echinopsis backebergia 'wrightiana' La Mejorada Echinopsis backebergia 'wrightiana' KK Echinopsis backebergii Echinopsis backebergii 'wilkeae' Echinopsis backebergii 'winteriana' Echinopsis backebergii 'winteriana' FR Echinopsis backebergii R Echinopsis backebergii v larae Echinopsis backebergii v larae Cochabamba Echinopsis backebergii v wrightiana Echinopsis bertramiana Echinopsis bruchii Echinopsis bruchii Tafi del Valle Tucuman Arg Echinopsis caineana Echinopsis caineana v albiflora Echinopsis calliantholilacina Echinopsis callichroma Echinopsis calochrysea Echinopsis camarguensis Echinopsis candicans Echinopsis candicans Potreiro Funes San Luis Ar Echinopsis candicans San Martin San Martin Arg Echinopsis candicans Mendoza Echinopsis candicans Agua de Ramon Cordoba Arg Echinopsis cardenasiana Echinopsis cardenasiana Tarija Echinopsis charazaniensis Echinopsis chrysantha Echinopsis chrysantha Puerta Tastil Echinopsis chrysochete Humahuaca Echinopsis cinnabarina Echinopsis cinnabarina v walterspeilii Echinopsis cintiensis Echinopsis comarapana Comarapa Echinopsis cornuta Echinopsis culpinensis Echinopsis densipectinata Echinopsis einsteinii Echinopsis einsteinii Sama Echinopsis einsteinii Nevados de Reay Echinopsis einsteinii v aureiflora Echinopsis einsteinii v gonjianii Echinopsis einsteinii v gonjianii Tilcara Echinopsis escayachensis Echinopsis euanthema Volcan Echinopsis euanthema Sama Echinopsis eunanthema Machacamarca Echinopsis eyriesii Echinopsis fallax Echinopsis famatimensis v sanjuanensis Echinopsis ferox Echinopsis ferox R Echinopsis ferox n San Antonio de los Cobres Echinopsis ferox se Tres Cruces Jujuy Echinopsis ferox v longispina Echinopsis formosa Echinopsis formosa ssp formosa Corrales La Rioja Echinopsis formosa v uebelmanniana El Tajito Echinopsis fulvianus Chile Echinopsis grandiflora v herzogii Echinopsis haagei Echinopsis haagei Humahuaca-Aparzo Echinopsis haagei v canacruzensis Echinopsis haagei v canacruzensis CamargoCanacruz Echinopsis haagei v elegantula La Quiaca Echinopsis haagei v eos Echinopsis haagei v eos Mal Paso Potosi Echinopsis haagei v eos La Quiaca Echinopsis haagei v mudanensis Valle Grande Salta Echinopsis haagei v orurensis Echinopsis haagei v orurensis MK Echinopsis haagei v orurensis Oruro Echinopsis haagei v orurensis FR Echinopsis haagei v violescens Echinopsis haematantha Echinopsis haematantha Potrero Salta Echinopsis haematantha v amblayensis Echinopsis haematantha v chorrillosensis Echinopsis haematantha v densispina Echinopsis haematantha v densispina Quebrada de H Echinopsis haematantha v densispina Tumbaya Echinopsis haematantha v densispina Purmamarca Echinopsis haematantha v fechseri WR Echinopsis haematantha v hualfinensis Echinopsis haematantha v hualfinensis R Echinopsis haematantha v rebutioides Echinopsis haematantha v rebutioides RA Echinopsis haematantha v rebutioides se Purmamarc Echinopsis haematantha v rebutioides R Echinopsis haematantha v viridis Echinopsis hamatacantha Echinopsis hamatacantha R Echinopsis hammerschmidtii Echinopsis herbasii Echinopsis hertrichiana Echinopsis horrida Echinopsis huascha Echinopsis huascha Hualfin Catamarca Arg Echinopsis huascha Pitulil La Rioja Arg Echinopsis huascha Villa Mazan Catamarca Arg Echinopsis huascha bright red Echinopsis huascha columnar Echinopsis huascha Cuesta de Aguadita La Rioja Echinopsis huascha Grandiflorus Echinopsis huascha v crassicaulis Echinopsis huascha v roseiflorus Echinopsis hybrid mix Echinopsis hybrid mix yellow to dark red Echinopsis incuiensis Echinopsis kratochviliana Rio T Echinopsis kuehnrichii Echinopsis kuehnrichii L Echinopsis kuehnrichii RA Echinopsis kuehnrichii w Escalchi huge orange fl Echinopsis kuehnrichii Cachipampa super flowers Echinopsis lageniformis Echinopsis lamprochlorus Echinopsis lateritia Echinopsis lateritia KK Echinopsis lateritia a Echinopsis lateritia v kupperiana Echinopsis lateritia v kupperiana Uyuni Potosi B Echinopsis lateritia v kupperiana Mal Paso Echinopsis leucantha Echinopsis leucantha Chiliceto La Rioja Echinopsis leucantha Patquia La Rioja Arg Echinopsis leucantha San Jose de Jachal Echinopsis leucantha e Marayes S J Echinopsis leucantha Alto Pencoso San Luis Arg Echinopsis leucantha Shaferi Echinopsis leucanthema Cinti Bol Echinopsis leucanthema Camargo-Culpina Echinopsis lobivioides Grandiflorus Echinopsis lobivioides Grandiflorus Catamarca Echinopsis lobivioides Grandiflorus hybrids Echinopsis lobivioides Purpuroeminiata Echinopsis lobivioides Rodeo Catamarca Echinopsis longispina Echinopsis mamillosa Echinopsis mamillosa Tarija Echinopsis marsoneri Echinopsis marsoneri L Echinopsis marsoneri Llallagua Bol Echinopsis marsoneri L Echinopsis marsoneri v fleischeriana Echinopsis marsoneri v fleischeriana Tilcara Echinopsis marsoneri v nigrostoma Echinopsis marsoneri v paucicostata Echinopsis marsoneri v paucicostata R Echinopsis maximiliana Echinopsis maximiliana 'hardeniana' K Echinopsis maximiliana v caespitosa Cerro Tunari Echinopsis melanea Echinopsis melanopotamica Echinopsis mentosa Huanta Peru Echinopsis minuana Echinopsis mirabilis Echinopsis mirabilis Salinas Grande La Rioja Echinopsis mirabilis La Rioja Arg Echinopsis narvaecensis Echinopsis nigricans v carmeniana Caspala Echinopsis obrepanda Echinopsis obrepanda R Echinopsis obrepanda Tarija Echinopsis obrepanda 'calliantholilacina' b Echinopsis odehnalii Potosi Bol Echinopsis pachanoi Echinopsis pachanoi Huigra Chanchan Ecuador Echinopsis pachanoi Huigra Echinopsis pasacana Echinopsis pasacana Pueblo Viego Salta Echinopsis pasacana Qbda del Toro Salta Echinopsis pentlandii Echinopsis pentlandii Epizana Bol Echinopsis pentlandii KK Echinopsis pentlandii La Paz Bol Echinopsis pentlandii Sica Sica Echinopsis pentlandii Peru Echinopsis pentlandii Cuzco Echinopsis pentlandii v hardeniana Echinopsis peruvianus Echinopsis peruvianus Huancayo Echinopsis peruvianus Tarma Echinopsis polyancistra Echinopsis pseudocandicans Echinopsis pseudocandicans La Rioja Echinopsis pugionacantha Echinopsis pugionacantha e Tafna Jujuy Echinopsis pugionacantha v culpinensis Echinopsis pugionacantha v culpinensis Culpina Echinopsis pugionacantha v rossii L Echinopsis pugionacantha v rossii Huari Huari Bo Echinopsis pugionacantha v salitrensis Echinopsis rauschii Echinopsis rhodotricha Echinopsis saltensis Echinopsis saltensis La Poma Salta Echinopsis saltensis v pseudocachensis Echinopsis sanguiniflora Echinopsis sanguiniflora Santa Victoria Echinopsis schieliana v quiabayensis La Paz Bol Echinopsis schreiteri Echinopsis silvestrii Sumalao Salta Echinopsis silvestrii shiny reddish body Echinopsis silvestrii R Echinopsis skottsbergii Echinopsis smrziana Echinopsis sp nov Entre Rios Echinopsis sp unident n Cordoba Echinopsis sp unident Entre Rios Bol Echinopsis spachiana Echinopsis spiniflora Echinopsis spiniflora Cordoba Echinopsis spiniflora P Cordoba Echinopsis spiniflora Salsacate Echinopsis spiniflora soft pastel PINK Echinopsis spiniflora violet Echinopsis spiniflora 'peitscherianum' Echinopsis spiniflora Catamarca Echinopsis spiniflora aff Echinopsis spiniflora fa klimpelianum Echinopsis spp mix Echinopsis strigosa Echinopsis strigosa Famatima Echinopsis subdenudata Echinopsis subdenudata Angusto de Villamontes Echinopsis subdenudata KK Angosto de V Echinopsis sucrensis Echinopsis tacaquirensis Echinopsis tapecuana Echinopsis tapecuana v tropica Echinopsis tarabucensis Tarabuco Echinopsis tarijensis Echinopsis tegeleriana Huancavelica Echinopsis tegeleriana v akersii Echinopsis tegeleriana v incuiensis Yauyos Peru Echinopsis tenuispina Echinopsis terscheckii Echinopsis terscheckii Qbda del Toro Echinopsis terschekii Valle Fertil San Juan Echinopsis thelegonoides Echinopsis thelegonus Echinopsis thelogonus Salta Echinopsis thionantha Echinopsis thionantha Cafayete Echinopsis thionantha P Echinopsis thionantha n Amaiche del Valle Echinopsis thionantha Cachi Echinopsis thionantha v aurantiaca Echinopsis thionantha v brevispina Echinopsis thionantha v brevispina Rio Sta Maria Echinopsis thionantha v chionanthum Echinopsis thionantha v copiapodes Echinopsis thionantha v ferrari Salta Echinopsis thionantha v glauca Echinopsis thionantha v minuta Echinopsis thionantha v variiflora P Echinopsis thionantha v variiflora sm grey stem Echinopsis thionantha v variiflora Amaiche Tucu Echinopsis tiegeliana Echinopsis tiegeliana Aiquile Echinopsis tiegeliana v flaviflora Tarija Echinopsis tiegeliana v pusilla Echinopsis totorensis 'bertramiana' Echinopsis tubiflora Las Juntas Catamarca Arg Echinopsis tubiflora aff Alemania Salta Arg Echinopsis turbinata Echinopsis valida Echinopsis vallegrandensis Echinopsis variispina Echinopsis werdermanii Echium amoenum Echium boissieri Echium candicans Echium italicum Echium lusitanicum ssp polycaulon Echium pininana Echium pininana x Pink Fountain Echium pininana x Snow Tower Echium plantagineum Echium plantagineum Bedder Dwarf Mixed Echium plantagineum Blue Bedder Dwarf Echium plantagineum Dwarf Hybrids Mix Echium plantagineum Pink Bedder Dwarf Echium plantagineum White Bedder Dwarf Echium rosulatum Echium russicum Echium simplex Echium strictum Echium tuberculatum Echium virescens bs Echium vulgare Echium vulgare Album Echium vulgare Blue Bedder Echium vulgare Dwarf Hybrids Echium vulgare Pink Bedder Echium wildpretii Echium wildpretii x pininana hybs Eclipta prostrata Edgeworthia chrysantha Edgeworthia papyrifera Edible Flower Garden Mix Edible flower and herb mix Edible fungus nutrient substrate dried x cm Edithcolea grandis Edmondia sesamoides Edraianthus dalmaticus Edraianthus graminifolius Edraianthus graminifolius ssp niveus Edraianthus parnassicus Edraianthus pumilio Edraianthus serbicus Edraianthus serpyllifolius Edraianthus tenuifolius Ehretia amoena Ehretia anacua Ehretia obtusifolia Ehretia rigida Ehrharta capensis Ehrharta stipoides Einadia nutans Ekebergia capensis Ekebergia pterophylla Elaeagnus angustifolia Elaeagnus commutata Elaeagnus mollis Elaeagnus multiflorus Elaeagnus pungens Elaeagnus umbellata Elaeagnus umbellata cs Elaeis guineensis Elaeis oleifera Elaeocarpus angustifolius Elaeocarpus hookerianus Elaeocarpus reticulatus Elaeocarpus reticulatus Flamingo Elaeocarpus sphaericus Elaeodendron australe v angustifolium svs Elaeodendron croceum Elegia capensis Elegia cuspidata Elegia equisetacea Elegia filacea Elegia fistulosa Elegia juncea Elegia racemosa Elegia stipularis Eleocharis acicularis Eleocharis acuta Eleocharis obtusa Eleocharis palustris Eleocharis sphacelata Elephantorrhiza elephantina Elephantorrhiza praetermissa Sekhukhuneland Elephantorrhiza suffruticosa Elettaria cardamomum Eleusine coracana Eleusine indica Eleutherococcus senticosus Elionurus muticus Elmera racemosa Elsholtzia ciliata Elsholtzia stauntonii Elymus canadensis Elymus cinereus Elymus elymoides Elymus hispidus Elymus magellanicus Elymus repens Elymus riparius Elymus sibiricus Elymus trachycaulos Elymus villosus Elymus virginicus Elytropappus rhinocerotis Embothrium coccineum Emex australis Emex spinosa Emilia coccinea Scarlet Magic Emilia sonchifolia Eminium nigrum Eminium spiculatum Emmenanthe penduliflora Emmenopterys henryi Empetrum eamesii ssp hermaphroditum Empetrum nigrum Empetrum rubrum Encelia actonii Encelia californica Encelia canescens Encelia farinosa Encelia virginensis Encephalartos gratus Encephalartos manikensis Enchylaena tomentosa Enchylaena tomentosa prostrate form Energanthe octonaria Energanthe octonaria Uitspanberge Engelmannia pinnatifida Enkianthus campanulatus Enkianthus campanulatus v palibinii Enkianthus cernuus fa rubens Enkianthus chinensis Enkianthus serrulatus Enneapogon avenaceus Enneapogon intermedius Enneapogon nigricans Enneapogon oblongus Enneapogon polyphyllus Ensete glaucum Ensete ventricosum Entada abyssinica Entelea arborescens Enterolobium contortisiliquum Enterolobium cyclocarpum Epacris impressa Epacris obtusifolia Ephedra americana v andina Ephedra distachya ssp helvetica Ephedra equisetina Ephedra fragilis Ephedra glauca Ephedra intermedia Ephedra major Ephedra minuta Ephedra nevadensis Ephedra sinica Ephedra sp unident Chile Ephedra tweediana Ephedra viridis Epicactus Rainbow hybrids mix Epigaea repens Epilobium anagallidifolium Epilobium angustifolium Epilobium angustifolium Album Epilobium angustifolium Stahl Rose Epilobium canum ssp garretti Epilobium canum ssp latifolium Epilobium ciliatum Epilobium crassum Epilobium dodonaei Epilobium fleischeri Epilobium glabellum Sulphureum Epilobium hirsutum Epilobium parviflorum Epilobium porphyrium Epilobium roseum Epilobium tetragonum Epimedium colchicum Epimedium pubigerum Epipactis gigantea cit Epiphyllum New Hybrids Epiphyllum anguliger Epiphyllum sp Epiphyllum thomasianum Episcia hybrids mixed at least varieties Epithelantha Mexicensis Epithelantha micromeris Epithelantha micromeris Caballo Mts NM Epithelantha micromeris Chinco de Mayo Epithelantha micromeris Dona Ana Co NM Epithelantha micromeris Eddy Co NM Epithelantha micromeris Guadelupe Mts Eddy Co NM Epithelantha micromeris Lake Valley Epithelantha micromeris Lake Valley Sierra Co Epithelantha micromeris Lincoln Co NM Epithelantha micromeris Mariscal Mt Tx Epithelantha micromeris Sacramento Mts NM Epithelantha micromeris Sierra Co NM Epithelantha micromeris n Ocampo Coah Epithelantha micromeris nr Belen NM Epithelantha micromeris Sierra Co NM Epithelantha micromeris Arteaga Coah Epithelantha micromeris fa neomexicana Epithelantha micromeris v bokei Epithelantha micromeris v bokei Brewster Co Tx Epithelantha micromeris v densispina Epithelantha micromeris v fungifera Epithelantha micromeris v greggii Epithelantha micromeris v greggii Cuesta la Mur Epithelantha micromeris v greggii El Pilar Coah Epithelantha micromeris v greggii L Epithelantha micromeris v greggii La Rosa Coah Epithelantha micromeris v greggii Parras Coah Epithelantha micromeris v greggii Santa Theresa Epithelantha micromeris v greggii e Cuatrocienega Epithelantha micromeris v greggii Hipolito Coa Epithelantha micromeris v greggii Monclova Epithelantha micromeris v greggii Cuatrocienegas Epithelantha micromeris v pachyrhiza Epithelantha micromeris v pachyrhiza Rayones NL Epithelantha micromeris v polycephala Epithelantha micromeris v rufispina Epithelantha micromeris v unguispina Epithelantha sp La Eragrostis airoides Eragrostis capensis Eragrostis chloromelas Eragrostis ciliaris Eragrostis curvula Eragrostis elliottii Eragrostis eriopoda Eragrostis lanipes Eragrostis leptostachya Eragrostis megastachya Eragrostis minor Eragrostis setifolia Eragrostis spectabilis Eragrostis superba Eragrostis tef Eragrostis tenella Eragrostis trichodes Eranthis hyemalis Ercilla incisifolia Eremaea asterocarpa ssp asterocarpa Eremaea beaufortioides cs Eremaea pauciflora cs Eremaea pauciflora bs Eremaea purpurea cs Eremophila bignoniiflora Eremophila crenulata Eremophila cuneifolia Eremophila debilis Eremophila densifolia Eremophila desertii Eremophila foliosissima Eremophila fraseri Eremophila freelingii Eremophila gilesii Eremophila glabra Eremophila glabra prov WA west coast Eremophila granitica Eremophila ionantha Eremophila laanii Eremophila latrobei Eremophila longifolia Eremophila macdonnellii Eremophila maculata Eremophila maculata prostrate form Eremophila nivea Eremophila pachyphylla Eremophila polyclada Eremophila racemosa Eremophila scoparia Eremophila serrulata Eremophila spectabilis Eremophila youngii Eremurus aitchisonii Eremurus himalaicus Eremurus isabellinus x Erfo Hybrids Mixed Eremurus isabellinus x Shelford Hybrids Eremurus robustus Eremurus sp unident Eremurus spectabilis Eremurus stenophyllus x Perfectus Erepsia heteropetala Erepsia lacera Eriachne obtusa Erianthus contortus Erianthus ravennae Erianthus strictus Eriastrum densifolium ssp austromontanum Erica abietina ssp atrorosea Erica aestiva Erica algida Erica alopecurus Erica arborea Erica baccans Erica bauera Erica bergiana Erica blandfordia Erica breviflora Erica caffra Erica caffrorum Erica canaliculata Erica carnea Erica cerinthoides Erica cernua Erica chamissonis Erica cinerea Erica conica Erica cooperi Erica cruenta Erica curviflora Erica curvirostris Erica deliciosa Erica denticulata Erica discolor Erica dominans Erica drakensbergensis Erica fourcadei Erica frigida Erica gilva Erica glandulosa Erica glauca v elegans Erica glauca v elegans Alba Erica glauca v glauca Erica glomiflora Erica gracilis aff Erica grandiflora Erica grata Erica hebecalyx Erica holosericea Erica laeta aff Erica lateralis Erica leucotrachela Erica longifolia Erica lucida Erica lutea Erica maderi Erica mammosa Erica margaritacea Erica mauritanica Erica micropotamus Erica nabea Erica natalitia Erica nemorosa Erica nubigena Erica nudiflora Erica oresigena Erica parilis Erica patersonia Erica pillansii Erica pinea Erica plukenetii Erica pulchella Erica quadrangularis aff Erica savillea Erica scabriuscula Erica scoparia Erica sessiliflora Erica sparsa Erica spiculifolia Balkan Rose Erica spiculifolia bs Erica spp mix Cape Heaths Erica straussiana Erica taxifolia Erica tenella Erica terminalis Erica triflora Erica tumida Erica urna-viridis Erica verecunda Erica versicolor Erica verticillata Erica viridescens v viridescens Erica woodii Erigeron Chrysantha Erigeron Foersters Liebling Erigeron Four Winds bs Erigeron Profusion Erigeron acer Erigeron acer v debilis Erigeron alpinus Erigeron annuus ssp annuus Erigeron atticus Erigeron aurantiacus Erigeron aureus Erigeron bonariensis Erigeron borealis Erigeron caespitosus Erigeron compositus Erigeron compositus Rocky Erigeron elegantulus Erigeron eriocalyx Erigeron flettii Erigeron glaucus Erigeron glaucus Elstead Pink Erigeron glaucus Olga Erigeron humilis Erigeron karvinskianus Erigeron leiomerus Erigeron linearis Erigeron nanus Erigeron pinnatisectus Erigeron poliospermus Erigeron pulchellus Erigeron radicatus Erigeron simplex Erigeron sp unident Bighorn Mts Erigeron speciosus Erigeron speciosus Azure Fairy Erigeron speciosus Blue Shades Erigeron speciosus Pink Jewel Erigeron speciosus ssp macranthus Erigeron trifidus Erigeron uniflorus Erigeron vagus Erinus alpinus Erinus alpinus Albus Erinus alpinus Dr Haehnle Erinus alpinus Mrs Chas Boyle Erinus alpinus v hirsutus Eriobotrya deflexa Eriobotrya japonica svs Eriocephalus africanus Eriocephalus africanus v paniculatus Eriocephalus ericoides Eriocephalus mermuelleri aff Eriocephalus microphyllus aff Eriocephalus punctulatus Eriocephalus punctulatus aff Eriocephalus racemosus Eriocephalus scariosus aff Eriochloa acuminata Eriochloa pseudoacrotricha Eriochloa villosa Eriodictyon angustifolium Eriodictyon californicum Eriodictyon crassifolium Eriodictyon traskiae Eriodictyon trichocalyx Eriogonum arborescens Eriogonum crocatum Eriogonum elongatum Eriogonum fasciculatum ssp fasciculatum Eriogonum fasciculatum ssp foliolosum Eriogonum fasciculatum ssp poliifolium Eriogonum giganteum Eriogonum latifolium Eriogonum parvifolium Eriogonum umbellatum Eriogonum umbellatum v umbellatum Eriophorum alpinum Eriophorum angustifolium Eriophorum gracile Eriophorum latifolium Eriophorum vaginatum Eriophorum virginicum Eriophorum viridi-carinatum Eriophyllum confertiflorum Eriophyllum lanatum Eriophyllum lanatum Pointe Eriophyllum nevinii Eriosema cordatum Eriosema psoraleoides Eriosema squarrosum Eriospermum abyssinicum long greyish lanceo lvs Eriospermum abyssinicum silvery grey lvs Gauteng Eriospermum abyssinicum thin lance grey lvs Rysm Eriospermum aphyllum Ceres Eriospermum aphyllum sw Karoo Eriospermum brevipes Eriospermum confusum Eriospermum cooperi Eriospermum cooperi Dwars River Sekhukhuneland Eriospermum cooperi Ghobosh R nr Amsterdam Eriospermum cooperi dwarf Amsterdam Mpumulanga Eriospermum corymbosum Sterkstroom Eriospermum corymbosum dwarf form Eriospermum mackenii ssp galpinii Eriospermum porphyrium Eriostemon australasius Eriosyce rodentiophila Eriosyce rodentiophila Vallenar Eriosyce sandillon Eriosyce sandillon Vicuna above Elqui Tan Eriosyce sandillon Cochiquaz Valley Eriosyce sandillon v aurata Eriosyce sandillon v aurata Cuesta Pajonales Eriosyce sandillon v aurata Fray Jorge Eriosyce sandillon v aurata Mina Algarrobo Eriosyce sandillon v aurata Pichazca Eriosyce sandillon v aurata Puerto Velero Tongoy Eriosyce sandillon v aurata Vicusa Eriosyce sandillon v aurata 'spinibarbis' Eriosyce sandillon v aurata 'spinibarbis' Copiapo Eriosyce sandillon v aurata Combarbala Eriosyce sandillon v ceratistes Cerro Chivato Eriosyce sandillon v ceratistes Huatalame Eriosyce sandillon v ceratistes Illapel Eriosyce sandillon v ceratistes Santiago Eriosyce sandillon v ceratistes Tulahuen Eriosyce sandillon v ceratistes Aconcagua Eriosyce sandillon v combarbalensis Pama Bajo Eritrichium canum Eritrichium nanum Eritrichium rupestre v pectinatum Eritrichium sibiricum Erodium carvifolium Erodium ciconium Erodium cicutarium Erodium gruinum Erodium manescavi Erodium moschatum Erodium pelargoniiflorum Erophila verna Eruca sativa Eruca sativa Apollo Eruca sativa Discovery Eruca sativa Frastagliata / Dentellata Eruca sativa Rocket organic Eruca sativa Rocket sprouting seed Eruca sativa Rocket sprouting seed organic Eruca sativa Skyrocket Eruca sativa Victoria Eruca sativa Voyager Eruca sativa hybrid Eruca vesicaria Eruca vesicaria Wild Rocket organic Erymophyllum ramosum ssp involucratum Erymophyllum ramosum ssp ramosum Eryngium Blue Glitter Eryngium Blue Hobbit Eryngium agavifolium Eryngium alpinum Eryngium alpinum Blue Lace Eryngium alpinum Etoile Bleu Eryngium alpinum Superbum Eryngium amethystinum Eryngium bourgatii Eryngium caeruleum Eryngium campestre Eryngium ebracteatum Eryngium eburneum Eryngium foetidum Eryngium giganteum Miss Wilmotts Ghost Eryngium giganteum Silver Ghost Eryngium horridum Eryngium maritimum pl Eryngium pandanifolium Eryngium paniculatum Eryngium pinnatifidum Eryngium planum Eryngium planum Blaukappe Eryngium planum Blue Glitter Eryngium planum Blue Hobbit Eryngium planum Silver Salentino Eryngium proteiflorum Eryngium serra Eryngium sp unident Blue Steel Mexico Eryngium spinalba Eryngium spp mix Eryngium tripartitum x Eryngium variifolium Eryngium venustum Eryngium yuccifolium Erysimum Aurora Erysimum Bedder Golden Erysimum Bedder New Mix Erysimum Bedder Orange Erysimum Bedder Primrose Erysimum Bedder Scarlet Erysimum Blood Red Erysimum Charity Mixed Erysimum Cloth of Gold Erysimum Covent Garden crimson Erysimum Fair Lady Mixed Erysimum Fire King Erysimum Giant Pink Erysimum Golden Gem Erysimum Golden Monarch Erysimum Goliath Forcing brown Erysimum Harlequin Mixed Erysimum Ivory White Erysimum Marengo Erysimum Persian Carpet Blood Red Erysimum Persian Carpet Cloth of Gold Erysimum Persian Carpet Fire King Erysimum Persian Carpet Giant Pink Erysimum Persian Carpet Ivory White Erysimum Persian Carpet Mixed Erysimum Persian Carpet Mixed basic range Erysimum Persian Carpet Ruby Gem Erysimum Persian Carpet Vulcan velvety crimson Erysimum Primrose Dame Erysimum Primrose Monarch Erysimum Prince Mixed dwarf Erysimum Progress violet purple Erysimum Ruby Gem Erysimum Scarlet Emperor Erysimum Sulphur Delight Erysimum Tom Thumb Crimson Red Erysimum Tom Thumb Dark Crimson Erysimum Tom Thumb Golden Yellow Erysimum Tom Thumb Mixed Erysimum Tom Thumb Purple Erysimum Tom Thumb Scarlet Erysimum Vulcan Erysimum Wallflower Formula Mixture Erysimum White Dame Erysimum Yellow Bird Erysimum allionii x orange Erysimum allionii x yellow Erysimum allionii x Apricot Delight Erysimum allionii x formula mixture Erysimum asperum Erysimum capitatum Erysimum cheiri Erysimum cheiri Gold Dust Erysimum cheiri Special Single Mix Erysimum cheiri f Bounty Primrose Erysimum cheiri f Bounty Yellow Erysimum cheirii Pastel Shades Mixed Erysimum franciscanum v crassifolium Erysimum helveticum Erysimum hieraciifolium Golden Gem Erysimum linifolium Erysimum linifolium Little Kiss Lilac Erysimum ochroleucum Erysimum odoratum Erysimum perofskianum Gold Shot Erysimum perovskianum Goldrush Erysimum pumilum Erysimum torulosum Erysimum vars Fine Mixed Erysimum wheeleri Erythrina abyssinica Erythrina amazonica Erythrina arborescens Erythrina berteroana Erythrina blackii Erythrina caffra Erythrina corallodendrum Erythrina crista-galli Erythrina flabelliformis Erythrina fusca Erythrina herbacea Erythrina humeana Erythrina latissima Erythrina livingstoniana Erythrina lysistemon Erythrina poeppigiana Erythrina smithiana Erythrina speciosa Erythrina speciosa v rosea Erythrina stricta Erythrina suberosa Erythrina variegata Erythrina vespertilio Erythrina zeyheri Erythronium dens-canis Erythronium grandiflorum Erythronium montanum Erythronium oregonum Erythronium revolutum Erythronium revolutum Johnsonii Group Erythronium sibiricum a prov Erythronium spp mix Erythronium tuolumnense Erythrophleum chlorostachys Erythrophysa alata Erythrophysa transvaalensis Escallonia alpina Escallonia myrtoidea Escallonia pulverulenta Escallonia resinosa Escallonia virgata Eschscholzia Reads Mixture Eschscholzia caespitosa Eschscholzia caespitosa Sundew Eschscholzia californica Eschscholzia californica mix formula single tall Eschscholzia californica mix o Eschscholzia californica Alba Eschscholzia californica Aurantiaca Orange King Eschscholzia californica Ballerina Mixed semi-dbl Eschscholzia californica Carmine King Eschscholzia californica Chrome Queen Eschscholzia californica Cream Eschscholzia californica Gloriosa Double Mix Eschscholzia californica Golden West Eschscholzia californica Ivory Castle Eschscholzia californica Mikado Eschscholzia californica Milky White Eschscholzia californica Mission Bells Mixed Eschscholzia californica Pink Shades Eschscholzia californica Purple Gleam Eschscholzia californica Purple Violet Eschscholzia californica Red Chief Eschscholzia californica Splendid select mix Eschscholzia californica Thai Appleblossom Bush Eschscholzia californica Thai Chiffon Apricot Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Apricot Bush Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Chiffon Rose Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Fire Bush Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Lemon Bush Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Milkmaid Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Mix o Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Mix formula Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Rose Bush Eschscholzia californica Thai Strawberry Fields Eschscholzia californica White Linen Eschscholzia californica v maritima Eschscholzia lobbii Eschscholzia lobbii Sunbeam Eschscholzia mexicana Eschscholzia mexicana # white & yellow Escobaria aguirreana Escobaria albicolumnaria Escobaria albicolumnaria Brewster Co Tx red fr Escobaria albicolumnaria Mariscal Mtn Tx Escobaria albicolumnaria Brewster Co Tx white Escobaria albicolumnaria Brewster Co Tx cm Escobaria albicolumnaris Brewster Co Tx tall Escobaria chihuahuaensis Escobaria dasyacantha Escobaria dasyacantha Candelaria Tx Escobaria dasyacantha Presidio Tx Escobaria dasyacantha Presidio Co Escobaria dasyacantha Presidio Co Tx Escobaria dasyacantha Shafter Tx Escobaria dasyacantha Sheffield Pecos Co Tx Escobaria dasyacantha Brewster Co Escobaria dasyacantha v chaffeyi Escobaria dasyacantha v chaffeyi Bustamente Escobaria dasyacantha v chaffeyi Catorce SLP Escobaria dasyacantha v chaffeyi Gen Cepeda Coah Escobaria dasyacantha v chaffeyi Saltillo Escobaria dasyacantha v chaffeyi Brewster Co Escobaria dasyacantha v viridiflora Cuatrocieneg Escobaria desertii aff Stateline Ut/Az Escobaria duncanii Escobaria duncanii Brewster Co Tx Escobaria duncanii Cuatrocienagas Escobaria duncanii Sierra Co NM Escobaria duncanii n Cuatrocienegas Escobaria duncanii sw Cuatrocienagas Coah Escobaria duncanii Brewster Co Escobaria emskoetteriana Starr Co Tx Escobaria guadalupensis Culberson Co Escobaria hesteri Escobaria hesteri small heads Escobaria hesteri Brewster Co Tx Escobaria laredoi Escobaria leei Eddy Co NM cit Escobaria lloydii Escobaria lloydii Las Palomas Coah Escobaria marstonii Escobaria marstonii Wolf Hole Az Escobaria marstonii Mt Trumbill Az Escobaria minima cit Escobaria minima Brewster Co Tx cit Escobaria missouriensis Escobaria missouriensis Larimer Co CO Escobaria missouriensis Mesa Co Colo Escobaria missouriensis Montrose CO Escobaria missouriensis Oak Grove Co CO Escobaria missouriensis Pennington Co SD Escobaria missouriensis Sandoval Co NM Escobaria missouriensis Garfield Co Mt Escobaria missouriensis v asperispina Escobaria missouriensis v asperispina San Juanito Escobaria missouriensis v asperispina n Ascencion Escobaria missouriensis v asperispina Ascencion Escobaria missouriensis v asperispina San Juan S Escobaria missouriensis v caespitosa Escobaria missouriensis v caespitosa Hays Co Tx Escobaria missouriensis v caespitosa Madill Ok Escobaria missouriensis v caespitosa Marshall Co Escobaria missouriensis v caespitosa Montgomery Escobaria missouriensis v caespitosa Nowata Co Ok Escobaria missouriensis v caespitosa Washington C Escobaria missouriensis v caespitosa Brazos Co Tx Escobaria missouriensis v navajoensis Navajo Co Escobaria orcuttii Escobaria orcuttii Palomas Chihua Escobaria orcuttii Santa Eulalia Chihuahua Escobaria orcuttii El Porvenir Chih Escobaria orcuttii v koenigii Luna Co NM Escobaria orcuttii v macraxina Hidalgo Co NM Escobaria organensis Escobaria organensis Dona Ana Co NM Escobaria organensis Bishops Cap NM Escobaria rigida Escobaria rigida red fr Escobaria robbinsorum Escobaria roseana Escobaria roseana Los Imagines Coah Escobaria roseana Higueras Coah Escobaria sandbergii e San Andreis Mts NM Escobaria sandbergii San Andreis Mts NM Escobaria sneedii Dona Ana Co NM cit Escobaria sneedii Eddy Co NM cit Escobaria sneedii 'leei' Escobaria sneedii Dona Ana cit Escobaria sp unident PG Escobaria tuberculosa Escobaria tuberculosa Eddy Co NM Escobaria tuberculosa El Paso Co Tx Escobaria tuberculosa Lajitas Brewster Co Escobaria tuberculosa Las Cruces NM Escobaria tuberculosa MUG Escobaria tuberculosa Sra Samalayuca Escobaria tuberculosa Brewster Co Tx Escobaria tuberculosa v varicolor Escobaria tuberculosa v varicolor Redford Tx Escobaria tuberculosa v varicolor Marathon Tx Escobaria villardii HK Otero Co NM Escobaria villardii SB Otero Co NM Escobaria villardii Alamagordo NM Escobaria vivipara Escobaria vivipara Barber Co Ks Escobaria vivipara Capulin NM Escobaria vivipara Colorado Springs CO Escobaria vivipara Curry Co NM Escobaria vivipara Downing Tx Escobaria vivipara Eagle Nest NM Escobaria vivipara Elk Co NM Escobaria vivipara Fremont Co Col Escobaria vivipara Ft Union NM Escobaria vivipara Garza Co Tx Escobaria vivipara Hartley Co Tx Escobaria vivipara Keith Co Neb Escobaria vivipara Laramie Co Wy Escobaria vivipara McHenry Co ND Escobaria vivipara Meade Ks Escobaria vivipara Robert Lee Tx Escobaria vivipara SB Howard Co Tx Escobaria vivipara Sacramento Mts NM Escobaria vivipara Santa Fe NM Escobaria vivipara Santee Nebraska Escobaria vivipara Sulphur Murray Co Ok Escobaria vivipara Sweetwater Nolan Co Tx Escobaria vivipara Taos NM Escobaria vivipara Wichita Mts Ok Escobaria vivipara n Ft Garland Col Escobaria vivipara Abeline Taylor Co Tx Escobaria vivipara 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Eucalyptus Moon Lagoon Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Silver Drop Eucalyptus Silver Hat Eucalyptus Sporadica Eucalyptus Spreta Eucalyptus Tinghaensis Eucalyptus Willow Peppermint Eucalyptus acaciiformis Eucalyptus accedens Eucalyptus acmenoides Eucalyptus agglomerata Eucalyptus aggregata Eucalyptus aggregata hardy N Z Eucalyptus alba Eucalyptus albens Eucalyptus albida cs Eucalyptus albida bs Eucalyptus albopurpurea Eucalyptus alpina Eucalyptus amplifolia v amplifolia Eucalyptus amplifolia v sessiliflora Eucalyptus amygdalina Eucalyptus amygdalina prov Tas Eucalyptus amygdalina hardy N Z Eucalyptus andrewsii Eucalyptus andrewsii ssp campanulata Eucalyptus angulosa cs Eucalyptus angulosa bs Eucalyptus angustissima Eucalyptus annulata Eucalyptus aparrerinja Eucalyptus apiculata Eucalyptus apiculata hardy N Z Eucalyptus apodophylla Eucalyptus approximans hardy N Z Eucalyptus approximans ssp approximans Eucalyptus arachnaea Eucalyptus archeri Eucalyptus archeri hardy N Z Eucalyptus argillacea Eucalyptus argophloia Eucalyptus arnhemensis Eucalyptus aspera Eucalyptus aspratilis Eucalyptus astringens Eucalyptus astringens ssp redacta Eucalyptus badjensis Eucalyptus badjensis prov NZ Eucalyptus baeuerlenii Eucalyptus baileyana Eucalyptus balladoniensis Eucalyptus bancroftii Eucalyptus banksii Eucalyptus barberi Eucalyptus barberi hardy N Z Eucalyptus bauerlenii hardy N Z Eucalyptus baxteri Eucalyptus behriana Eucalyptus beyeri Eucalyptus bigalerita Eucalyptus blakelyi Eucalyptus blaxlandii hardy N Z Eucalyptus bleeseri Eucalyptus bosistoana Eucalyptus bosistoana hardy N Z Eucalyptus botryoides Eucalyptus botryoides hardy N Z Eucalyptus botryoides v compacta Eucalyptus brachycalyx Eucalyptus brachycorys Eucalyptus brachyphylla x Eucalyptus brassiana Eucalyptus brevifolia Eucalyptus bridgesiana Eucalyptus brockwayi Eucalyptus brookerana prov Tas Eucalyptus brookerana hardy N Z Eucalyptus brownii Eucalyptus buprestium Eucalyptus burdettiana Eucalyptus burgessiana 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conferruminata tetraploid Eucalyptus confertiflora Eucalyptus confluens Eucalyptus conglobata Eucalyptus conglobata ssp perata Eucalyptus conica Eucalyptus consideniana Eucalyptus coolabah Eucalyptus coolabah prov NT Eucalyptus coolabah ssp coolabah Eucalyptus cooperana Eucalyptus cordata cs Eucalyptus cordata hardy N Z Eucalyptus cordata prov Tas Eucalyptus cordata bs Eucalyptus cornuta Eucalyptus coronata Eucalyptus corrugata Eucalyptus cosmophylla Eucalyptus cosmophylla hardy N Z Eucalyptus crebra Eucalyptus crenulata Eucalyptus crenulata hardy N Z Eucalyptus cretata Eucalyptus crucis ssp crucis Eucalyptus cullenii Eucalyptus curtisii Eucalyptus cyanophylla Eucalyptus cylindriflora Eucalyptus cylindrocarpa Eucalyptus cypellocarpa Eucalyptus dalachyana Eucalyptus dalrympleana Eucalyptus dalrympleana prov Tas Eucalyptus dalrympleana hardy N Z Eucalyptus dalrympleana ssp heptantha Eucalyptus dawsonii Eucalyptus dealbata Eucalyptus deanei Eucalyptus decipiens Eucalyptus decipiens ssp chalara Eucalyptus decorticans Eucalyptus decurva Eucalyptus delegatensis Eucalyptus delegatensis prov Tas Eucalyptus delegatensis hardy N Z Eucalyptus dendromorpha hardy N Z Eucalyptus densa ssp densa Eucalyptus depauperata Eucalyptus desmondensis Eucalyptus dichromophloia Eucalyptus dielsii Eucalyptus diminuta Eucalyptus diptera Eucalyptus diversicolor Eucalyptus diversicolor hardy N Z Eucalyptus diversifolia Eucalyptus dives Eucalyptus dives hardy N Z Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha cs Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha bs Eucalyptus doratoxylon Eucalyptus dorrigoensis Eucalyptus drepanophylla Eucalyptus drummondii Eucalyptus dumosa Eucalyptus dundasii Eucalyptus dunnii Eucalyptus dwyeri Eucalyptus ebbanoensis Eucalyptus effusa Eucalyptus elata Eucalyptus elata hardy N Z Eucalyptus elata coated seed Eucalyptus elliptica Eucalyptus elliptica hardy N Z Eucalyptus eremophila cs Eucalyptus eremophila bs Eucalyptus erythrocorys cs Eucalyptus erythrocorys bs Eucalyptus erythronema red-yellow flg form 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gillenii Eucalyptus gillii Eucalyptus gittinsii Eucalyptus glaucescens Eucalyptus glaucescens hardy N Z Eucalyptus globoidea Eucalyptus globoidea hardy N Z Eucalyptus globulus ssp bicostata Eucalyptus globulus ssp globulus Eucalyptus globulus ssp globulus cs prov Tas Eucalyptus globulus ssp globulus hardy N Z Eucalyptus globulus ssp globulus prov Tas Eucalyptus globulus ssp globulus Compacta Eucalyptus globulus ssp maidenii Eucalyptus globulus ssp pseudoglobulus Eucalyptus gomphocephala cs Eucalyptus gomphocephala bs Eucalyptus gongylocarpa Eucalyptus goniantha ssp goniantha Eucalyptus goniocalyx Eucalyptus gracilis Eucalyptus grandifolia Eucalyptus grandis Eucalyptus grandis prov n Qld Eucalyptus gregsoniana Eucalyptus gregsoniana hardy N Z Eucalyptus griffithsii Eucalyptus grossa Eucalyptus guilfoylei Eucalyptus gummifera cs Eucalyptus gummifera bs Eucalyptus gunnii Eucalyptus gunnii cs Eucalyptus gunnii extra blue hardy N Z Eucalyptus gunnii hardy N Z Eucalyptus gunnii prov Tas Eucalyptus gunnii coated seeds Eucalyptus haemastoma Eucalyptus haematoxylon Eucalyptus halophila Eucalyptus horistes Eucalyptus imlayensis Eucalyptus incerata Eucalyptus incrassata Eucalyptus indurata Eucalyptus intermedia Eucalyptus intertexta Eucalyptus jacksonii Eucalyptus johnstonii Eucalyptus johnstonii prov Tas Eucalyptus johnstonii hardy N Z Eucalyptus jucunda Eucalyptus jutsonii Eucalyptus kartzoffiana Eucalyptus kessellii Eucalyptus kingsmillii Eucalyptus kitsoniana Eucalyptus kitsoniana hardy N Z Eucalyptus kochii ssp kochii Eucalyptus kochii ssp plenissima Eucalyptus kondininensis Eucalyptus kruseana Eucalyptus kybeanensis Eucalyptus kybeanensis hardy N Z Eucalyptus laevopinea Eucalyptus laevopinia hardy N Z Eucalyptus lane-poolei Eucalyptus lansdowneana hardy N Z Eucalyptus lansdowneana ssp lansdowneana Eucalyptus largiflorens Eucalyptus lateritica Eucalyptus lehmannii Eucalyptus lehmannii aff Eucalyptus leptocalyx Eucalyptus leptophleba Eucalyptus leptophylla Eucalyptus leptopoda Eucalyptus lesouefii Eucalyptus leucophloia Eucalyptus leucophylla Eucalyptus leucoxylon Rosea Eucalyptus leucoxylon hardy N Z Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp leucoxylon Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp megalocarpa Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp petiolaris Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp pruinosa Eucalyptus ligustrina Eucalyptus ligustrina hardy N Z Eucalyptus livida Eucalyptus longicornis Eucalyptus longicornis from mallee form Eucalyptus longifolia Eucalyptus longirostrata Eucalyptus loxophleba more salt tolerant form Eucalyptus loxophleba ssp gratiae Eucalyptus loxophleba ssp lissophloia Eucalyptus loxophleba ssp loxophleba Eucalyptus luehmanniana Eucalyptus macarthurii Eucalyptus macarthurii hardy N Z Eucalyptus macarthurii coated seeds Eucalyptus mackintii Eucalyptus macrandra Eucalyptus macrocarpa cs Eucalyptus macrocarpa bs Eucalyptus macrocarpa ssp elachantha Eucalyptus macrorhyncha ssp cannonii Eucalyptus macrorhyncha ssp macrorhyncha Eucalyptus maculata cs Eucalyptus maculata hardy N Z Eucalyptus maculata bs Eucalyptus major Eucalyptus mannensis Eucalyptus mannensis ssp vespertina Eucalyptus mannifera ssp maculosa Eucalyptus mannifera ssp mannifera Eucalyptus mannifera ssp praecox hardy N Z Eucalyptus marginata Eucalyptus marginata prov coast dwarf Eucalyptus mckieana Eucalyptus megacarpa Eucalyptus megacornuta Eucalyptus megacornuta cs Eucalyptus melanoleuca Eucalyptus melanophitra Eucalyptus melanophloia Eucalyptus melanoxylon Eucalyptus melliodora Eucalyptus melliodora hardy N Z Eucalyptus melliodora coated seed Eucalyptus merrickiae Eucalyptus michaeliana Eucalyptus micranthera Eucalyptus microcorys Eucalyptus microcorys hardy N Z Eucalyptus microtheca prov NT Eucalyptus microtheca coated seed Eucalyptus miniata Eucalyptus misella Eucalyptus mitchelliana Eucalyptus mitchelliana hardy N Z Eucalyptus moluccana Eucalyptus moorei Eucalyptus moorei Nana Eucalyptus moorei hardy N Z Eucalyptus morrisbyi Eucalyptus morrisbyi hardy N Z Eucalyptus morrisii Eucalyptus muellerana Eucalyptus muellerana hardy N Z Eucalyptus myriadena Eucalyptus neglecta Eucalyptus neglecta hardy N Z Eucalyptus neutra Eucalyptus newbeyi Eucalyptus nicholii Eucalyptus nicholii hardy N Z Eucalyptus nicholii coated seed Eucalyptus nitens Eucalyptus nitens hardy select N Z Eucalyptus nitens hardy N Z Eucalyptus nitens prov Macallister/Erica Eucalyptus nitens prov Tallaganda cs Eucalyptus nitens cs central Vic Eucalyptus nitida Eucalyptus nitida prov Tas Eucalyptus nitida hardy N Z Eucalyptus normantonensis Eucalyptus nortonii Eucalyptus notabilis Eucalyptus nova-anglica Eucalyptus nova-anglica hardy N Z Eucalyptus nutans Eucalyptus nutans red Eucalyptus obliqua Eucalyptus obliqua prov Tas Eucalyptus obliqua hardy N Z Eucalyptus oblonga Eucalyptus obtusiflora Eucalyptus occidentalis Eucalyptus odontocarpa Eucalyptus odorata Eucalyptus oldfieldii Eucalyptus oleosa v oleosa Eucalyptus olsenii Eucalyptus olsenii hardy N Z Eucalyptus orbifolia Eucalyptus oreades Eucalyptus oreades hardy N Z Eucalyptus orgadophila Eucalyptus ovata ssp ovata Eucalyptus ovata ssp ovata hardy N Z Eucalyptus ovata v ovata prov Tas Eucalyptus ovata v ovata coated seed Eucalyptus ovularis Eucalyptus oxymitra Eucalyptus pachycalyx Eucalyptus pachyloma Eucalyptus pachyphylla Eucalyptus paliformis Eucalyptus paliformis hardy N Z Eucalyptus panda Eucalyptus paniculata Eucalyptus paniculata coated seed Eucalyptus parramattensis Eucalyptus parvula Eucalyptus parvula hardy N Z Eucalyptus parvula cs Eucalyptus patens Eucalyptus pauciflora Eucalyptus pauciflora prov Tas Eucalyptus pauciflora hardy N Z Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp debeuzevillei Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp debeuzevillei hardy N Z Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp niphophila Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp niphophila hardy N Z Eucalyptus pellita Eucalyptus peltata Eucalyptus peltata ssp leichardtii Eucalyptus peninsularis Eucalyptus perriniana cs Eucalyptus perriniana hardy N Z Eucalyptus perriniana prov Tas Eucalyptus perriniana bs Eucalyptus petraea Eucalyptus petrensis Eucalyptus phaenophylla Eucalyptus phenax Eucalyptus phoenicia Eucalyptus pileata Eucalyptus pilligaensis Eucalyptus pilularis Eucalyptus pilularis hardy N Z Eucalyptus pimpiniana Eucalyptus piperita Eucalyptus piperita hardy N Z Eucalyptus piperita ssp urceolaris Eucalyptus planchoniana Eucalyptus platycorys Eucalyptus platyphylla Eucalyptus platypus Eucalyptus platypus coated seed Eucalyptus platypus ssp congregata Eucalyptus platypus ssp platypus x vesciculosa Eucalyptus platypus v heterophylla Eucalyptus pleurocarpa cs Eucalyptus pleurocarpa bs Eucalyptus pluricaulis ssp pluricaulis Eucalyptus pluricaulis ssp porphyrea Eucalyptus polita Eucalyptus polyanthemos hardy N Z Eucalyptus polyanthemos coated seed Eucalyptus polyanthemos ssp polyanthemos Eucalyptus polyanthemos ssp vestita Eucalyptus polybractea Eucalyptus polycarpa Eucalyptus populnea Eucalyptus populnea coated seeds Eucalyptus porosa Eucalyptus porrecta Eucalyptus prava Eucalyptus preissiana Eucalyptus preissiana x staeri Eucalyptus prominens Eucalyptus propinqua Eucalyptus ptychocarpa Eucalyptus pulchella Eucalyptus pulchella prov Tas Eucalyptus pulchella hardy N Z Eucalyptus pulverulenta Eucalyptus pulverulenta cs Eucalyptus pulverulenta hardy N Z Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue cs Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue Spiral hardy N Z Eucalyptus pulverulenta coated seed Eucalyptus pumila Eucalyptus punctata Eucalyptus punctata coated seeds Eucalyptus pyriformis Eucalyptus pyrocarpa Eucalyptus quadrangulata Eucalyptus racemosa Eucalyptus radiata ssp australiana Eucalyptus radiata ssp radiata Eucalyptus radiata ssp radiata hardy N Z Eucalyptus radiata ssp robertsonii Eucalyptus raveretiana Eucalyptus regnans Eucalyptus regnans prov Tas Eucalyptus regnans prov Vic timber select Eucalyptus regnans hardy N Z Eucalyptus remota Eucalyptus resinifera Eucalyptus rhodantha Eucalyptus rigens Eucalyptus rigidula Eucalyptus risdonii Eucalyptus risdonii prov Tas Eucalyptus risdonii hardy N Z Eucalyptus robusta Eucalyptus robusta prov NSW & Qld select Eucalyptus robusta hardy N Z Eucalyptus rodwayi Eucalyptus rodwayi prov Tas Eucalyptus rodwayii hardy N Z Eucalyptus rossii Eucalyptus rubida Eucalyptus rubida hardy N Z Eucalyptus rubida prov Tas Eucalyptus rubida coated seeds Eucalyptus rudis Eucalyptus rugosa Eucalyptus rummeryi Eucalyptus salicola Eucalyptus saligna Eucalyptus saligna hardy N Z Eucalyptus salmonophloia Eucalyptus salubris Eucalyptus salubris v glauca Eucalyptus sargentii Eucalyptus sargentii coated seed Eucalyptus scoparia Eucalyptus seeana Eucalyptus sepulcralis Eucalyptus sessilis Eucalyptus setosa Eucalyptus setosa red fl Eucalyptus sheathiana Eucalyptus shirleyi Eucalyptus siderophloia Eucalyptus sideroxylon Eucalyptus sideroxylon hardy N Z Eucalyptus sideroxylon Rosea Eucalyptus sideroxylon coated seed Eucalyptus sideroxylon ssp tricarpa Eucalyptus sieberi Eucalyptus sieberi prov Tas Eucalyptus sieberi prov coastal Eucalyptus sieberi hardy N Z Eucalyptus signata Eucalyptus similis Eucalyptus smithii Eucalyptus socialis Eucalyptus spathulata Eucalyptus spathulata coated seed Eucalyptus spp dwarf mix Eucalyptus spp select flowering mix Eucalyptus spp temperate mix Eucalyptus spp tropical mix Eucalyptus spp cool climate mix Eucalyptus staeri Eucalyptus staigerana Eucalyptus steedmanii Eucalyptus stellulata Eucalyptus stellulata hardy N Z Eucalyptus stowardii Eucalyptus striaticalyx cs Eucalyptus striaticalyx bs Eucalyptus stricklandii Eucalyptus stricta Eucalyptus stricta hardy N Z Eucalyptus sturgissiana Eucalyptus sturgissiana hardy N Z Eucalyptus subangusta ssp cerina Eucalyptus subangusta ssp subangusta Eucalyptus subcrenulata Eucalyptus subcrenulata hardy N Z Eucalyptus sublucida Eucalyptus suggrandis ssp suggrandis Eucalyptus talyuberlup Eucalyptus tenuipes Eucalyptus tenuiramis Eucalyptus tenuiramis prov Tas Eucalyptus tenuiramis hardy N Z Eucalyptus tereticornis Eucalyptus tereticornis prov NSW Eucalyptus tereticornis prov Vic Eucalyptus terminalis Eucalyptus tessellaris Eucalyptus tetraptera cs Eucalyptus tetraptera bs Eucalyptus tetrodonta Eucalyptus thamnoides Eucalyptus thamnoides ssp megista Eucalyptus thozetiana Eucalyptus tindaliae Eucalyptus tintinnans Eucalyptus todtiana Eucalyptus torelliana Eucalyptus torquata Eucalyptus torquata coated seed Eucalyptus torquata x woodwardii Torwood Eucalyptus trachyphloia Eucalyptus transcontinentalis Eucalyptus tricarpa Eucalyptus triflora hardy N Z Eucalyptus trivalvis Eucalyptus umbra ssp umbra Eucalyptus uncinata Eucalyptus urnigera Eucalyptus urnigera hardy N Z Eucalyptus urnigera prov Tas Eucalyptus urnigera glaucous form hardy N Z Eucalyptus urophylla Eucalyptus utilis Eucalyptus vegrandis Eucalyptus vegrandis ssp recondita Eucalyptus vernicosa prov Tas Eucalyptus victrix Eucalyptus viminalis Eucalyptus viminalis hardy N Z Eucalyptus viminalis prov Tas Eucalyptus viminalis ssp 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vandermerwei mixed Eucomis zambesiaca Eucommia ulmoides Eucryphia cordifolia Eucryphia lucida Eucryphia lucida prov Tasmania Eucryphia milliganii Eugenia brasiliensis Eugenia foetida Eugenia luehmannii Eugenia myrtifolia Eugenia stipitata Eugenia stipulata Eugenia tomentosa Eugenia uniflora Eugenia victoriana Eulalia aurea Eulophia clavicornis Eulophia petersii Eulophia speciosa Eulopia speciosa Eulychnia acida Rivadavia Eulychnia acida Taltal-Paposo Eulychnia acida v Ovalle Limari Tal Eulychnia acida v Elqui Tal Eulychnia longispina Putuaendo Eumorphia sericea Euonymus alatus cs Euonymus alatus pods Euonymus atropurpureus Euonymus bungeanus Euonymus bungeanus Pink Lady Euonymus cornutus v quinquecornutus Euonymus europaeus Euonymus europaeus prov UK Euonymus hamiltonianus ssp maackii Euonymus hamiltonianus ssp sieboldianus Euonymus koreanus Euonymus phellomanus Euonymus sachalinensis Eupatorium altissimum Eupatorium altissimum cs Eupatorium cannabinum pl Eupatorium coelestinum Eupatorium fistulosum Atropurpureum Eupatorium glechonophyllum Eupatorium greggii Eupatorium maculatum bs Eupatorium maculatum v atropurpureum Eupatorium perfoliatum cs Eupatorium perfoliatum bs Eupatorium purpureum Eupatorium rugosum Eupatorium sp unident (aff E rugosum) Euphorbia Golden Foam Euphorbia Roses Surprise Euphorbia albertensis aff Euphorbia albipollenifera Euphorbia ambovombensis cit Euphorbia amygdaloides Euphorbia amygdaloides Rubra Euphorbia amygdaloides v robbiae Euphorbia ankarensis Euphorbia bothae Euphorbia bourgaeana Euphorbia brittingeri Euphorbia bubalina Euphorbia bupleurifolia Euphorbia cereiformis Euphorbia characias Euphorbia characias ssp wulfenii Euphorbia clandestina Euphorbia clava Euphorbia confinalis Euphorbia cooperi v cooperi Euphorbia coralloides Euphorbia cornigera Euphorbia corollata Euphorbia cyparissias Euphorbia drummondii Euphorbia dulcis Chameleon Euphorbia ecklonii Euphorbia enopla Euphorbia esula Euphorbia falcata Euphorbia fasciculata Euphorbia ferox Euphorbia fimbriata Euphorbia fortuita Euphorbia geroldii Euphorbia gorgonis Euphorbia grandialata Euphorbia grandicornis Euphorbia griffithii Euphorbia griffithii Fireglow Euphorbia gymnocalycoides Euphorbia helioscopia Euphorbia heterophylla Euphorbia hirta Euphorbia horrida Euphorbia horrida v striata Euphorbia hypogaea Euphorbia inconstantia Euphorbia inermis cit Euphorbia ingens Euphorbia inopla Euphorbia kansui Euphorbia lathyris Euphorbia leuconeura Euphorbia maculata Euphorbia maleolens Euphorbia mammilaris Euphorbia marginata Euphorbia marginata Early Snow Euphorbia marginata Icicle long day Euphorbia marginata Kilimanjaro Euphorbia marginata Late Snow short day Euphorbia marginata Mountain Snow Euphorbia marginata Snow Top Euphorbia mauritanica Euphorbia mellifera Euphorbia myrsinites Euphorbia nicaeensis Euphorbia obesa Euphorbia pachypodiodes Euphorbia palustris Euphorbia pentagona Euphorbia peplus Euphorbia persistens Euphorbia pillansii Euphorbia platyclada Euphorbia platyphyllos Euphorbia polychroma Euphorbia polygona Euphorbia portulacoides Euphorbia pseudocactus Euphorbia rauhii Euphorbia rigida Euphorbia schillingii Euphorbia schoenlandii Euphorbia schoenlandii v noorsueldensis Euphorbia segetalis Euphorbia seguieriana Euphorbia sikkimensis Euphorbia soanieranensis x Euphorbia spp hardy perennial mix Euphorbia spp mix from e Cape Euphorbia spp succulent mix Euphorbia spp hardy mix Euphorbia stellata Euphorbia stenoclada Euphorbia stricta Golden Foam Euphorbia stygiana Euphorbia susannae Euphorbia symmetrica Euphorbia tetragona Euphorbia tirucalli Euphorbia tuberculata Euphorbia valdevillosocarpa Euphorbia valida Euphorbia valida Dikkopvlakte Euphorbia villosa Euphorbia wallichii Euphorbia zoutpanbergensis Euphoria didyma Euphrasia officinalis Euphrasia rostkoviana Euptelea pleiosperma Eurya japonica Euryale ferox Euryops algoensis Euryops brachypodus Euryops brevipapposus Euryops decumbens Euryops empetrifolius Euryops euryopoides Euryops floribundus Euryops lateriflorus Euryops linearis Euryops pectinatus Euryops spathaceus Euryops speciosissimus Euryops tenuissimus Euryops tysonii Euryops virgineus Euryops wagnerii Eurystigma clavatum Euscaphis japonica Eustoma grandiflorum Eustoma grandiflorum f Echo Mixed pellets Eustoma grandiflorum f Echo Series formula mix Eustoma grandiflorum f Heidi formula mix Eustoma grandiflorum f Lizzy Mixed pellets Eutaxia epacridioides Eutaxia microphylla v diffusa Eutaxia microphylla v microphylla Eutaxia microphylla v microphylla Eutaxia parvifolia Euterpe edulis Euterpe oleracea Euterpe precatoria Euthamia occidentalis Evandra aristata Everlasting flower mixture Evolvulus arizonicus Exacum affine Exacum affine Midget blue Exocarpos sparteus Exocarpos strictus Exochorda giraldii Exochorda giraldii v wilsonii bs Exochorda korolkowii Exochorda macrantha x The Bride Exochorda racemosa bs Exochorda racemosa cs Eysenhardtia polystachya Fabiana imbricata Facheiroa pilosa Facheiroa ulei Fadogia homblei Fagonia chilensis Fagraea berterana Fagus crenata Fagus engleriana Fagus longipetiolata Fagus orientalis Fagus sylvatica Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea Fagus sylvatica prov UK select stand Faidherbia albida Falcaria vulgaris Fallopia baldschuanica (Polygonum aubertii) Fallopia japonicum (Polygonum/Reynoutria j ) Fallugia paradoxa Faramea sp Fatsia japonica Faucaria albidens Faucaria boscheana k w Willowmore Faucaria bosscheana Duiwefontein Faucaria bosscheana Kruidfontein Faucaria bosscheana Rietfontein Faucaria bosscheana Waterford Stn Faucaria bosscheana e Klaarstroom Faucaria bosscheana Aberdeen Road Faucaria bosscheana v haagei Faucaria britteniae Faucaria candida Faucaria cradockensis long leaves Faucaria cradockensis Cradock Faucaria felina Faucaria felina Graaff Reinet Faucaria felina Kirkwood long lf Faucaria felina Lake Mentz Faucaria felina Uplands nw Grahamstown Faucaria felina se Carlisle Bridge Faucaria felina Fairview Faucaria felina ssp felina Faucaria gratiae Palmietfontein Faucaria hooleae Mitford Park Faucaria kingiae aff Alicedale Faucaria kingii Grahamstown-Alicedale Faucaria longifolia long narrow lf Faucaria lupina Faucaria lupina aff n Port Elizabeth Faucaria nemorosa Swartwaterpoort Faucaria paucidens Faucaria paucidens w Graaff Reinet Faucaria paucidens Graaff Reinet Faucaria plana Faucaria smithii Ecca Pass Faucaria sp unident k w Willowmore Faucaria sp unident Springbokvlakte Faucaria sp unident Wembley Grahamstown Faucaria sp unident k e Pearston Faucaria speciosa Faucaria spp mix Faucaria subintegra Faucaria tigrina Faucaria tigrina Dead Mans Gulch Faucaria tigrina Grahamstown military base Faucaria tigrina Lynton Faucaria tigrina Ratelkloof Jansenville Faucaria tigrina nw Grahamstown Faucaria tigrina aff w Fort Brown very beautiful Faucaria tigrina aff w Fort Brown deep green lvs Faucaria tuberculosa Faucaria tuberculosa Normandale Bedford Faurea rochetiana Faurea saligna Faurea speciosa Fedia cornucopiae Felicia aethiopica Felicia aethiopica ssp aethiopica Felicia bergerana Felicia caespitosa Felicia dubia Felicia echinata Felicia echinata white form Felicia elongata Felicia erigeroides Felicia filifolia Felicia heterophylla Spring Marchen Felicia heterophylla The Rose Felicia heterophylla blue Felicia muricata Felicia rosulata Fendlera rupicola Fenestraria rhopalophylla Fenestraria rhopalophylla small windows Fenestraria rhopalophylla Chamais Gate Nam Fenestraria rhopalophylla ssp aurantiaca Fenestraria rhopalophylla ssp aurantiaca vari-col Fenestraria rhopalophylla ssp aurantiaca Beauval Fenestraria rhopalophylla ssp aurantiaca Fireworth Fenestraria rhopalophylls ssp aurantiaca CM Fenestraria rhopalostylis ssp aurantiaca McDougal Fern mix hardy species Fernandoa adenophylla Ferobergia x f Violet Ferocactus 'falconeri' x 'lecontei' Ferocactus alamosanus (non pottsii) Ferocactus alamosanus non pottsii Ferocactus californicus Ferocactus chrysacanthus Ferocactus chrysacanthus Cedros Is Ferocactus cylindraceus Ferocactus cylindraceus Imperial Co Ca Ferocactus cylindraceus Julian Ca Ferocactus cylindraceus Meadview Az Ferocactus cylindraceus Scissors Crossing Ca Ferocactus cylindraceus Twentynine Palms Ca Ferocactus cylindraceus e Tecopa Ca Ferocactus cylindraceus se Wikieup Az Ferocactus cylindraceus fa rostii Ferocactus cylindraceus v eastwoodiae Ferocactus cylindraceus v eastwoodiae Winkelman Ferocactus cylindraceus v eastwoodiae Superior Az Ferocactus cylindraceus v lecontei Ferocactus cylindraceus v lecontei Mojave Co Az Ferocactus cylindraceus v tortulospinus Ferocactus cylindraceus x red fls Ferocactus cylindraceus x yellow fls Ferocactus diguetii Ferocactus echidne Ferocactus echidne v rafaelensis Ferocactus echidne v rhodanthus Ferocactus echidne v victoriensis Ferocactus emoryi Ferocactus emoryi Mesa Santa Ana Ca Ferocactus emoryi Cerro Colorado Ferocactus emoryii Ferocactus emoryii x (x pottsii / fordii ?) Ferocactus flavovirens Ferocactus fordii Ferocactus fordii San Quintin Bay BCN Ferocactus glaucescens Ferocactus glaucescens Metztitlan Ferocactus gracilis Ferocactus gracilis 'coloratus' Ferocactus gracilis Mission S Fernando BCN Ferocactus hamatacanthus Ferocactus hamatacanthus Cuatrocienagas Ferocactus hamatacanthus Escalon Chih Ferocactus hamatacanthus Los Imagines Coah Ferocactus hamatacanthus Vanegas SLP Ferocactus hamatacanthus flat papery spines Ferocactus hamatacanthus pale spines Ferocactus hamatacanthus Crockett Co Tx Ferocactus hamatacanthus v sinuatus Ferocactus histrix Ferocactus johnstonianus Ferocactus latipinus v cornigerus Ferocactus latispinus Ferocactus latispinus n Cd San Luis Potosi Ferocactus latispinus Cardonal Hgo Ferocactus latispinus v spiralis Ferocactus latispinus v spiralis Totolapan Oax Ferocactus latispinus v spiralis Teotitlan Oax Ferocactus lindsayi Infiernello Mich Ferocactus macrodiscus Ferocactus peninsulae Ferocactus peninsulae San Ignacio BCS Ferocactus peninsulae c Ferocactus peninsulae v townsendianus Ferocactus peninsulae v townsendianus Cabo San Lu Ferocactus pilosus Ferocactus pilosus v pringlei Ferocactus pottsii Ferocactus pottsii v alamosensis Ferocactus pottsii v alamosensis Cd Obregon Son Ferocactus pottsii v alamosensis Batopilas Ferocactus reppenhagenii Ferocactus robustus Ferocactus santa-maria Ferocactus schwarzii Ferocactus sinuatus Nueva Rosita Coah Ferocactus sinuatus Val Verde Co Tx Ferocactus sinuatus Brownsville Tx Ferocactus sp nov Santa Cliesa Ferocactus spp mix Ferocactus tiburonensis aff Bahia Kino Son Ferocactus viridescens Ferocactus viridescens San Diego Co Ca Ferocactus viridescens Otay Mesa Ca Ferocactus viridescens v littoralis De Herdt Ferocactus viridescens v littoralis San Telmo Ferocactus wislizeni Ferocactus wislizeni Flores Magon Chih Ferocactus wislizeni Luna Co NM Ferocactus wislizeni Ruby Az Ferocactus wislizeni Sierra Co NM Ferocactus wislizeni Waterman Mts Az Ferocactus wislizeni n Tucson Az Ferocactus wislizeni v herrerae Ferocactus wislizeni v herrerae Las Guasimas Son Ferocactus wislizeni v herrerae Guasimas Son Ferocactus wislizeni v herrerae Culiacan Sin Ferocactus wislizeni v tiburonensis Is Tiburon Ferocactus/Thelocactus spp mix "Hamatocactus" Ferraria crispa ssp crispa Ferraria sp unident West Coast Ferula assa-foetida Ferula communis Ferula communis ssp glauca Ferulago sylvatica Festuca actae Banks Peninsula Blue Festuca alpina Festuca amethystina Festuca brachyphylla aff Festuca californica Festuca cinerea Festuca coxii Festuca elatior wild Festuca elatior comm Festuca gautieri Festuca gigantea Festuca glauca Festuca glauca Blue Select Festuca glauca Elijah Blue Festuca glauca Varna Festuca guestfalica Festuca idahoensis Festuca juncifolia Festuca longifolia Festuca mairei Festuca nigrescens Festuca obtusa Festuca occidentalis Festuca ovina wild Festuca ovina comm Festuca pallens Festuca pratensis wild form Festuca pratensis comm Festuca pulchella Festuca punctoria Festuca rubra prov California Festuca rubra wild Festuca rubra comm Festuca rubra ssp commutata Festuca rubra ssp littoralis Festuca rubra ssp rubra Festuca rubra v trichophylla Festuca rupicaprina Festuca rupicola Festuca scoparia Festuca tenuifolia comm Festuca valesiaca Festuca valesiaca v glaucantha Festuca violacea Festulolium loliaceum x Fibigia clypeata Fibigia eriocarpa Ficinia filiformis Ficinia nigrescens Ficinia nodosa Ficinia nodosa prov eastern states Ficus abutilifolia Ficus auriculata svs Ficus benghalensis Ficus benghalensis Krishnae Ficus benjamina Ficus benjamina v nuda Ficus bizanae Ficus burtt-davyi Ficus carica Ficus cordata Ficus cordata ssp salicifolia Ficus elastica Ficus elastica Decora Ficus glumosa Ficus hillii Ficus hyrcana Ficus ilicina Ficus ingens Ficus lutea Ficus macrophylla Ficus microcarpa Ficus natalensis Ficus obliqua Ficus platypoda Ficus racemosa Ficus religiosa Ficus rubiginosa Ficus salicifolia Ficus superba v henneana Ficus sur Ficus sycomorus Ficus thonningii Ficus virens Filipendula ulmaria Filipendula vulgaris Fimbristylis ferruginea Fimbristylis littoralis Fimbristylis miliacea Firmiana simplex Fitzroya cupressoides Flacourtia indica Flacourtia jangomans Flaveria australasica Flaveria linearis Flemingia macrophylla Flindersia australis Flindersia brayleyana Flindersia collina Flindersia maculosa Flindersia schottiana Floscopa glomerata Flourensia thurifera Flower Mix Hardy Annuals Flower Mix compact colour carpet colours Flower Mix compact colour carpet blue Flower Mix compact colour carpet rose to red Flower Mix compact colour carpet white Flower Mix compact colour carpet yellow Flower Mix medium height colour formula Flower Mix medium height blue shades Flower Mix medium height orange shades Flower Mix medium height pink shades Flower Mix medium height white Flower Mix medium height yellow shades Flower Mix tall annuals blue shades Flower Mix tall annuals green shades Flower Mix tall annuals orange shades Flower Mix tall annuals pink shades Flower Mix tall annuals red shades Flower Mix tall annuals white flowering Flower Mix tall annuals yellow shades Flower mixture Japanese garden Flueggea tinctoria Flueggea virosa ssp virosa Fockea crispa Fockea edulis Foeniculum vulgare pl Foeniculum vulgare wild form Foeniculum vulgare Berfena Foeniculum vulgare Colossale Foeniculum vulgare Cristal Foeniculum vulgare Di Napoli Foeniculum vulgare Grossfruchtiger large organic Foeniculum vulgare Perfection Foeniculum vulgare Purpureum Foeniculum vulgare Romanesco Foeniculum vulgare Rubrum Foeniculum vulgare Selma Foeniculum vulgare Smokey Foeniculum vulgare Sweet Florence Foeniculum vulgare Zefa Fino Foeniculum vulgare Zefa Fino organic Foeniculum vulgare f Rudy Foeniculum vulgare organic seed Foeniculum vulgare v dulce Fokienia hodginsii Fontanesia phillyreoides ssp fortunei (Carr) Yal Forestiera neomexicana Forsythia suspensa Fortunearia sinensis Fortunella sp unident Fosterella penduliflora Fouquieria burragei Fouquieria columnaris Fouquieria columnaris Catavina BCN Fouquieria diguetii Fouquieria formosa Fouquieria leonilae Zapilote Cyn Fouquieria macdougalii Fouquieria macdougalii San Carlos Son Fouquieria ochoterani Tepejillo Pue Fouquieria shrevei Laguna El Rey Coah Fouquieria splendens Fouquieria splendens Lajitas Tx Fouquieria splendens Whetstone Mts Az Fouquieria splendens ssp campanulata Dur Fouquieria splendens v albiflora Dur Foveolina abidiformis Fragaria vesca Fragaria vesca Alexandra Fragaria vesca Alexandra Golden Fragaria vesca Ali Baba Fragaria vesca Baron Solemacher Fragaria vesca Fructu-alba Fragaria vesca Red Wonder Fragaria vesca Regina Fragaria vesca S Ever More Fragaria vesca S One Time Fragaria vesca Temptation nearly runnerless Fragaria vesca Verbesserte Ruegen Fragaria vesca White Soul Fragaria vesca Yellow Wonder Fragaria vesca f Fresca runnerless Fragaria vesca f Sarian Fragaria vesca v vesca Fragaria vesca var runnerless Fragrant Flower Mix Fragrant Flowers Annual Mixed Fragrant Flowers Perennial Mixed Fragrant Garden Mix Frailea alacriportana Frailea alacriportana FS Frailea angelesiae Frailea angelesiae P Frailea aureinitens pale form Frailea aurora Frailea buenekeri Gf Frailea buenekeri FS Frailea castanea Frailea castanea v asteroides Frailea castanea v asteroides FS Frailea castanea v asteroides Arapey Salto Frailea cataphracta Frailea cavaraensis Frailea chrysacantha Frailea columbiana Frailea curvispina Frailea gracillima Frailea gracillima Gf Frailea gracillima Gf Frailea horstii Frailea lepida Frailea mammifera Gf Dom Pietro Frailea mammifera v magnifica Frailea pseudopulcherrima Frailea pumila v catiensis Frailea pygmaea Frailea pygmaea aureispina v pallidor Frailea pygmaea v aureispina Frailea pygmaea v aureispina Schl Frailea pygmaea v curvispina Frailea pygmaea v densispina Frailea pygmaea v nov Gf Frailea pygmaea v phaeodisca Frailea ritteriana Frailea sp nov HU a Rio Grande do Sul Frailea sp nov HU Frailea spp mix Frailea tenuissima Frailea uhligiana Frailea ybatense Frailea zapiciore Francoa appendiculata Francoa ramosa Francoa sonchifolia Francoa sonchifolia Pink Spires Francoa sonchifolia Rogersons Form Francoa sp unident Frankenia connata Frankenia serpyllifolia Frasera caroliniensis Frasera speciosa Fraxinus americana Fraxinus americana dwarf form Fraxinus angustifolia Fraxinus anomala Fraxinus bungeana Fraxinus chinensis Fraxinus cuspidata v macropetala Fraxinus dipetala Fraxinus excelsior Fraxinus floribunda Fraxinus griffithii Fraxinus latifolia Fraxinus mandshurica Fraxinus micrantha Fraxinus nigra Fraxinus ornus Fraxinus pennsylvanica Fraxinus pennsylvanica bs Fraxinus pennsylvanica v subintegerrima Fraxinus pennsylvanica v subintegerrima(lanc )wing Fraxinus quadrangulata Fraxinus sieboldiana Fraxinus uhdei Fraxinus velutina Fraxinus velutina v coriacea Freesia alba Freesia corymbosa Freesia fucata Freesia hybrida Crown Mixed tetraploid Freesia hybrida Florist Hybrids Freesia hybrida Parigos Mixed tetraploid Freesia hybrida Royal Blue Shades Freesia hybrida Royal Champion Mix Freesia hybrida Royal Champion Pinks Freesia hybrida Royal Red Shades Freesia hybrida Royal White Freesia hybrida Royal Yellow Shades Freesia hybrida Super Giants Freesia leichtlinii Freesia occidentalis Freesia refracta Freesia verrucosa Fremontodendron californicum Fremontodendron mexicanum Frithia pulchra Frithia pulchra v minor Frithia pulchra v minor n Bronkhorstspruit Fritillaria acmopetala Fritillaria acmopetala ssp wendelboi Fritillaria affinis Fritillaria alburyana Fritillaria atropurpurea Fritillaria aurea Fritillaria bithynica Fritillaria camschatcensis Fritillaria carica Fritillaria crassifolia ssp kurdica Fritillaria graeca Fritillaria hermonis ssp amana Fritillaria imperialis Fritillaria meleagris Fritillaria meleagris Alba Fritillaria meleagris vars mixed Fritillaria michailovskyi Fritillaria montana Fritillaria mutabilis Fritillaria pallidiflora Fritillaria persica Adiyaman Fritillaria pinardii Fritillaria pontica Fritillaria pudica Fritillaria pyrenaica Fritillaria raddeana Fritillaria ruthenica Fritillaria sewerzowii Fritillaria sewerzowii forms mixed Fritillaria spetsiotica Fritillaria spp & vars mixed Fritillaria tubiformis Fritillaria verticillata Fritillaria verticillata Kara-Sumbe Fritillaria whittallii Froelichia floridana Fuchsia Fete Floral Fuchsia campos-portoi Fuchsia excorticata Fuchsia f Foxtrot Mixture formula Fuchsia hybrid mixture Fuchsia magellanica Fuchsia procumbens Fumana procumbens Fumaria bastardii Fumaria capreolata Fumaria densiflora Fumaria officinalis Fumaria parviflora Fumaria sp unident Furcraea foetida b Furcraea guatemalensis Furcraea quicheensis Furcraea quichensis Gagea fibrosa Gahnia aspera Gahnia clarkei Gahnia decomposita Gahnia filum Gahnia grandis Gahnia melanocarpa Gahnia radula Gahnia rigida Gahnia sieberana Gahnia trifida Gahnia xanthocarpa Gaillardia Amber Wheels Gaillardia Arizona Sun Gaillardia Aurea Pura cs Gaillardia Bijou cs Gaillardia Bremen Gaillardia Burgundy Gaillardia Dazzler Gaillardia Dwarf Goblin Bicolor Gaillardia Fackelschein / Torchlight Gaillardia Kobold Gaillardia New Hybrids mix Gaillardia Primavera Gaillardia Sundance Bicolour Gaillardia Tokajer Gaillardia aristata Gaillardia aristata yellow form Gaillardia grandiflora x orange Gaillardia pulchella Gaillardia pulchella Lollipop Bicolor Gaillardia pulchella Lollipop Gold Gaillardia pulchella Lollipop Lorenziana Mix Gaillardia pulchella Lollipop Red Gaillardia pulchella Lorenziana doubles mix Gaillardia pulchella Picta mix Gaillardia pulchella Red Plume dwarf Gaillardia pulchella Sundance Bicolor red/yellow Gaillardia pulchella Sundance Cream Gaillardia pulchella Sundance Red dwarf Gaillardia pulchella Sundance Yellow Gaillardia pulchella Yellow Plume dwarf Gaillardia sp unident Galactites tomentosa Galactites tomentosa Alba Galanthus elwesii Galanthus gracilis Galanthus nivalis Galanthus plicatus Galanthus woronowii Galaxia barnardii Galaxia citrina Galaxia fugacissima Galaxia stagnalis Galaxia versicolor Galega officinalis Galega officinalis Alba Galeopsis segetum Galeopsis speciosa Galeopsis tetrahit Galium angustifolium Galium aparine germinates autumn Galium aparine germ spring Galium boreale Galium hypocarpum Galium lucidum Galium mollugo Galium odoratum Galium saxatile Galium spurium Galium sylvaticum Galium tricornutum Galium uliginosum Galium verum Galium wirtgenii Galphimia glauca Galphimia gracilis Galpinia transvaalica Galtonia candicans Galtonia princeps Galtonia regalis Galtonia viridiflora Game Bird field feed & cover mix Game Brood Rearing Mix seed feed and brood cover Garcinia gerrardii Garcinia intermedia Garcinia prainiana Garcinia xanthochymus Gardenia augusta Gardenia carinata Gardenia cornuta Gardenia resiniflua Gardenia thunbergia Gardenia volkensii ssp spathulifolia Gardenia volkensii ssp volkensii Garrya flavescens Garrya fremontii Garrya wrightii Garuga pinnata Garuleum pinnatifidum Gasteria acinacifolia Gasteria armstrongii Gasteria armstrongii Humansdorp Gasteria batesiana Gasteria baylissiana Gasteria baylissiana light grey rough lvs Gasteria bicolor Gasteria bicolor Coega nr Port Elizabeth Gasteria bicolor ssp bicolor Gasteria bicolor ssp liliputana Gasteria bicolor ssp liliputana Plutos Vale Gasteria brachyphylla Gasteria brachyphylla ssp brachyphylla Gasteria carinata Gasteria carinata v verrucosa Gasteria croucheri Gasteria disticha Gasteria ellaphiae Gasteria excelsa Gasteria glomerata Gasteria huttoniae Gasteria pulchra Gasteria pulchra long curved lvs Gasteria pulchra Keurkloof Gasteria spp mix Gasteria vlokii Gastrolobium bilobum Gastrolobium calycinum Gastrolobium capitatum Gastrolobium coriaceum Gastrolobium crassifolium Gastrolobium forrestii Gastrolobium laytonii Gastrolobium nervosum Gastrolobium parviflorum Gastrolobium parvifolium Gastrolobium racemosum Gastrolobium reticulatum Gastrolobium retusum Gastrolobium spathulatum Gastrolobium spinosum Gastrolobium spinosum v spinosum f inerme Gastrolobium stenophyllum Gastrolobium tetragonophyllum Gastrolobium villosum Gaultheria antipoda Gaultheria antipoda red Gaultheria caespitosa Gaultheria depressa white Gaultheria hispida Gaultheria hispida prov Tas Gaultheria hispidula Gaultheria miqueliana Gaultheria myrsinoides Gaultheria phillyreifolia Gaultheria procumbens Gaultheria procumbens Very Berry Gaultheria pumila pink Gaultheria pumila white Gaultheria shallon Gaura biennis Gaura lindheimeri The Bride Gaura longiflora Gaura parviflora Gaussia maya Gazania Mini-star Mixed Gazania Mini-star Tangerine Gazania Mini-star White Gazania Mini-star Yellow Gazania Orange Peacock rs Gazania heterochaeta Gazania hybrida Sunshine Mixture rs Gazania hybrida Sunshine Mixture bs Gazania krebsiana Gazania krebsiana orange form Gazania liechtensteinii Gazania maritima Gazania othonnites aff Gazania rigens Gazania rigens Kiss Flame Mixed striped Gazania rigens Shorty Mixed cs Gazania rigens Sunshine Hybrids Mix cs Gazania rigens Talent Mixed Gazania rigens Talent Orange Gazania rigens Talent Red Shades Gazania rigens Talent Rose Shades Gazania rigens Talent White Gazania rigens Talent Yellow Gazania rigens f Daybreak Bright Orange Gazania rigens f Daybreak Bronze Gazania rigens f Daybreak Garden Sun Golden Gazania rigens f Daybreak Mixed Gazania rigens f Daybreak Orange Cream Gazania rigens f Daybreak Pink Shades Gazania rigens f Daybreak Red Stripe Gazania rigens f Daybreak White Gazania rigens f Daybreak Yellow Gazania rigens f Kiss Bronze Gazania rigens f Kiss Bronze Star Gazania rigens f Kiss Frosty Mixed Gazania rigens f Kiss Golden Gazania rigens f Kiss Golden Flame Gazania rigens f Kiss Mahogany Gazania rigens f Kiss Mixed Gazania rigens f Kiss Orange Gazania rigens f Kiss Rose Gazania rigens f Kiss White Gazania rigens f Kiss Yellow Gazania rigens f Kiss Yellow Flame Gazania rigens f Kontiki Mix Gazania rigens f Kontiki Orange Gazania rigens f Kontiki Stars & Stripes Gazania rigens f Kontiki White Gazania rigens f Kontiki Yellow Geijera linearifolia Geijera parviflora Geissorhiza aspera Geissorhiza bracteata Geissorhiza corrugata Geissorhiza darlingensis Geissorhiza heterostyla Geissorhiza imbricata ssp imbricata Geissorhiza inaequalis Geissorhiza inflexa Geissorhiza inflexa red & white form Geissorhiza inflexa white Geissorhiza leipoldtii Geissorhiza mathewsii Geissorhiza monanthos Geissorhiza ornithogaloides Geissorhiza ovata Geissorhiza radians Geissorhiza splendidissima Geissorhiza tenella Geissorhiza tulbaghensis Gelasine elongata Gelsemium sempervirens Geniostoma ligustrifolium Genipa americana Genista aetnensis Genista anglica Genista canariensis Genista carinalis Genista cinerea Genista germanica Genista hispanica Genista hispanica ssp occidentalis Genista maderensis Genista radiata Genista sagittalis Genista scorpius Genista spachiana x Genista tinctoria Genista tinctoria Humifusa Genista umbellata Genista valentina Gentiana Uchiyamai Gentiana acaulis Gentiana acaulis compact form Gentiana affinis Gentiana alba Gentiana algida Gentiana alpina Gentiana andrewsii Gentiana angulosa Gentiana angustifolia Gentiana angustifolia hybrid Gentiana asclepiadea Gentiana asclepiadea Alba Gentiana asclepiadea Dark Blue Form Gentiana asclepiadea Knightshayes / Whitethroat Gentiana asclepiadea Nana Gentiana asclepiadea Pink Cascade Gentiana asclepiadea Pink Swallow / Cascade Gentiana asclepiadea Rosea Gentiana bavarica Gentiana boissieri Gentiana brachyphylla Gentiana campestris Gentiana clusii v clusii Gentiana clusii v violacea Gentiana crassicaulis Gentiana cruciata Gentiana cruciata v cruciata Gentiana dahurica Gentiana dinarica Gentiana divisa Gentiana fischeri Gentiana freyniana Gentiana germanica Gentiana gracilipes Gentiana gracilis Gentiana kolakowskyi Gentiana kurroo Gentiana linearis Gentiana lutea Gentiana macrophylla Gentiana macrophylla v fetissowii Gentiana makinoi Gentiana makinoi Royal Blue Gentiana moorcroftiana Gentiana nivalis Gentiana occidentalis Gentiana occidentalis Alba Gentiana paradoxa Gentiana paradoxa Blue Herald Gentiana parryi Gentiana pneumonanthe Gentiana puberulenta Gentiana punctata Gentiana purpurea Gentiana purpurea v nana Gentiana robusta Gentiana saxosa Gentiana sceptrum Gentiana septemfida Gentiana septemfida v lagodechiana Gentiana septemfida v lagodechiana select Gentiana septemfida x paradoxa Gentiana sino-ornata Gentiana sino-ornata Alba Gentiana sp unident Gentiana spp mix Gentiana straminea Gentiana suendermannii Gentiana syringea Gentiana terglouensis Gentiana tibetica Gentiana triflora Gentiana triflora Alba Gentiana triflora Royal Blue Gentiana triflora montane form Gentiana triflora v japonica Gentiana triflora v japonica Alba Gentiana verna Gentiana verna ssp balcanica Gentiana verna ssp pontica Gentiana verna ssp tergestina Gentiana verna v angulosa Gentiana vernicosa Gentiana wutaiensis Gentianella austriaca Gentianella bohemica Gentianella diemensis Gentianella moorcroftiana Gentianella quinquefolia Gentianopsis crinita Gentianopsis detonsa v elegans Gentianopsis sp unident Geoffroea decorticans db Geohintonia mexicana Geonoma interrupta Geraea canescens Geraea viscida Geranium Blue Cloud Geranium Country Garden Mixture Geranium Nimbus Geranium Pastel Clouds Geranium Pink Ghost Geranium Pink Lace Geranium Pink Splash Geranium Red Propellers Geranium Silver Shadow Geranium Splish Splash mauve on white Geranium Summer Cloud Geranium albanum Geranium aristatum Geranium asphodeloides Geranium bohemicum Geranium bohemicum Orchid Blue Geranium caffrum Geranium canariense Geranium clarkei Kashmir Purple Geranium dissectum Geranium drakensbergensis Geranium endressii hybs Geranium erianthum Geranium f Avanti formula Geranium f Breakaway Red Geranium f Bulls Eye Cherry Geranium f Bulls Eye Light Pink Geranium f Bulls Eye Mixed Geranium f Bulls Eye Salmon Geranium f Bulls Eye Scarlet Geranium f Elite Mixed formula Geranium f Horizon Appleblossom Geranium f Horizon Coral Spice Geranium f Horizon Deep Rose Geranium f Horizon Deep Salmon Geranium f Horizon Deep Scarlet Geranium f Horizon Lavender Geranium f Horizon Light Salmon Geranium f Horizon Lilac Rose Geranium f Horizon Mixed Geranium f Horizon Orange Geranium f Horizon Orange Ice Geranium f Horizon Picotee Cherry Geranium f Horizon Picotee Mixed Geranium f Horizon Picotee Red Geranium f Horizon Picotee Rose Geranium f Horizon Picotee Salmon Geranium f Horizon Picotee Violet Geranium f Horizon Red Geranium f Horizon Red Ice Geranium f Horizon Rosy Glow Geranium f Horizon Scarlet Geranium f Horizon Star Geranium f Horizon Violet Geranium f Horizon White Geranium f Infinity Scarlet Geranium f Maverick Appleblossom Geranium f Maverick Coral Geranium f Maverick Glow cherry red Geranium f Maverick Lavender Geranium f Maverick Light Salmon Geranium f Maverick Mixed Geranium f Maverick Orange Geranium f Maverick Orchid Geranium f Maverick Pink Geranium f Maverick Quicksilver pale pink bico Geranium f Maverick Red Geranium f Maverick Salmon Geranium f Maverick Scarlet Geranium f Maverick Scarlet Eye Geranium f Maverick Star pink-rose eye Geranium f Maverick Violet Geranium f Maverick White Geranium f Moulin Rouge Geranium f Multibloom Bright Rose Geranium f Multibloom Capri coral rose Geranium f Multibloom Lavender Geranium f Multibloom Light Salmon Geranium f Multibloom Mixed Geranium f Multibloom Orchid Geranium f Multibloom Pink Geranium f Multibloom Red Geranium f Multibloom Salmon Geranium f Multibloom Scarlet Geranium f Multibloom Scarlet Eye Geranium f Multibloom White Geranium f Orange Appeal Geranium f Picotee Mixed series of Geranium f Pulsar Bi-colour Red & White Geranium f Pulsar Deep Rose Geranium f Pulsar Lavender Geranium f Pulsar Mixed Geranium f Pulsar Red Geranium f Pulsar Salmon Geranium f Pulsar Scarlet Geranium f Pulsar Violet Geranium f Pulsar White Geranium f Ripple Blueberry darker fleck Geranium f Ripple Mixed Geranium f Ripple Raspberry Geranium f Ripple Strawberry Geranium f Sensation Mixed Geranium f Video Mixed early dwarf Geranium f Cabaret Mixed Geranium f Capri Mixed Geranium f Fleurz Blush ivy trailer Geranium f Fleurz Lavender ivy trailer Geranium f Fleurz Pink ivy trailer Geranium f Fleurz Red ivy trailer Geranium f Lucky Charm Mixed / Lucky Break Geranium f Lustre Bi-colour red white edge Geranium f Lustre Mixed formula Geranium f Lustre Pink Geranium f Lustre Rose Geranium f Lustre Salmon Geranium f Lustre Scarlet Geranium f Lustre White Geranium f Paintbox Mixed Geranium f Summer Showers Burgundy ivy cascade Geranium f Summer Showers Fuchsia Geranium f Summer Showers Mixed ivy cascade Geranium f Summer Showers Pink ivy cascade Geranium f Summer Showers Rose ivy leaf Geranium f Summer Showers White Blush ivy casc Geranium f Summertime Lilac fast trailer Geranium f Tornado Carmine Carmix ivy trailer Geranium f Tornado Formula Mix ivy trailer Geranium f Tornado Lilac Cadix ivy trailer Geranium f Tornado Orchid Phoenix trailer Geranium f Tornado Red Pepix ivy trailer Geranium f Tornado Rose Improved ivy trailer Geranium f Tornado White Felix ivy trailer Geranium gracile Geranium harveyi Geranium himalayense Irish Blue Geranium ibericum Geranium incanum Geranium incanum x Silver Cloak Geranium kishtvariense Geranium koreanum Geranium macrorrhizum Geranium macrorrhizum Album Geranium macrorrhizum Bevans Variety magenta Geranium macrorrhizum Czakor Geranium macrorrhizum Ingwersens Variety Geranium macrorrhizum Snow Sprite Geranium macrorrhizum White Ness Geranium maculatum Geranium maderense Geranium maderense Guernsey White Geranium molle Geranium nepalense v thunbergii Geranium nodosum Geranium ocellatum Geranium ornithopodon Geranium palmatum Geranium palustre Geranium phaeum Geranium phaeum Lily Lovell Geranium phaeum Samobor Geranium phaeum Variegatum Geranium platyanthum Geranium platypetalum Geranium pratense Geranium pratense Albiflorum / Snowflakes Geranium pratense Dark Reiter Geranium pratense Mrs Kendall Clarke Geranium pratense Pastel Palette mix Geranium pratense Pink Ghost Geranium pratense Purple Haze Geranium pratense Rose Queen Geranium pratense Striatum / Splish-Splash Geranium pratense Victor Reiter junior strain Geranium pratense mixed colours Geranium psilostemon Geranium psilostemon Fluorescent Geranium pulchrum Geranium pusillum Geranium pyrenaicum Geranium pyrenaicum Album Geranium pyrenaicum Bill Wallis Geranium pyrenaicum Summer Skies Geranium pyrenaicum Summer Snow Geranium robertianum Geranium robertianum Celtic White dwarf Geranium robustum Geranium robustum Lundeans Nek & Rhodes Geranium rubescens Geranium rubifolium Geranium ruprechtii Geranium sanguineum Geranium sanguineum Album Geranium sanguineum Nanum Geranium sanguineum Vision Light Pink Geranium sanguineum Vision Violet Geranium sanguineum v striatum Geranium schlechteri Geranium schlechteri aff Geranium sessiliflorum Nigricans Geranium shikokianum Geranium soboliferum Geranium solanderi Geranium sp ex AGS + Geranium spp & vars hardy mix Geranium spp & vars ornamental mix Geranium sylvaticum Geranium sylvaticum Rays Pink Geranium sylvaticum fa albiflorum Geranium thunbergii Geranium thunbergii Jesters Jacket variegated Geranium vars mix Geranium versicolor Geranium viscosissimum Geranium wakkerstroomianum Geranium wakkerstroomianum w Lydenburg Geranium wallichianum Buxtons Variety Geranium yoshinoi Gerbera ambigua Gerbera f Living Colours Dark Red Gerbera f Living Colours Gold Gerbera f Living Colours Mix dwarf Gerbera f Living Colours Orange Gerbera f Living Colours Purple Gerbera f Living Colours Red Gerbera f Living Colours Rose Gerbera f Living Colours White Gerbera f Living Colours Yellow Gerbera f Mini Color Double Mix Gerbera f Mini Color Formula Mix Gerbera f Mini Color Orange Shades Gerbera f Mini Color Purple Shades Gerbera f Mini Color Red Shades Gerbera f Mini Color Rose Improved Gerbera f Mini Color Spider Mix Gerbera f Mini Color Yellow Shades Gerbera f Mini Colour White & Cream Shades Gerbera f Revolution Golden Yellow Shades Gerbera f Revolution Pastel Orange dark centre Gerbera f Revolution Pastel Pink Shades dark c Gerbera f Revolution Pink Green Centre Gerbera f Revolution Red Shades dark centre Gerbera f Revolution Rose Shades Gerbera f Revolution Scarlet dark centre Gerbera f Revolution Terracotta Gerbera f Revolution Vanilla Gerbera f Revolution Yellow dark centre Gerbera f Revolution formula mix Gerbera jamesonii Gerbera jamesonii California Giants Mix Gerbera jamesonii hybrid mix Gerbera jamesonii mix Gerbera jamesonii orange & pinkish Gerbera piloselloides Gerbera tomentosa Gesneriad mix spp & hybrids Geum Blazing Sunset double Geum aleppicum Geum borisii x Geum calthifolium Geum canadense Geum capense Geum chiloense Lady Stratheden Geum chiloense Mrs Bradshaw Geum chiloense Red Dragon Geum coccineum Geum coccineum Borisii Geum coccineum Cooky Geum fauriei Geum glaciale Geum macrophyllum Geum montanum Geum parviflorum Geum pyrenaicum Geum reptans Geum rhodopeum Geum rivale Geum rivale Album Geum triflorum Geum triflorum v campanulatum Geum urbanum Gevuina avellana Gibbaeum album Gibbaeum album greyish white body Gibbaeum album Sandkraal Gibbaeum angulipes Gibbaeum angulipes Phisantefontein Gibbaeum austricolum Gibbaeum comptonii Gibbaeum cryptopodium Gibbaeum cryptopodium Hoek van die Berg Gibbaeum cryptopodium Hondewater Gibbaeum cryptopodium Bloutouring Gibbaeum dispar Gibbaeum esterhuyseniae Gibbaeum esterhuyseniae Stormsvlei Gibbaeum geminum Gibbaeum geminum Muiskraal Little Karoo Gibbaeum geminum Koeniekuil grey hirsute Gibbaeum gibbosum Gibbaeum gibbosum Doornrivier Gibbaeum gibbosum Bloutouring Gibbaeum haagei Gibbaeum heathii Gibbaeum heathii Keurfontein Gibbaeum heathii Ockertskraal Gibbaeum heathii Ockertskraal big form Gibbaeum heathii Witvlakte Gibbaeum heathii Kalkgat Gibbaeum heathii fa comptonii Gibbaeum johnstonii Gibbaeum nebrownii Gibbaeum nebrownii Kareevlaakte Gibbaeum pachypodium Gibbaeum petrense Gibbaeum pilosulum Gibbaeum pilosulum Hondewater Gibbaeum pubescens Gibbaeum pubescens Hondewater Gibbaeum pubescens Koeniekuil Gibbaeum pubescens Lemoenshoek Gibbaeum pubescens k Kareevlakte Gibbaeum pubescens ssp shandii Gibbaeum pubescens ssp shandii Kareevlakte Gibbaeum schwantesii Gibbaeum schwantesii SB Phisantefontein Gibbaeum spp mixed Gibbaeum velutinum Gibbaeum velutinum Brandrivier small form Gibbaeum velutinum white flowering Gibbaeum velutinum Barrydale Gibberelic acid - GA- Gilia achilleifolia Gilia achilleifolia white flg form Gilia capitata Gilia capitata ssp chamissonis Gilia leptantha Gilia leptantha ssp purpusii Gilia macombii Gilia nevinii Gilia tenuituba Gilia thurberi Gilia tricolor Gillenia stipulata Gillenia trifoliata Ginkgo biloba svs Gladiolus abbreviatus Gladiolus alatus v alatus Gladiolus arcuatus Gladiolus brevifolius v brevifolius Gladiolus candidus Gladiolus cardinalis Gladiolus carinatus aff Gladiolus carinatus ssp carinatus Gladiolus carmineus Gladiolus carneus Gladiolus communis Gladiolus communis ssp byzantinus Gladiolus crassifolius Gladiolus cunonius Gladiolus dalenii Gladiolus densiflorus Gladiolus ecklonii Gladiolus equitans Gladiolus ferrugineus Gladiolus floribundus ssp floribundus Gladiolus fourcadei Gladiolus geardii Gladiolus gracilis ssp gracilis Gladiolus grandiflorus Gladiolus gueinzii Gladiolus guthriei Gladiolus hirsutus Gladiolus huttonii Gladiolus hyalinus Gladiolus illyricus Gladiolus imbricatus Gladiolus inflatus Gladiolus leptosiphon Gladiolus liliaceus Gladiolus liliaceus aff Gladiolus longicaulis Gladiolus marlothii Gladiolus meliusculus Gladiolus miniatus Gladiolus nanus Gladiolus ochroleucus Gladiolus oppositiflorus ssp oppositiflorus Gladiolus oppositiflorus ssp salmoneus Gladiolus orchidiflorus Gladiolus palustris Gladiolus papilio Gladiolus pappei Gladiolus patersonii Gladiolus permeabilis Gladiolus priorii Gladiolus quadrangularis Gladiolus quadrangulus Gladiolus recurvus Gladiolus saccatus Gladiolus sericeo-villosus Gladiolus serpenticola Gladiolus sp unident m plant Gladiolus sp unident terete lf Gladiolus sp unident broad fan lvs Groblersdal Gladiolus sp unident fan of firm lvs to cm Gladiolus sp unident tall narrow lvs Gladiolus sp unident to m linear lvs Gladiolus sp unident cm narrow lvs Gladiolus splendens Gladiolus teretifolius Gladiolus trichonemifolius Gladiolus tristis Gladiolus tristis v aestivalis Gladiolus tristis v tristis Gladiolus undulatus Gladiolus uysiae Gladiolus venustus Gladiolus vinosomaculatus Gladiolus virescens Gladiolus virescens v virescens Gladiolus watermeyeri Gladiolus wilsonii Glandulicactus mathssoni Glandulicactus mathssoni San Luis de la Paz Glandulicactus mathssoni S Luis de la Paz Glandulicactus uncinatus Glandulicactus uncinatus Charco Blanco SLP Glandulicactus uncinatus Dr Arroyo NL Glandulicactus uncinatus Huizache SLP Glandulicactus uncinatus San Roberto NL Glandulicactus uncinatus n San Roberto NL Glandulicactus uncinatus Catorce SLP Glandulicactus uncinatus x wrightii Glandulicactus wrightii Glandulicactus wrightii Cuatrocienegas Glandulicactus wrightii Dona Ana Co Glandulicactus wrightii Dona Ana Co NM Glandulicactus wrightii El Paso Co Tx Glandulicactus wrightii La Zarca Durango Glandulicactus wrightii Marathon Tx Glandulicactus wrightii Nazas Durango Glandulicactus wrightii Nuevo Graseros Dur Glandulicactus wrightii Otero Co NM Glandulicactus wrightii Pecos Co Tx Glandulicactus wrightii Sitting Bull Falls NM Glandulicactus wrightii Tacubaya Coah Glandulicactus wrightii Ojinaja Chih Glandulicactus wrightii Crockett Co Tx Glaucidium palmatum Glaucidium palmatum Leucanthemum Glaucium corniculatum Glaucium flavum Glaucium flavum fa fulvum Glechoma hederacea Gleditsia caspica Gleditsia japonica Gleditsia sinensis Gleditsia triacanthos Gleditsia triacanthos v inermis Gleichenia dicarpa Gleichenia microphylla Gliricidia sepium Glischrocaryon aureum Globularia cordifolia Globularia cordifolia Nana Globularia incanescens Globularia meridionalis Globularia nudicaulis Globularia punctata Globularia repens Globularia repens Nana Globularia trichosantha Glochidion ferdinandi Gloriosa Orange Glory Gloriosa superba Gloriosa superba Carsonii Gloriosa superba Lutea Gloriosa superba Rothschildiana Gloriosa superba Simplex Glottiphyllum depressum Glottiphyllum depressum Klipdrif k Zebra Glottiphyllum difforme Glottiphyllum difforme k e Steytlerville Glottiphyllum fragrans aff k Laingsburg Glottiphyllum fragrans x Glottiphyllum grandiflorum Glottiphyllum herrei Glottiphyllum jacobsenianum Glottiphyllum linguiforme Glottiphyllum linguiforme Klein Doringrivier Glottiphyllum linguiforme Heimersrivier Glottiphyllum longum Glottiphyllum longum Swellendam Glottiphyllum longum aff k w Swellendam Glottiphyllum muirii Springfontein Glottiphyllum neilii Glottiphyllum neilii Zebras Siding Glottiphyllum neilii Swartrivier Glottiphyllum nelii Kruidfontein Glottiphyllum oligocarpum Glottiphyllum oligocarpum Sandpoort Glottiphyllum oligocarpum Springbokvlakte Glottiphyllum oligocarpum k e Steytlerville Glottiphyllum parvifolium Glottiphyllum parvifolium Brandrivier Glottiphyllum peersii Glottiphyllum peersii Willowmore Glottiphyllum pygmaeum Glottiphyllum pygmaeum tiny round purple lvs Glottiphyllum regium Glottiphyllum sp k n Oudtshoorn Glottiphyllum sp Addo Glottiphyllum sp Bushmans River Glottiphyllum sp Ouberg Pass Montagu Glottiphyllum sp Rooinek Pass Laingsburg Glottiphyllum sp SB Lemoenshoek Glottiphyllum sp Swartrivier Glottiphyllum sp Welbedacht Glottiphyllum spp mix Glottiphyllum suave aff k w Laingsburg Glottiphyllum suave n Plathuis Glottiphyllum uncinatum Glottiphylum sp unident Soetendalspoort Gloxinia hybrida Grandiflora mix Gloxinia perennis f Avanti formula mix Gloxinia perennis f Empress Mixed Glumicalyx flanaganii Glumicalyx goseloides Glumicalyx montanus Glumicalyx nutans Glyceria canadensis Glyceria grandis Glyceria maxima Glyceria striata Glycine canescens Glycine clandestina Glycine max Glycine max Fiskeby V Glycyrrhiza echinata Glycyrrhiza glabra Glycyrrhiza lepidota Glycyrrhiza uralensis pl Glyptostrobus pensilis Gmelina arborea Gmelina leichardtii Gnaphalium californicum Gnaphalium luteoalbum Gnidia capitata Gnidia kraussiana Gochnatia foliolosa Gomortega keule Gomphocarpus cancellatus Gomphocarpus fruticosus Gomphocarpus glaucophyllus Gomphocarpus physocarpus Gompholobium aristatum Gompholobium baxteri Gompholobium capitatum Gompholobium confertum Gompholobium foliolosum Gompholobium hendersonii Gompholobium knightianum Gompholobium latifolium Gompholobium marginatum Gompholobium ovatum Gompholobium polymorphum yellow flg form Gompholobium polymorphum red flg form Gompholobium preissii Gompholobium scabrum Gompholobium shuttleworthii Gompholobium tomentosum Gompholobium venustum Gompholobium virgatum Gomphostigma virgatum Gomphostigma virgatum White Candy Gomphrena affinis cs Gomphrena cunninghamii bs Gomphrena cunninghamii cs Gomphrena dispersa Pink Pinheads cs Gomphrena globosa & haageana QIS Formula Mix Gomphrena globosa Aurea-superba Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Buddy purple Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Cissy white Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Dolly lilac-rose cs Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Mixture cs Gomphrena globosa Lavender Lady Gomphrena globosa Pink Gomphrena globosa Purple Gomphrena globosa QIS Formula Mix Gomphrena globosa QIS Lilac Gomphrena globosa QIS Pink Gomphrena globosa QIS Purple Gomphrena globosa QIS Rose Gomphrena globosa QIS White Gomphrena globosa Rose Bicolour Gomphrena globosa Strawberry Fields cs Gomphrena globosa Tall Mixture Formula cs Gomphrena globosa Tall Mixture o rs Gomphrena globosa Tall Purple-violet rs Gomphrena globosa Tall Rose rs Gomphrena globosa Tall Salmon rs Gomphrena globosa Tall White rs Gomphrena haageana Orange Gomphrena haageana QIS Carmine Gomphrena haageana QIS Orange Gomphrena haageana QIS Red Goniolimon incanum Goniolimon incanum Sea Spray Goniolimon tataricum Woodcreek Goniolimon tataricum bs Goniolimon tataricum cs Goniolimon tataricum v angustifolium Gonioma kamassi Gonocarpus cordiger Gonocarpus haloratus Goodenia caerulea Goodenia havilandii Goodenia incana Goodenia ovata Goodenia pinnatifida Goodenia scaevolina Goodenia scapigera Goodenia stelligera Goodenia watsonii Goodia lotifolia v lotifolia Goodia lotifolia v pubescens Gordonia axillaris Gorteria diffusa Gossypium anomalum Gossypium australe Gossypium herbaceum Gossypium herbaceum ssp africanum Gossypium hirsutum v punctatum Hopi Short Staple Gossypium hirsutum v punctatum Sacaton Aboriginal Gossypium robinsonii Gossypium speciosum Gossypium sturtianum Gossypium thurberi Grahamia coahuilensis Graptopetalum bartramii Santa Cruz Co Az Graptopetalum bellum Grass mix - general ornamental Grass mix EcoGrass tolerant lawn grass Grass mix amenity fine turf spp Grass mix amenity hard wearing turf -spp Grass mix bowling golf & crocquet greens Grass mix cricket ends and tennis baseline Grass mix economy outfield sports & parks Grass mix fast sportsground/playing field Grass mix for shady hedges & woodland spp Grass mix for turf production fine Velvet Grass mix low maintenance country park/paddock Grass mix low mow banks & landscaping Grass mix shady lawns Grass mix winter sports fast renovation Grass-free Pollen & Nectar Sward Mix species Grasses - ornamental annuals mix (Europe) Grasses - ornamental perennials mix Gratiola officinalis Green Manure Winter mix Green Manure general purpose mix Green Manure Spring mix Greigia sphacelata Grevillea Sandra Gordon (seed from) Grevillea armigera Grevillea aurea Grevillea australis Grevillea baileyana Grevillea banksii Grevillea banksii Alba tall form Grevillea banksii Alba shrub form Grevillea bipinnatifida Grevillea candelabroides Grevillea crithmifolia Grevillea decurrens Grevillea didymobotrya Grevillea diversifolia ssp subtersericata Grevillea endlicherana Grevillea eriostachya Grevillea excelsior Grevillea floribunda Grevillea glauca Grevillea goodii ssp decora Grevillea goodii ssp goodii Grevillea johnsonii Grevillea juncifolia Grevillea leucopteris Grevillea longistyla Grevillea manglesii ssp manglesii Grevillea mimosoides Grevillea monticola Grevillea newbeyi Grevillea nudiflora Grevillea paniculata Grevillea petrophilioides ssp magnifica Grevillea plurijuga ssp superba Grevillea polybotrya Grevillea preissii Grevillea pteridifolia Grevillea pterosperma prov WA Grevillea pterosperma prov SA Grevillea pulchella Grevillea pyramidalis Grevillea refracta Grevillea robusta svs Grevillea spp mix Grevillea stenobotrya Grevillea striata Grevillea teretifolia Grevillea tetragonoloba Grevillea triloba Grevillea whiteana Coochin Hills Grevillea wickhamii Grevillea wickhamii ssp aprica Grevillea wilsonii Grewia asiatica Grewia bicolor Grewia biloba Grewia breviflora Grewia caffra Grewia flava Grewia flavescens v flavescens Grewia hexamita Grewia hispida Grewia lasiocarpa Grewia microthyrsa Grewia monticola Grewia occidentalis Grewia olukondae Grewia oppositifolia Grewia optiva Grewia pondoensis Grewia robusta Grewia tenax Grewia villosa Greyia radlkoferi Greyia sutherlandii Grielum grandiflorum Grielum humifusum Grindelia camporum Grindelia camporum v bracteosum Grindelia integrifolia Grindelia robusta Grindelia squarrosa Grindelia stricta ssp platyphylla Griselinia littoralis Guaiacum officinale Guazuma ulmifolia Guibourtia coleosperma Guichenotia ledifolia Guichenotia macrantha Guichenotia macrantha Alba Guillenia flavescens Guillenia lemmonii Guindilia trinervis Guizotia abyssinica Gunnera cordifolia Gunnera manicata Gunnera perpensa Gunnera prorepens Gunnera tinctoria Guzmania melionis Gymnocactus beguinii Chapultapec Coah cit Gymnocactus beguinii cit Gymnocactus beguinii Cerro Potosi NL cit Gymnocactus beguinii v hintoniorum Gymnocactus beguinii v senilis cit Gymnocactus booleanus Mt Galeana Gymnocactus horripilus many br purple fls cit Gymnocactus horripilus cit Gymnocactus knuthianus Gymnocactus knuthianus Cerritos Gymnocactus knuthianus Villar SLP Gymnocactus knuthianus b Gymnocactus mandragora Gymnocactus mandragora v zaragossensis cit Gymnocactus mathsonii cit Gymnocactus saueri Gymnocactus saueri Miquihana Tam Gymnocactus saueri v nelissae Bustamente Gymnocactus saueri v preenii Gymnocactus saueri v septentrionalis Gymnocactus sp Cowper cit Gymnocactus spp mix cit Gymnocactus subterraneus Gymnocactus subterraneus P Escondido Gymnocactus subterraneus v zaragosae cit Gymnocactus subterraneus v zaragosae Zaragoza cit Gymnocactus viereckii cit Gymnocactus viereckii Jaumave cit Gymnocactus viereckii Sierra Salamanca cit Gymnocactus ysabelae Gymnocactus ysabelae Tula cit Gymnocalycium achirasense Gymnocalycium achirasense v chacrasense Gymnocalycium achirasense v kainradliae Piedra Bl Gymnocalycium achirasense v kainradliae El Trap Gymnocalycium achirasense v villamercadense Gymnocalycium achirasense v villamercedense STO Gymnocalycium acorrugatum San Augustin Gymnocalycium acorrugatum Chucuma San Juan Gymnocalycium albiareolatum Gymnocalycium albiareolatum v castaneum Gymnocalycium altagraciense Gymnocalycium altagraciense Villa de Maria Gymnocalycium amerhauseri Tres Cascades Gymnocalycium andreae Gymnocalycium andreae P Gymnocalycium andreae f doppianum Gymnocalycium anisitsii Gymnocalycium anisitsii 'damsii' P Risso-P Casado Gymnocalycium anisitsii 'damsii' v centrispinum Gymnocalycium anisitsii 'damsii' v evae Gymnocalycium anisitsii 'damsii' v evae STO- Gymnocalycium anisitsii 'damsii' v rotundulum Gymnocalycium anisitsii 'damsii' v rotundulum L Gymnocalycium anisitsii 'damsii' v torulosum S J Gymnocalycium anisitsii 'damsii' v tucavocense Gymnocalycium anisitsii 'damsii' v tucavocense L Gymnocalycium anisitsii STO Gymnocalycium anisitsii aff Las Bolas n Chaco B Gymnocalycium anisitsii v volkeri Los Chuvirus Gymnocalycium baldianum Gymnocalycium baldianum Sierra Ancasti Gymnocalycium baldianum v albiflorum Gymnocalycium bayrianum Gymnocalycium bayrianum Sierra Medina Gymnocalycium berchtianum Formento Grande Gymnocalycium berchtianum Chanares Gymnocalycium bicolor Cordoba Gymnocalycium borthii Gymnocalycium borthii Nogales Gymnocalycium borthii Alto Pencosa SL Gymnocalycium borthii HU Gymnocalycium borthii v viridis Gymnocalycium bozsingianum Gymnocalycium bozsingianum Chepes Viejo Gymnocalycium brachyanthum v gertrudae Gymnocalycium brachypetalum Gymnocalycium bruchii Gymnocalycium bruchii BOS Gymnocalycium calochlorum Gymnocalycium capillaense Gymnocalycium capillaense Capilla del Monte Gymnocalycium cardenasianum Gymnocalycium cardenasianum Tupiza Bol Gymnocalycium cardenasianum Carrizal Bol Gymnocalycium carminanthum P Sa Ambato Gymnocalycium carminanthum Sierra Ambato Gymnocalycium carminanthum Los Angeles Catamarca Gymnocalycium castellanosi Sierra Malanzan Gymnocalycium castellanosi v rigidum Tama LR Gymnocalycium castellanosii Gymnocalycium castellanosii Sierra Malaza Gymnocalycium castellanosii v armillatum Ulapes Gymnocalycium castellanosii v armillatum S Ulapes Gymnocalycium castellanosii v bozsingianum Gymnocalycium catamarcense Catamarca Gymnocalycium catamarcense La Puntilla Bol Gymnocalycium catamarcense fa belenense Gymnocalycium catamarcense v schmidianum Gymnocalycium chiquitanum Gymnocalycium chiquitanum Santa Anna Gymnocalycium chiquitanum San Jose Gymnocalycium comarapense Gymnocalycium curvispinum Gymnocalycium deeszianum Gymnocalycium denudatum Gymnocalycium denudatum Jan Suba Gymnocalycium doppianum Pampa de San Luis Gymnocalycium erinaceum Gymnocalycium erinaceum Sauce Punco Gymnocalycium eurypleurum Gymnocalycium eurypleurum Cerro Leon Gymnocalycium eytianum Eyti Bol Gymnocalycium eytianum Itatiqui Gymnocalycium eytianum Boyuibe Gymnocalycium ferrari Gymnocalycium ferrari Santa Theresita Gymnocalycium ferrari La Rioja Mazan Gymnocalycium fleischerianum Gymnocalycium fleischerianum Oyopoi Par Gymnocalycium fleischerianum Piribebuy Par Gymnocalycium fleischerianum Amambay Salto Gymnocalycium friedrichii Laguna n Charagua Gymnocalycium friedrichii v albiflorum Gymnocalycium friedrichii v moserianum Gymnocalycium friedrichii v piraretaense Gymnocalycium gaponii Villa Rafael Benegas Cor Gymnocalycium genseri Gymnocalycium gibbosum Gymnocalycium gibbosum Gordon Mambaches Gymnocalycium gibbosum Lihuel Calel La Pampa Gymnocalycium gibbosum Sra Grande Rio Negro Gymnocalycium gibbosum 'chubutense' Gymnocalycium gibbosum v brachypetalum Gymnocalycium gibbosum v fenellii Gymnocalycium gibbosum v ferox Gymnocalycium gibbosum v gerardii Gymnocalycium gibbosum v leucanthemum Gymnocalycium gibbosum v nigrum Gymnocalycium gibbosum v nobile Gymnocalycium gibbosum v nobile Sierra Ventana Gymnocalycium gibbosum v radovanii Gymnocalycium glaucum Gymnocalycium glaucum San Blas Gymnocalycium glaucum P TL Gymnocalycium guanchinense Gymnocalycium guanchinense Guanchin LR Gymnocalycium guanchinense Cuesta Miranda Gymnocalycium hamatum Gymnocalycium horridispinum Gymnocalycium horridispinum La Mudana Gymnocalycium horridispinum ssp achirasense Gymnocalycium horstii Gymnocalycium horstii v bueneckeri Gymnocalycium hossei Gymnocalycium hossei Chilecito LR Gymnocalycium hossei Chumbicha Mazan Gymnocalycium hossei Cuesta Miranda Gymnocalycium hossei P Sierra Mazan Gymnocalycium hossei STO Sierra Mazan Gymnocalycium hossei Sierra Ambato Cat Gymnocalycium hossei Carrizal Gymnocalycium hybopleurum Gymnocalycium hybopleurum Mina Capillitas Gymnocalycium hybopleurum L Gymnocalycium hybopleurum v ferocior Gymnocalycium hybopleurum v ferox Gymnocalycium intermedium Gymnocalycium intertextum Gymnocalycium intertextum San Pedro Cord Gymnocalycium kieslingii Gymnocalycium kieslingii v castaneum La Rioja Gymnocalycium kieslingii v castaneum Las Penas Gymnocalycium kieslingii v castaneum Anillaco Gymnocalycium kieslingii v ramosum Gymnocalycium kozelskyanum Gymnocalycium kozelskyanum San Roque Gymnocalycium leeanum Gymnocalycium leptanthum Gymnocalycium lukasikii Sra del Morro Gymnocalycium lumbrerasense Gymnocalycium marquezii Gymnocalycium marquezii Villa Montes Gymnocalycium mazanense Gymnocalycium mazanense Sra Ambato Gymnocalycium mazanense e Mazan La Rioja Gymnocalycium mazanense Poman Gymnocalycium mazanense v ferox Gymnocalycium mazanense v ferox dark spines Gymnocalycium mazanense v polycephalum Gymnocalycium mesopotamicum Corrientes Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Gymnocalycium mihanovichii nr Foitin Ravelo Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Nishiki Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v angusto-striatum Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v filadelfiense P Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v filadelfiense b Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v friedrichii Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v pirarettaense Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v stenogonum Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v stenogonum b Gymnocalycium millaresii Gymnocalycium monvillei Gymnocalycium monvillei Sierra Tulumba Cordoba Gymnocalycium monvillei Potreiro Funes San Luis Gymnocalycium monvillei v echinatum El Volcan SL Gymnocalycium monvillei v steineri Mina Paula Gymnocalycium moserianum Gymnocalycium moserianum nr Serrezuela Gymnocalycium moserianum Taninga Cordoba Gymnocalycium mostii Gymnocalycium mostii Sauce Puneo Cordoba Gymnocalycium mostii v genseri Ischilin Cord Gymnocalycium mostii v kurtzianum Gymnocalycium multiflorum Gymnocalycium neuhuberi Gymnocalycium neuhuberi Suyuque Nuevo Gymnocalycium neuhuberi Sra San Luis Gymnocalycium nidulans Gymnocalycium nidulans Guandacol Gymnocalycium nidulans La Pena Gymnocalycium nidulans Poman Gymnocalycium nigriareolatum Gymnocalycium nigriareolatum Portezuelo Catamarc Gymnocalycium nigriareolatum Cuesta de Portezuelo Gymnocalycium nigriareolatum v densispinum Gymnocalycium nigriariolatum v simoi Sra Graciana Gymnocalycium obductum Gymnocalycium obductum Salinas Grandes Gymnocalycium occultum Gymnocalycium occultum Miraflores Cat Gymnocalycium ochoterenae Gymnocalycium ochoterenae v cinereum Gymnocalycium ochoterenae v cinereum Pozo del M Gymnocalycium ochoterenae v herbsthoferianum Gymnocalycium ochoterenae v scoparium Lujan Gymnocalycium ochoterenae v tenuispinum Gymnocalycium oenanthemum Gymnocalycium paedophyllum Cerro Leon Gymnocalycium parvulum Gymnocalycium parvulum Loma Bola Cord Gymnocalycium parvulum v amoenum Las Palmas Cord Gymnocalycium pflanzii Gymnocalycium pflanzii Yacuiba Arg Gymnocalycium pflanzii n Palos Blancos Gymnocalycium pflanzii Millares Bol Gymnocalycium pflanzii v albipulpa Gymnocalycium pflanzii v lagunillasense Lagunilla Gymnocalycium pflanzii v tominense Tomina Bol Gymnocalycium piltziorum Anillaco Gymnocalycium piltziorum Pituil Gymnocalycium piltziorum Ramblones Gymnocalycium platygonum Gymnocalycium platygonum Ramblones Gymnocalycium platygonum La Rioja Gymnocalycium proliferum Gymnocalycium pseudomalacocarpus Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum Anillaca La Rioja Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum Catamarca Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum Andalgala Gymnocalycium quehlianum select single central Gymnocalycium quehlianum Tanti Sierra Cordoba Gymnocalycium quehlianum v bodenbenderianum Gymnocalycium quehlianum v kleinianum Gymnocalycium ragonesii Gymnocalycium ragonesii Salinas Grande Gymnocalycium riojense Gymnocalycium riojense Telaritos Gymnocalycium riojense v pipanacoense Gymnocalycium riojense v sanjuanense Valle Fertil Gymnocalycium ritterianum Gymnocalycium ritterianum Sra Famatima La Rioja Gymnocalycium sagliois Quebrada de las Conchas Gymnocalycium saglionis Gymnocalycium saglionis San Augustin de V F Gymnocalycium schatzlianum Gymnocalycium schatzlianum Sierra de la Ventana Gymnocalycium schickendantzii Gymnocalycium schickendantzii PI Gymnocalycium schickendantzii Paganzo La Rioja Gymnocalycium schickendantzii Patquia La Rioja Gymnocalycium schickendantzii Sierra del Velasco Gymnocalycium schickendantzii large white Gymnocalycium schickendantzii Chepes Viejo Rioja Gymnocalycium schickendantzii v delaetii Gymnocalycium schickendantzii v delaetii San Luis Gymnocalycium schickendantzii v delaetii Guachip Gymnocalycium schroederianum Gymnocalycium schroederianum Entre Rios Gymnocalycium schroederianum Pucheta Corrientes Gymnocalycium schuetzianum Cruz del Eje Arg Gymnocalycium sp nov P Gymnocalycium sp nov P San Luis Gymnocalycium sp unident Villa Mazan Catamarca Gymnocalycium sp unident Cuesta de Miranda Gymnocalycium spegazzinii Gymnocalycium spegazzinii Cafayete Salta Gymnocalycium spegazzinii Qbda del Toro Gymnocalycium spegazzinii Amaicha del Valle Tuc Gymnocalycium spegazzinii v major Cachipampa Gymnocalycium spp mix Gymnocalycium stellatum Gymnocalycium stellatum Paganzo Arg Gymnocalycium stellatum 'asterium' Gymnocalycium stellatum P Gymnocalycium stellatum v paucispinum Gymnocalycium stellatum v paucispinum Sra Brava Gymnocalycium stenopleurum Gymnocalycium striglianum Gymnocalycium striglianum Zanjitas Gymnocalycium striglianum Juan Gez Gymnocalycium striglianum v aeneum Gymnocalycium striglianum v herminae Cruz Negra Gymnocalycium stuckertii Gymnocalycium sutterianum Gymnocalycium taningaense Taninga Cordoba Gymnocalycium tilcarense Gymnocalycium tilcarense Tilcara Gymnocalycium tillianum Gymnocalycium tillianum Sierra Ambato Gymnocalycium tillianum WR red spines Gymnocalycium tillianum southern form Gymnocalycium tillianum Miraflores Catamarca Gymnocalycium triacanthum Gymnocalycium triacanthum Sierra Ancasti Gymnocalycium tudae Gymnocalycium uebelmannianum Famatima Gymnocalycium uruguayense Gymnocalycium uruguayense Rivera Cuchilla Negra Gymnocalycium uruguayense H Gymnocalycium uruguayense v roseiflorus Gymnocalycium vallegrande Gymnocalycium valnicekianum Gymnocalycium valnicekianum Capilla del Monte Gymnocalycium valnicekianum Cordoba Gymnocalycium valnicekianum Cruz del Eje Cordoba Gymnocalycium valnicekianum Cap del Monte Gymnocalycium valnicekianum v polycentralis Gymnocalycium vatteri Gymnocalycium vatteri Las Rabonas Cord Gymnocalycium vatteri Salsacate Arg Gymnocalycium weissianum Cuestada Mivambe LR Gymnocalycium weissianum v cinerascens Gymnocalycium zegarrae Gymnocalycium zegarrae KK Gymnocalycium zeggarae v saipinense Bol Gymnocalyium nidulans Udpinango La Rioja Gymnocarpium dryopteris Gymnocladus chinensis Gymnocladus dioicus Gymnophyton isatidicarpum Gymnosporia capitata Gymnosporia maranguensis Gymnosporia nemorosa Gymnosporia rubra Gymnosporia senegalensis Gymnosporia sp unident Gymnosporia tenuispina Gynocardia odorata Gynostemma pentaphyllum Gypsophila briquetiana Gypsophila cerastoides Gypsophila elegans Carminea Gypsophila elegans Covent Garden Gypsophila elegans Crimson (Kermesina) Gypsophila elegans Lady Lace Gypsophila elegans Mixed Red to White Gypsophila elegans Rosea Gypsophila elegans White Gypsophila elegans White Elephant Gypsophila elegans White Monarch Gypsophila fastigiata Silverstar Gypsophila muralis Gypsophila muralis Galaxy Gypsophila muralis Garden Bride cream-pink Gypsophila muralis Gypsy Deep Rose Gypsophila muralis Gypsy Pink Gypsophila muralis Pink Sugardot Gypsophila oldhamiana Gypsophila pacifica Gypsophila paniculata Gypsophila paniculata Flocon de Neige doubles Gypsophila petraea Gypsophila repens Alba Gypsophila repens Rosea Gypsophila silenoides Gyrocarpus americanus Gyrostemon racemiger Gyrostemon ramulosus Haageocereus aureispinus Haageocereus divaricatispinus Haageocereus unguispinus Haastia pulvinaris v minor Haastia sinclairii Habenaria clavata Habenaria nyikana aff Habranthus brachyandrus Habranthus citrinus v texensis Habranthus gracilifolius Habranthus hendersonii Habranthus martinezii Habranthus robustus Habranthus robustus x tubispathus v roseus Habranthus tubispathus Habranthus tubispathus v cupreus Habranthus verecunda Haemanthus albiflos Haemanthus humilis ssp hirsutus svs Haemanthus humilis ssp humilis Haemanthus montanus Haemanthus sanguineus Haemodorum laxum Haemodorum paniculatum Haemodorum simplex Haemodorum sparsiflorum Haemodorum spicatum Hagenia abyssinica Hakea actites Hakea aculeata Hakea acuminata Hakea adnata Hakea ambigua Hakea amplexicaulis Hakea anadenia Hakea arborescens Hakea archaeoides Hakea arida Hakea auriculata Hakea baxteri Hakea brachyptera Hakea brooksiana Hakea brownii Hakea bucculenta Hakea candolleana Hakea carinata Hakea ceratophylla Hakea cinerea Hakea circumalata Hakea clavata Hakea commutata Hakea conchifolia Hakea constablei Hakea coriacea Hakea corymbosa Hakea costata Hakea cristata Hakea cucullata Hakea cyclocarpa Hakea cycloptera Hakea cygna ssp cygna Hakea cygna ssp needlei Hakea dactyloides Hakea decurrens Hakea denticulata Hakea drupacea Hakea elliptica Hakea epiglottis Hakea epiglottis prov Tas Hakea erecta Hakea eriantha Hakea erinacea Hakea eyreana Hakea falcata Hakea ferruginea Hakea florida Hakea florulenta Hakea francisiana Hakea gibbosa Hakea gilbertii Hakea grammatophylla Hakea hookerana Hakea horrida Hakea incrassata Hakea lasianthoides Hakea laurina Hakea leucoptera Hakea linearis Hakea lissocarpha Hakea lissosperma Hakea lissosperma prov Tas Hakea macraeana Hakea macrocarpa Hakea marginata Hakea meisnerana Hakea microcarpa Hakea minyma Hakea multilineata Hakea neurophylla Hakea newbeyana Hakea nitida Hakea nodosa Hakea nodosa prov Tasmania Hakea obliqua ssp parviflora Hakea obtusa Hakea ochroptera Hakea oldfieldii Hakea oleifolia Hakea orthorrhyncha Hakea pachyphylla Hakea pandanicarpa ssp crassifolia Hakea pandanicarpa ssp pandanicarpa Hakea pendens Hakea petiolaris Hakea platysperma Hakea plurinervia Hakea polyanthema Hakea preissii Hakea pritzelii Hakea propinqua Hakea prostrata prostrate west coast form Hakea prostrata more upright inland form Hakea pycnoneura Hakea recurva Hakea repullulans Hakea rostrata Hakea rugosa Hakea ruscifolia Hakea salicifolia Hakea scoparia Hakea scoparia pink fl form Hakea sericea Hakea sericea pink fl form Hakea smilacifolia Hakea strumosa Hakea suberea Hakea sulcata Hakea teretifolia Hakea teretifolia prov Tas Hakea trifurcata Hakea ulicina Hakea undulata Hakea undulata aff Hakea varia Hakea verrucosa Hakea victoria Hakea vittata Halesia diptera Halesia monticola Halesia monticola Rosea Halesia tetraptera (H carolina) Halgania andromedifolia Halimium atriplicifolium Halimium halimifolium Halimodendron halodendron Halleria lucida Hallianthus gracilis Vrolyk Hallianthus planus Ottasport Hallianthus planus n Komaggas Hallianthus planus k w Spektakel Haloragis erecta Melton Bronze Haloragis erecta Wellington Bronze Haloragodendron glandulosum Halosarcia pergranulata bs Haloxylon ammodendron Haloxylon persicum Hamamelis japonica Hamamelis mollis Hamamelis vernalis Hamamelis virginiana Hamelia patens Haplocarpha scaposa Haplopappus integerrimus Haplopappus prunelloides v mustersii Haplopappus rehderii Haplophyllum suaveolens Haplophyton crooksii Hardenbergia comptoniana Hardenbergia comptoniana Alba Hardenbergia violacea Hardenbergia violacea Alba Hardenbergia violacea Rosea Hardenbergia violacea shrub form Hardwickia binata Hardwickia pinnata Hardy Perennial Rockery Gems mix -cm Hardy bulbs seed mix of smaller plants Hardy bulbs seed mix of taller plants Hardy perennial Cottage Garden mix -metres Hardy perennial Cottage Garden mix -cm Hardy perennial Rockery Dwarf mix -cm Harpagophytum procumbens ssp procumbens Harpagophytum procumbens ssp transvaalensis long Harpagophytum procumbens ssp transvaalensis mix x Harpagophytum procumbens ssp transvaalensis squat Harpagophytum zeyheri Harpagophytum zeyheri n Lephalele Limpopo R Harpephyllum caffrum Harpullia pendula Harrisia gracilis Harrisia guelichii Harrisia jusbertii Harrisia martinii Harrisia pomanensis Harrisia regelii (may be var of H martinii) Harrisia spp mix Harrisia tetracantha Harrisia tortuosa nat intermediate Harveya speciosa Hasseanthus nesioticus Hatiora graeseri x Haworthia angustifolia Haworthia arachnoidea JME Haworthia arachnoidea v xiphiophylla Haworthia asperula v mcmurtri blackish lvs Haworthia asperula v mcmurtryi short pointed lf Haworthia asperula v mcmurtryii giant retuse Haworthia asperula v mcmurtryii large retuse Haworthia asperula v mcmurtryii dwarf v retuse Haworthia attenuata Haworthia bayeri Uniondale Haworthia bayeri Dyselsdorp Haworthia bayeri DeRust Haworthia blackburniae v derustensis Haworthia bolusii Haworthia bolusii Mortimer Haworthia comptoniana Haworthia cooperi Haworthia cooperi v gordoniana Haworthia cymbiformis v obtusa Haworthia decipiens Haworthia decipiens Dam se Drif Haworthia dekenahii v magnifica Haworthia emelyae Haworthia emelyae Saffranrivier Haworthia emelyae Zebra Haworthia emelyae mixed Sandkraal & Witkliprug Haworthia emelyae nw of Herold Oudtshoom Haworthia emelyae Kamanassiedam Haworthia emelyae v major Haworthia emelyae v multifolia Sandkraal Haworthia emelyae v multifolia Springfontein Hek Haworthia emelyae v multifolia Muiskraal Haworthia granulata Haworthia habdomadis v inconfluens Haworthia hybrid Haworthia limifolia mixed forms Haworthia limifolia densely white striated Haworthia lockwoodii Haworthia lockwoodii broad lvd form Haworthia longiana Haworthia longiana se Patensie Haworthia magnifica v major Haworthia margaritifera Haworthia marginata Haworthia maughanii x truncata Haworthia mcmurtryi hills se of type locality Haworthia mcmurtryi hills sw of type locality Haworthia mucronata v inconfluens Haworthia mutica Haworthia nigra Western Tooberg Haworthia nigra n Skaapkraalpoort Haworthia nortieri v globosiflora Haworthia parksiana Haworthia parksiana mixed forms Haworthia pubescens mixed forms Haworthia pumila Haworthia pumila Stormsvlei Haworthia pygmaea v argenteo-maculosa Haworthia pygmaea v pygmaea Haworthia retusa Haworthia retusa Kweekkraal Haworthia retusa Skool-Riversdale Haworthia retusa v dekenahii Haworthia scabra Haworthia semiviva Haworthia serrata Haworthia sordida Haworthia tesselata Haworthia truncata Haworthia truncata f tenuis Haworthia venosa ssp granulata Haworthia venusta Haworthia woolleyi Haworthia xiphiophylla Hazardia cana Hebe Youngii Hebe albicans Hebe elliptica Hebe hulkeana Hebe parviflora Hebe parviflora v angustifolia Hebe pinguifolia Pagei Hebe raoulii v raoulii Hebe recurva Hebe salicifolia Hebe speciosa Hebe spp mix Hebe stricta v stricta Hebenstretia cooperi Hebenstretia dura Hebenstretia paarlensis Hebenstretia parviflora Hechtia argentea Victoria Gto Hechtia argentea Tlacotepec Pue Hechtia macdougalii Guiengola Oax Hechtia sp nov CM Hedeoma hyssopifolia Hedera helix Hedera helix bs Hedera hibernica Hedycarya arborea Hedychium coccineum b Hedychium coronarium Hedychium ellipticum Hedychium flavescens b Hedychium gardneranum b Hedychium gracile Hedychium stenopetalum Hedyotis crouchiana Hedysarum boutignyanum Hedysarum coronarium Hedysarum hedysaroides Hedysarum laeue Hedysarum scoparium Hedysarum tauricum Heimia salicifolia Helenium Double Trouble Helenium Moerheim Beauty Helenium amarum Goldfield Helenium amarum Sunny Boy Helenium autumnale Helenium autumnale Autumn Leaves Helenium autumnale Helena Gold Helenium autumnale Helena Mixed / New Hybrids Helenium autumnale Helena Red Shades Helenium autumnale Red & Gold Hybrids Helenium bigelovii bs Helenium flexuosum Helenium puberulum Helianthemum apenninum Helianthemum croceum Helianthemum hybridum Helianthemum nummularium Helianthemum nummularium Evergreen Helianthemum nummularium Mutabile mix Helianthemum nummularium New Hybrids Helianthemum nummularium ssp grandiflorum Helianthemum nummularium ssp obscurum Helianthemum oelandicum ssp alpestre Helianthemum oelandicum ssp oelandicum Helianthemum scoparium v aldersonii Helianthus angustifolius Helianthus annuus Helianthus annuus cutflower formula mix Helianthus annuus dwarf form Helianthus annuus named varieties mixed Helianthus annuus Apache Brown Striped Helianthus annuus Arikara Helianthus annuus Autumn Beauty mix Helianthus annuus Bambino dwarf Helianthus annuus Big Smile dwarf Helianthus annuus Bismarckianus Helianthus annuus Chocolat dwarf Helianthus annuus Crimson Queen Helianthus annuus Domino Helianthus annuus Dwarf Yellow Pygmy Helianthus annuus Dwarf Yellow Spray Helianthus annuus Earthwalker Helianthus annuus Ebony & Gold Helianthus annuus Evening Sun Helianthus annuus Fat Mama Helianthus annuus Floristan bicolor Helianthus annuus Giant Single Head Helianthus annuus Havasupai Striped Helianthus annuus Henry Wilde Helianthus annuus Holiday bush Helianthus annuus Hopi Black Dye Helianthus annuus Hopi Branched Helianthus annuus Ikarus Helianthus annuus Incredible dwarf Helianthus annuus Irish Eyes Helianthus annuus Junior dwarf pot Helianthus annuus Lemon Leopold Helianthus annuus Lemon Queen Helianthus annuus Moonshine Helianthus annuus Moonwalker Helianthus annuus Munchkin pollen-free pot Helianthus annuus Music Box Mix cream-mahogany Helianthus annuus Orange Sun double Helianthus annuus Pacino Cola Helianthus annuus Pacino Gold Helianthus annuus Pacino Lemon Helianthus annuus Pacino Mixed Helianthus annuus Pastel Babies pollen-free pot Helianthus annuus Pastiche mix Helianthus annuus Peredovik Helianthus annuus Pollenfree Mixture Helianthus annuus Prado Gold Helianthus annuus Prado Red Helianthus annuus Procut Orange Helianthus annuus Procut Yellow Helianthus annuus Red Sun Helianthus annuus Ring of Fire Helianthus annuus Ruby Eclipse Helianthus annuus Russian Mammoth organic Helianthus annuus Sonja Helianthus annuus Soraya Helianthus annuus Sparky Helianthus annuus Starbust Lemon Aura Helianthus annuus Sundown Helianthus annuus Sunflower sprouting seed org Helianthus annuus Sungold tall double Helianthus annuus Sungold Dwarf / Teddy B double Helianthus annuus Sunset Orange Helianthus annuus Sunshine Helianthus annuus Sunspot dwarf single large fl Helianthus annuus Sunspots Variegated Helianthus annuus Taiyo Helianthus annuus Tarahumara White Helianthus annuus The Sun Helianthus annuus Titan Helianthus annuus Topolino dwarf Helianthus annuus Twilight Zone Helianthus annuus US wild Helianthus annuus Valentine Helianthus annuus Velvet Queen Helianthus annuus f Claret pollenfree Helianthus annuus f Double Shine Helianthus annuus f Elite Sun pollenfree Helianthus annuus f Eversun Helianthus annuus f Full Sun Improved earlier Helianthus annuus f Little Dorrit pollenfree Helianthus annuus f Magic Roundabout mix Helianthus annuus f Mezzulah pollenfree Helianthus annuus f Moonbright pollenless Helianthus annuus f Orange-Mahogany Bicolour Helianthus annuus f Ruby pollenfree Helianthus annuus f Solar Eclipse Helianthus annuus f Solar Power pollenless Helianthus annuus f Solina Helianthus annuus f Solita pollen-free pot Helianthus annuus f Sunbeam ayr pollenless Helianthus annuus f Sunbright ayr pollenless Helianthus annuus f Sunrich Gold pollenless ayr Helianthus annuus f Sunrich Lemon Helianthus annuus f Sunrich Orange Helianthus annuus f Tiffany pollenless organic Helianthus annuus f Tiffany pollenless Helianthus annuus f Tosca Helianthus argophyllus Helianthus argophyllus Gold and Silver Helianthus de cucumerifolius Italian Green Heart Helianthus deb cucumerifolius Italian White Helianthus debilis Pan Helianthus debilis Stella Helianthus debilis Vanilla Ice Helianthus debilis mixture Helianthus debilis ssp cucumerifolius Helianthus divaricatus Helianthus giganteus Helianthus grosse-serratus Helianthus laetiflorus x Helianthus maximiliani Helianthus mollis Helianthus occidentalis Helianthus petiolaris Helianthus radula Helianthus strumosus b Helianthus tuberosus tubercles b Helianthus tuberosus Fuseau Rose tubercles Helichrysum Schwefellicht Helichrysum adenocarpum Helichrysum albirosulatum Helichrysum ambiguum Helichrysum anomalum Helichrysum appendiculatum Helichrysum arenarium Helichrysum argyrosphaerum Helichrysum aureum Helichrysum aureum ssp aureum Helichrysum aureum ssp scopulosum Helichrysum basalticum Helichrysum bracteatum Bright Bikinis Mixed dw Helichrysum bracteatum Chico Mixed dwarf Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Frosted Sulphur Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Golden Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Lemon Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Mix formula Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Mixture o Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Orange Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Pastels Mix Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Raspberry Rose Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Red Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Rose Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Salmon Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Silvery Rose Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Silvery White Helichrysum bracteatum Pink Ice Helichrysum bracteatum Swiss Giant Mix Helichrysum bracteatum Tom Thumb Mixture o Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum Ball Bronze Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum Bright Pink Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum Bright Rose Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum Copper-red Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum Frosted Sulphur Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum Golden Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum Lemon-yellow Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum Orange Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum Purple-red Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum Salmon-rose Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum Scarlet Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum Silvery Rose Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum White Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum mix o Helichrysum cerastioides Helichrysum chionophilum Helichrysum confertifolium aff Helichrysum cooperi Helichrysum crispum Helichrysum dasyanthum Helichrysum diosmifolium Helichrysum foetidum Helichrysum heldreichii Helichrysum intermedium Helichrysum italicum Helichrysum lingulatum aff Helichrysum macranthum Helichrysum marginatum Helichrysum microphyllum Silver Mist pellets Helichrysum odoratissimum Helichrysum petiolare Helichrysum petiolare Dargan Hill Monarch Helichrysum plicatum Helichrysum populifolium Helichrysum scorpioides Helichrysum setosum Helichrysum sp white fl brown bracts Helichrysum sp unident cm br yellow fl Helichrysum sp unident cm white/orange/red Helichrysum sp unident Louwsberg area KZN Helichrysum sp unident Steenkampsberg area Helichrysum stoechas Helichrysum subulifolium Golden Sun Helichrysum subulifolium Yellow Star Helichrysum thianschanicum Goldkind Heliconia aemygdiana ssp transandina Heliconia angusta Holiday Heliconia aurantiaca Heliconia bihai Halloween Heliconia champneiana Maya Gold Heliconia champneiana Splash Heliconia collinsiana Heliconia hirsuta v hirsuta Heliconia latispatha Heliconia longiflora Heliconia mariae Heliconia psittacorum Heliconia rostrata Heliconia schiedeana Heliconia sclerotricha Heliconia spissa Heliconia spp mix Heliconia vaginalis Heliconia velloziana Heliconia wagneriana Helicteres isora Helictotrichon pratense Helictotrichon pubescens Helinus integrifolius Heliocereus aurantiacus Heliocereus speciosus aff Heliohebe hulkeana Heliophila carnosa Heliophila coronopifolia blue Heliophila formosa Heliophila longifolia Atlantis Heliophila longifolia Blue Bird Heliophila rigidiuscula Heliophila scoparia Heliophila sp unident annual white fl Heliopsis helianthoides Heliopsis helianthoides Loraine Sunshine Heliopsis helianthoides New Hybrids Heliopsis helianthoides Summer Nights Heliopsis helianthoides Summer Sun Heliopsis helianthoides v scabra Heliopsis helianthoides variegated form Heliotropium arborescens Heliotropium arborescens Marine Heliotropium arborescens Mini-marine Heliotropium arborescens dwarf form Heliotropium curassavicum Heliotropium europaeum Heliotropium paniculatum Helleborus Best Pink Hybrids Helleborus Black Beauty select mix Helleborus Black Purple Slate Grey Hybrids Helleborus Mrs Betty Ranicar Helleborus Primrose & Yellow Hybrids Helleborus Purple hybrids Helleborus Sopron Helleborus Very Dark Purple Hybrids Helleborus Weyanoke mixed Helleborus argutifolius Helleborus argutifolius Pacific Frost variegated Helleborus argutifolius Silver Lace Helleborus atrorubens Helleborus croaticus Helleborus cyclophyllus Helleborus dumetorum Helleborus dumetorum ssp atrorubens Helleborus foetidus Helleborus foetidus Gold Bullion Helleborus foetidus Miss Jekylls Scented Helleborus foetidus Sopron Helleborus foetidus Wester Flisk Helleborus hybridus purple Helleborus hybridus white red spots Helleborus hybridus Ashwood Garden strain Helleborus hybridus Double Vision Helleborus hybridus General Mix Helleborus hybridus Helen Ballard Hybrids Mix Helleborus hybridus Lenten Rose Mixture Helleborus hybridus Red Hybrids Helleborus hybridus Select Mix Helleborus hybridus Spotted Mix Helleborus hybridus Ushba Helleborus hybridus pink dark spots Helleborus lividus Helleborus lividus Elegance Helleborus lividus hybrid Helleborus multifidus ssp bocconei Helleborus multifidus ssp hercegovinus Helleborus multifidus ssp istriacus Helleborus multifidus ssp multifidus Helleborus niger Helleborus niger Maximus Helleborus niger Praecox Hybrid Helleborus niger Sunrise Helleborus niger Sunset Helleborus niger ssp macranthus Helleborus odorus Helleborus orientalis Helleborus orientalis select colour mix Helleborus orientalis Hybrids Helleborus orientalis Ladies Double Mixed Helleborus orientalis Lady Blue (Schmiemann) Helleborus orientalis Lady Metallic Blue Helleborus orientalis Lady Red Helleborus orientalis Lady Spotted White Helleborus orientalis Lady White Helleborus orientalis Lady Yellow Helleborus orientalis White Hybrids Helleborus orientalis Winter Joy Bouquet Helleborus orientalis Winter Queen Mixture Helleborus orientalis ssp abchasicus Helleborus orientalis ssp guttatus Helleborus orientalis ssp orientalis Helleborus purpurascens Helleborus spp & vars mix Helleborus sternii x Helleborus sternii x Blackthorn Strain Helleborus vesicarius Helleborus viridis Helleborus viridis ssp occidentalis Heloniopsis orientalis Hemerocallis Miniature Hybrids Mix Hemerocallis New Hybrids Hemerocallis Stella dOro tetraploid group Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus Hemerocallis minor Hemerocallis mix full range Hemerocallis nana Hemerocallis small flowered mix Hemerocallis sp unident Hemerocallis spp unident Tetraploid Group Hemerocallis thunbergii Hemiandra linearis Hemiandra pungens Hemiandra pungens west coast form Hemigenia ramosissima fa rigida Hemigenia sericea Hemimeris sabulosa Hemionitis arifolia Hemiphragma heterophylla Hemiptelea davidii Hemizonia congesta ssp luzulifolia Hemizonia corymbosa Hemizygia petiolata Hemizygia pretoriae aff Hemizygia stalmansii Hepatica nobilis Hepatica nobilis mix Hepatica nobilis red form Heptacodium miconioides Heracleum lehmannianum Heracleum mantegazzianum Heracleum sosnowskyi Heracleum sphondylium Heracleum sphondylium ssp montanum Herbertia lahue Hereroa brevifolia Wolwekraal Hereroa calycina Hereroa fimbriata Hereroa glenensis Hereroa glenensis aff Rayona Tvl Hereroa incurva Hereroa incurva Langeberg Pardehoek Hereroa incurva aff Rooidam Hereroa loganii k Laingsburg Hereroa muirii Hereroa pallens Areb Hereroa pallens Achab Hereroa parvifolium Wolwevlei Hereroa puttkameriana GIESS Hereroa puttkameriana H Hereroa puttkameriana H Hereroa puttkameriana Aigub Brandberg Hereroa rehneltiana n Rooiberg Hereroa sp Konkyp Hereroa sp Middelburg CP Hereroa sp Weissendorn Namib Hereroa sp unident Klein Tafelberg Calvinia Hereroa sp unident Konkyp Hereroa sp unident Middelburg CP Hereroa sp unident Weissendoorn Nam Hereroa sp unident w Naip Hereroa sp unident k ne New Bethesda Hereroa stanfordiae k w Victoria W Hereroa tenuifolia Aneysburg Hereroa teretifolia Hereroa teretifolia k Hondewater Hereroa teretifolia k n Ceres Sutherland Hereroa uncipetala Hereroa wilmaniae Heritiera littoralis Hermannia althaeoides Hermannia amabilis Hermannia coccocarpa Hermannia conglomerata Hermannia flammea Hermannia pinnata Hermannia saccifera Hermannia sp unident Hermannia velutina Hermas villosa Hermbstaedtia fleckii Hermodactylus tuberosus Hernandia sonora Herniaria glabra Herrania spp mix of Herreanthus meyeri Umdaus Herreanthus meyeri H Umdaus Herreanthus meyeri ssp rex Little Hellskloof Herreanthus meyeri ssp rex Rooiberg Klipbok Hesperaloe funifera Hesperaloe parviflora Hesperaloe parviflora Rubra Hesperantha bachmannii Hesperantha baurii Hesperantha coccinea Hesperantha coccinea pink form Hesperantha cucullata Hesperantha falcata Hesperantha glareosa Hesperantha humilis Hesperantha luticola Hesperantha oligantha Hesperantha pauciflora Hesperantha scopulosa Hesperantha sp unident cm spikes pink fl Hesperantha vaginata Hesperantha woodii Hesperis matronalis Hesperis matronalis Purpurea Hesperis matronalis mix purple to white Hesperis matronalis v albiflora Hesperocallis undulata Hesperochiron pumilus Heterolepis aliena Heteromeles arbutifolia cs Heteromeles arbutifolia db Heteromorpha arborescens Heteromorpha pubescens Heteromorpha trifoliata Heteropappus altaicus Heteropappus meyendorffii Blue Knoll Heteropogon contortus Heteropyxis canescens Heteropyxis natalensis Heterospathe elata Heterotheca jonesii Heterotheca pumila (Chrysopsis ) Heterotheca villosa Heuchera Blood Vein Heuchera Crispy-curly Heuchera Emperors New Clothes / Cloak Heuchera Metallica mix Heuchera New Hybrids Heuchera americana Heuchera americana Dales Strain Heuchera brizoides x Bressingham Hybrids Heuchera brizoides x Firefly Heuchera cylindrica Heuchera cylindrica Greenfinch Heuchera grossulariifolia Heuchera micrantha Palace Purple Heuchera pulchella Heuchera richardsonii Heuchera sanguinea Firefly Heuchera sanguinea Ruby Bells Heuchera sanguinea Sioux Falls Heuchera sanguinea White Cloud Heuchera sanguinea wild form Heuchera spp & hyb mix Heuchera villosa Heuchera villosa Purpurea Heuchera villosa v macrorrhiza Hexaglottis longifolia Hibbertia acerosa Hibbertia acicularis Hibbertia commutata Hibbertia cuneiformis Hibbertia cunninghamii Hibbertia huegelii Hibbertia hypericoides Hibbertia inconspicua Hibbertia lasiopus Hibbertia obtusifolia Hibbertia ovata Hibbertia quadricolor Hibbertia scandens Hibbertia serrata Hibbertia vaginata Hibiscus Galaxy Mixture Hibiscus acetosella Hibiscus acetosella Red Shield Hibiscus aculeatus Hibiscus barbosae Hibiscus barnardii form A pinkish red Hibiscus barnardii form B red Hibiscus biseptus Hibiscus caesius Hibiscus calyphyllus Hibiscus cannabinus Hibiscus cannabinus Guatemalan form Hibiscus cisplatinus Rosa del Rio Hibiscus coccineus Hibiscus coulteri Hibiscus denudatus v involucellatus Hibiscus diversifolius Hibiscus engleri yellow & maroon Hibiscus engleri small deep yellow Hibiscus f Disco Belle Mixed Hibiscus f Southern Belle Mixed Hibiscus fragilis Hibiscus fuscus Hibiscus hamabo Hibiscus lasiocarpos Hibiscus meyeri Hibiscus militaris Hibiscus moscheutos Hibiscus moscheutos Flamenco Hibiscus moscheutos pink & rose Hibiscus moscheutos ssp palustris Hibiscus mutabilis bs Hibiscus panduriformis Hibiscus pedunculatus Hibiscus praeteritus Hibiscus pusillus Hibiscus radiatus Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Hibiscus sabdariffa Hibiscus sabdariffa Jamaican Cocktail Mix Hibiscus sp unident m shrub felty lvs Hibiscus sp unident Ugie district ne Cape Hibiscus spp mixed Hibiscus syriacus Hibiscus syriacus Bluebird Hibiscus syriacus Red Heart Hibiscus syriacus red Hibiscus syriacus v album Hibiscus tiliaceus Hibiscus trionum Hibiscus trionum Luyona Hibiscus trionum Simply Love Hibiscus vitifolius Hieracium albiflorum Hieracium alpinum Hieracium canadense Hieracium chondrillifolium x Hieracium floribundum x Hieracium intybaceum Hieracium lanatum Hieracium mixtum Hieracium murorum Hieracium pannosum Hieracium racemosum Hieracium schneidii x Hieracium spilophaeum Leopard / Chocolate Dip Hieracium umbellatum Hieracium villosum Hieracium zizianum x Hierochloe fraseri Hierochloe novae-zelandae Hierochloe odorata pl Hippeastrum hyb mix Hippeastrum hybrid Hippeastrum papilio Hippocratia delagoensis Hippocratia longipetiolata Hippocrepis comosa Hippolytia herderi Hippophae rhamnoides Hippophae salicifolia Hirpicium armerioides Hirschfeldia incana Histiopteris incisa Hoffmania sp Hoheria angustifolia Hoheria lyallii Hoheria populnea Hoheria sexstylosa Holarrhena pubescens Holboellia fargesii Holcus lanatus wild form Holcus lanatus commercial form Holmskioldia sanguinea Holmskioldia sanguinea Aurea Holodiscus discolor bs Holodiscus dumosus Holoptelea integrifolia Holothrix burchellii Holothrix parviflora Holubia saccata Holubia saccata n Lephalele Limpopo R Homalosciadium homalocarpum Homalospermum firmum Homeria britteniae Homeria pallida Homogyne alpina Homopholis proluta Honkenya peploides Hoodia gordonii Hoodia lugardii Hoodia parviflora Hoodia pilifera ssp annulata Hordelymus europaeus Hordeum distichon Faro Hordeum distichum Hordeum jubatum Hordeum murinum Hordeum secalinum Hordeum vulgare Barley Horminum pyrenaicum Horminum pyrenaicum Roseum Hosta Albomarginata Hosta Antioch Hosta Candy Hearts Hosta Ginko Craig Hosta Golden Edgar Hosta Golden Tiara Hosta Hydon Sunset Hosta New Hybrids Hosta Pearl Lace Hosta decorata Hosta gracillima Hosta hybrid unident Hosta kikutii Hosta longissima Hosta minor Hosta montana Hosta nakaiana Hosta nigrescens Hosta rectifolia Hosta rectifolia Nakai Hosta sieboldiana Hosta sieboldiana Albo-marginata Hosta sieboldiana Aurea Variegata Hosta sieboldiana Frances Williams Hosta sieboldiana v elegans Hosta sieboldii Hosta spp & hybs mix Hosta tokudama Hosta tokudama Love Pat Hosta ventricosa Hosta venusta Hovea acanthoclada Hovea acutifolia Hovea chorizemifolia Hovea corrickiae Hovea elliptica Hovea elliptica Alba Hovea lanceolata Hovea linearis Hovea longifolia Hovea montana Hovea pungens Hovea purpurea v rosmarinifolia Hovea trisperma Hovea trisperma v crispida Hovenia acerba Hovenia dulcis Howea belmoreana Howea forsterana Hoya obovata Hudsonia tomentosa Huernia hislopii Huernia keniensis Huernia loesneriana Huernia transvaalensis Hugueninia tanacetifolia Hugueninia tanacetifolia ssp suffruticosa Hulsea heterochroma Hummingbird flower mixture Humulus japonicus Humulus japonicus Variegatus Humulus lupulus Humulus lupulus Wye Challenger pl Humulus lupulus v americanus Hunnemannia fumariifolia Sunlite Hura crepitans Hyacinthella lineata Hyacinthella sp unident Hyacinthoides hispanica Hyacinthoides italica Hyacinthoides non-scripta Hyalosperma cotula Hyalosperma cotula yellow form Hyalosperma glutinosum Hyalosperma praecox Hyalosperma simplex Hybanthus calycinus Hybanthus floribundus Hybanthus floribundus ssp adpressus Hydrangea arborescens Hydrangea arborescens ssp radiata Hydrangea heteromalla Bretschneideri Hydrangea paniculata Hydrangea petiolaris Hydrangea quercifolia Hydrangea serratifolia Hydrastis canadensis Hydrocotyle asiatica Hydrophilus rattrayii Hydrophyllum appendiculatum Hydrophyllum virginianum Hylocereus undatus red fruited Hylocereus undatus white fruited form Hylomecon japonicum Hylotelephium anacampseros Hylotelephium pluricaule Hylotelephium spp & hyb mix Hylotelephium telephium Mohrchen seed from Hylotelephium telephium ssp maximum Hylotelephium telephium ssp ruprechtii Hymenaea courbaril Hymenanthera dentata Hymenanthera dentata v angustifolia Hymenogyne conica Hymenolepis parviflora Hymenosporum flavum Hymenoxys argentea Hymenoxys hoopesii rs Hymenoxys hoopesii bs Hyophorbe lagenicaulis Hyophorbe verschafeltii Hyoscyamus albus Hyoscyamus aureus Hyoscyamus muticus (L ) Hyoscyamus niger Hyperacanthus amoenus Hypericum androsaemum Hypericum androsaemum Albury Purple Hypericum ascyron Hypericum athoum Hypericum barbatum Hypericum buckleii Hypericum calycinum Hypericum cerastoides Hypericum cerastoides ssp meuselianum Hypericum coris Hypericum desetangsii x Hypericum empetrifolium Hypericum erectum Hypericum hirsutum Hypericum humifusum Hypericum hyssopifolium Hypericum inodorum x Hypericum kalmianum Hypericum kamtschaticum Hypericum kotschyanum Hypericum kouytchense Hypericum lalandii Hypericum maculatum Hypericum monogynum Hypericum montanum Hypericum oliganthum Hypericum olympicum Hypericum olympicum Citrinum Hypericum olympicum fa minus Hypericum olympicum fa uniflorum Hypericum patulum Hypericum perforatum pl Hypericum perforatum Elixier Hypericum perforatum Helos Hypericum perforatum New Stem Hypericum perforatum Taubertal Hypericum perforatum Taubertal organic Hypericum perforatum Topas Hypericum perforatum Topas organic Hypericum prolificum Hypericum pulchellum Hypericum pulchrum Hypericum punctatum Hypericum reptans Hypericum revolutum Hypericum rumeliacum Hypericum sp unident Hypericum tetrapterum Hypericum trichocaulon Hypericum virginicum Hypericum yakusimense Hypertelis salsoloides Hypocalymma angustifolium Hypocalymma ericifolium Hypocalymma robustum Hypocalymma strictum Hypocalyptus sophoroides Hypochaeris glabra Hypochaeris hookeri Hypochaeris maculata Hypochaeris radicata Hypochaeris uniflora Hypodiscus nessii Hypoestes aristata Hypoestes phyllostachya Confetti Mixed Hypoestes phyllostachya Confetti Red Hypoestes phyllostachya Confetti Rose Hypoestes phyllostachya Pink Splash Improved Hypoestes phyllostachya Red Splash Improved Hypoestes phyllostachya Rose Splash Improved Hypoestes phyllostachya White Splash Improved Hypolepis glandulifera Hypolepis rugosula Hypoxis argentea Hypoxis colchicifolia Hypoxis costata Hypoxis hemerocallidea Hypoxis iridifolia Hypoxis nitida Hypoxis obtusa Hypoxis rigidula Hyptis emoryi Hyptis suaveolens Hyssopus officinalis Hyssopus officinalis Albus Hyssopus officinalis Caeruleus Hyssopus officinalis Roseus pl Hyssopus officinalis Sprite Blue Hyssopus officinalis Sprite Mixed Hyssopus officinalis mix Hyssopus officinalis ssp aristatus Hysteronica baylahuen Hystrix patula Iberis Snowbird Iberis amara Iberis amara Empress Hyacinth Flowered White Iberis amara Iceberg Iberis amara Iceberg Improved Iberis aurosica Sweetheart Iberis bernardiana Iberis compacta Iberis crenata Iberis gibraltarica Iberis saxatilis Iberis sempervirens Iberis sempervirens Snow Cushion Iberis sempervirens Snowflake Iberis spathulata Iberis umbellata Iberis umbellata Appleblossom Iberis umbellata Candycane Lilac Iberis umbellata Candycane Mixed formula Iberis umbellata Candycane Purple Iberis umbellata Candycane Red Iberis umbellata Candycane Rose Iberis umbellata Candycane White Iberis umbellata Dwarf Fairy Mixed Iberis umbellata Flash Mixture Iberis umbellata Flash Purple Iberis umbellata Flash Red Iberis umbellata Flash White Iberis umbellata Iceberg giant hyacinth fld Iberis umbellata Lilacina Iberis umbellata Rose Cardinal Ibervillea sonorae San Carlos Bay Ibervillea sonorae v peninsularis Ibervillea tenuisecta Dona Ana Co NM Ibervillea tenuisecta Jarilla Mts Ibervillea tenuisecta Baln Lourdes Ibicella lutea Idesia polycarpa Ihlenfeldtia excavata Ilex ambigua Ilex aquifolium Ilex aquifolium dwarf hybrid mix Ilex cassine Ilex cornuta Ilex crenata Ilex decidua Ilex glabra cs Ilex mitis Ilex montana Ilex myrtifolia Ilex opaca Ilex paraguariensis Ilex pedunculosa Ilex purpurea Ilex rotunda Ilex serrata Ilex verticillata Ilex vomitoria Iliamna remota Iliamna rivularis Illicium anisatum Illicium floridanum Illicium henryi Illicium verum Impatiens Baby Dwarf Carmine Impatiens Baby Dwarf Mixed Impatiens Baby Dwarf Orange Impatiens Baby Dwarf Pink Impatiens Baby Dwarf Scarlet Impatiens Baby Dwarf White Impatiens Holstii Mixed Impatiens Red Wine Impatiens balsamina Impatiens balsamina Camellia Double Mix o Impatiens balsamina Camellia Formula Mixed Impatiens balsamina Camellia Scarlet Impatiens balsamina Camellia Violet Impatiens balsamina Camellia White Impatiens balsamina Tom Thumb Mix o Impatiens balsamina Tom Thumb Rose Impatiens balsamina Tom Thumb Salmon Impatiens balsamina Tom Thumb Scarlet Impatiens balsamina Tom Thumb Violet Impatiens balsamina Tom Thumb White Impatiens balsamina Top Flowering Bush Mix Impatiens balsamina Topknot Mixed doubles Impatiens balsamina Topknot Rose double Impatiens balsamina Topknot Scarlet double Impatiens balsamina Topknot Violet double Impatiens balsamina Topknot White double Impatiens capensis Impatiens f Accent Star Mixed Impatiens f Belizzy Colourballs double mix Impatiens f Candy Appleblossom Impatiens f Candy Carmine Impatiens f Candy Coral Impatiens f Candy Coral Bee Impatiens f Candy Deep Salmon Impatiens f Candy Lavender Impatiens f Candy Mixed Impatiens f Candy Neon Rose Impatiens f Candy Orange Impatiens f Candy Pink Blush Impatiens f Candy Red Impatiens f Candy Rose Impatiens f Candy Rose Star Impatiens f Candy Scarlet Impatiens f Candy Violet Impatiens f Candy Violet Star Impatiens f Candy White Impatiens f Carousel Mixed doubles Impatiens f Expo Apricot Impatiens f Expo Blush pink with dark eye Impatiens f Expo Cherry Impatiens f Expo Cherry Blush Impatiens f Expo Coral Impatiens f Expo Coral Star Impatiens f Expo Cranberry Impatiens f Expo Deep Pink Impatiens f Expo Lavender Blue Impatiens f Expo Lavender Blush Impatiens f Expo Light Pink Impatiens f Expo Lilac Impatiens f Expo Lipstick Impatiens f Expo Mixed Impatiens f Expo Orange Impatiens f Expo Peacock Eyed Mix Impatiens f Expo Pink Impatiens f Expo Pink Picotee Impatiens f Expo Red Impatiens f Expo Red Star Impatiens f Expo Rose Impatiens f Expo Rose Picotee Impatiens f Expo Salmon Impatiens f Expo Scarlet Impatiens f Expo Star Mixed Impatiens f Expo Violet Impatiens f Expo Violet Blush violet eye Impatiens f Expo Violet Star Impatiens f Expo White Impatiens f Expo Wine Impatiens f Fanciful Mixed Impatiens f Mixed Impatiens f Mosaic Lilac Impatiens f Mosaic Mixed Impatiens f New Guinea Divine Mixed Impatiens f New Guinea Java Mixed Impatiens f New Guinea Tango Impatiens f Stardust Mixed Impatiens f Super Elfin Pastels Mixed Impatiens f Super Elfin Series Mixed Impatiens f Super Elfin Splish-Splash Mixture Impatiens f Swirl Monet Mixed Picotees Impatiens f Symphony Mixture formula Impatiens f Symphony Stars Mixture formula Impatiens f Tempo Blue Satin Impatiens f Tempo Blush Impatiens f Tempo Bright Red Impatiens f Tempo Burgundy Impatiens f Tempo Butterfly Mixed Impatiens f Tempo Cherry Butterfly Impatiens f Tempo Cinnamon Impatiens f Tempo Coral Impatiens f Tempo Coral Butterfly Impatiens f Tempo Crimson Impatiens f Tempo Crystal Mixed Impatiens f Tempo Deep Blush Impatiens f Tempo Deep Pink Impatiens f Tempo Lavender Impatiens f Tempo Lavender Butterfly Impatiens f Tempo Lilac Impatiens f Tempo Lipstick Impatiens f Tempo Mixed Impatiens f Tempo Orange Impatiens f Tempo Orchid Blush Impatiens f Tempo Orchid Butterfly Impatiens f Tempo Passion / Hot Pink Impatiens f Tempo Pastels Mixed Impatiens f Tempo Peach Butterfly Impatiens f Tempo Peach Frost Impatiens f Tempo Pearl Impatiens f Tempo Pink Frost Impatiens f Tempo Pink Improved Impatiens f Tempo Punch scarlet-carmine Impatiens f Tempo Red Impatiens f Tempo Rose Impatiens f Tempo Salmon Impatiens f Tempo Scarlet Impatiens f Tempo Strawberry Butterfly Impatiens f Tempo Violet Impatiens f Tempo Watermelon Impatiens f Tempo White Impatiens f Tutu Mixed doubles Impatiens f Victorian Rose Impatiens f Xtreme Deep Salmon Impatiens f Xtreme Lavender Impatiens f Xtreme Lilac Impatiens f Xtreme Mixed Impatiens f Xtreme Orange Impatiens f Xtreme Pink Impatiens f Xtreme Red Impatiens f Xtreme Rose Impatiens f Xtreme Salmon Impatiens f Xtreme Scarlet Impatiens f Xtreme Violet Impatiens f Xtreme White Impatiens f Colour Parade Mixed Impatiens f New Guinea Safari Impatiens glandulifera Impatiens hochstetteri ssp hochstetteri Impatiens hybrid mixture Impatiens irvingii Impatiens madacascariensis Impatiens noli-tangere Impatiens pallida Impatiens sp unident yellow fl S Africa Impatiens sp unident prov Himalayas Impatiens textori Impatiens walleriana Holstii Mixed Imperata cylindrica bs Incarvillea delavayi Incarvillea delavayi Alba / Snowtop Incarvillea delavayii Bees Pink Incarvillea forrestii Incarvillea grandiflora Incarvillea mairei Incarvillea olgae Incarvillea sinensis Cheron Incarvillea sp unident ex CLD Incarvillea zhongdianensis Incarvillea zhongdianensis ex Yunnan Indigofera amblyantha Indigofera arrecta aff Indigofera australis Indigofera australis prov Tas Indigofera brevidens Indigofera capillaris Indigofera cytisoides Indigofera dosua Indigofera eriocarpa Indigofera filifolia Indigofera frutescens Indigofera hedyantha Indigofera heterantha Indigofera heterophylla Indigofera hilaris Indigofera incana aff Indigofera jucunda Indigofera langebergensis Indigofera linifolia Indigofera lyalli Indigofera mauritanica v hirta Indigofera melanadenia Indigofera monophylla Indigofera natalensis Indigofera nigromontana Indigofera pseudotinctoria Indigofera sarmentosa aff Indigofera sp unident rose pink fl Indigofera spp unidentified mix Indigofera tinctoria Indigofera trita Indigofera zeyheri aff Inga edulis Inga species Inula acaulis Inula britannica Inula candida ssp verbascifolia Inula conyzae Inula ensifolia Inula ensifolia Compacta Inula germanica Inula helenium pl Inula helenium Goliath Inula helvetica Inula hirta Inula magnifica Inula montana Inula oculus-christii Inula orientalis Inula orientalis Grandiflora Inula racemosa Inula racemosa Sonnenspeer Inula rhizocephala Inula royleana Inula salicina Inulanthera thodei Iochroma australe blue & white mixed Ionopsidium acaule Ipheion Alberto Castillo Ipheion Blue Mix Ipheion Rolf Fiedler Ipheion uniflorum Ipomoea Cameo Elegance Ipomoea Double Cherry Red Ipomoea adenioides Ipomoea adenioides nw Bulge River Limpopo prov Ipomoea alba Ipomoea albivenia Ipomoea albivenia large elongated white fls Ipomoea albivenia short white flowers Ipomoea albivenia cream tinged fls Ipomoea aquatica Ipomoea aquatica Bamboo Leaves Ipomoea cairica Ipomoea coccinea Ipomoea coccinea Aurantia Ipomoea costata Ipomoea hederacea Ipomoea hederifolia Ipomoea hirsuta Mini Sky-Blue Ipomoea lacunosa Ipomoea leptophylla Ipomoea leptotoma Ipomoea lobata Ipomoea lobata Citronella Ipomoea lobata Jungle Queen Ipomoea luteola Sunspots Ipomoea magnusiana Ipomoea muelleri Ipomoea multifida x Ipomoea muricata Ipomoea nil Chocolate Ipomoea nil Kikyo-Zaki mixed Ipomoea nil Milky Way Ipomoea nil Morning Call mixed Ipomoea nil Morning Call Blue White-edged Ipomoea nil Morning Call Pink Ipomoea nil Morning Call Red White-edged Ipomoea nil Morning Call White Ipomoea nil Picotee Blue Ipomoea nil Picotee Red Ipomoea nil Rosita red & white Ipomoea nil Scarlett OHara Ipomoea nil Wine & Roses Ipomoea nil Zeeland Hybrids mix Ipomoea nil mixed Ipomoea pes-caprae Ipomoea pes-tigridis Ipomoea platensis Ipomoea purpurea Ipomoea purpurea mixed o Ipomoea purpurea Caprice Ipomoea purpurea Feringa Ipomoea purpurea Grandpa Ott Ipomoea purpurea Kniolas Purple-black Ipomoea purpurea Seta Ipomoea purpurea Shiva Ipomoea purpurea Split Personality Ipomoea purpurea Star of Yalta Ipomoea purpurea dark blue Ipomoea quamoclit Ipomoea quamoclit Feather Mix / Pennata Ipomoea quamoclit Feather Red Ipomoea quamoclit Feather Rose Ipomoea quamoclit Feather White / Pennata Ipomoea setosa Ipomoea sp unident prov China Ipomoea sp unident prov Huajuapen de Leon Ipomoea sp unident prov Transvaal Ipomoea tricolor Ipomoea tricolor Blue Star Ipomoea tricolor Cameo Elegance variegated Ipomoea tricolor Candy Pink Ipomoea tricolor Crimson Rambler Ipomoea tricolor Early Call Dwarf Mixed Ipomoea tricolor Flying Saucers Ipomoea tricolor Heavenly Blue Clarks Early Ipomoea tricolor Imperial Mix formula Ipomoea tricolor Ismay Ipomoea tricolor Pearly Gates Ipomoea tricolor Wetterleuchten Ipomoea tricolor mix o Ipomoea villosa Zapotitlan de Salinas Pue Ipomoea wrightii Ipomopsis aggregata Ipomopsis aggregata v macrosiphon Ipomopsis longiflora Ipomopsis rubra Iresine Purple Lady Iriartea deltoidea Iris Pacific Coast Hybrids Mixed Iris aphylla Iris bracteata Iris brevicaulis Iris bucharica Iris bulleyana Iris bulleyana ex ACE Iris chrysographes Iris chrysographes Black Beauty Iris chrysographes Black Form Iris clarkei Iris crocea Iris delavayi Iris douglasiana Iris ensata Iris ensata New Hybrids mix Iris ensata Purple Blue Iris ensata v spontanea Iris flavissima Iris foetidissima Iris foetidissima Citrina Iris forrestii Iris germanica mixed seed Iris germanica nana New Hybrids Iris graebneriana white falls Iris graminea Iris hookeri Iris illyrica Iris innominata Iris lacustris Iris laevigata Iris laevigata Colchesterensis Iris latifolia (Iris xiphoides) Iris lutescens Nana Iris magnifica Iris magnifica Alba Iris missouriensis Iris missouriensis v arizonica Iris orientalis Iris prismatica Iris prismatica Quartz Iris pseudacorus pl Iris pseudacorus Alba Iris pumila Iris sanguinea Iris sanguinea Snow Queen Iris setosa Iris setosa Alba Iris setosa Blue Light Iris setosa Nana Iris setosa aff prov Kamchatka Iris setosa ssp canadensis Iris setosa v arctica Iris setosa v tricuspis Iris sibirica Iris sibirica New Hybrids mix Iris sibirica mix Iris sintenisii Iris sp unident white Iris spp & hybs mix Iris spuria Iris spuria hybrids mix Iris suaveolens Iris tectorum Iris tenax Iris typhifolia Iris unguicularis Alba Iris unguicularis Mary Barnard Iris unguicularis ssp cretensis Iris variegata mix Iris versicolor Iris versicolor Kermesina Iris vicaria Iris virginica v shrevei Iris wilsonii Iris xanthospuria Isatis glauca Isatis tinctoria cs Isatis tinctoria bs Ischaemum rugosum Ischyrolepis sieberi v venustulus Ischyrolepis subverticillata Iseilema macratherum Iseilema membranaceum Iseilema vaginiflorum Isodon rubescens Isolepis Live Wire multi-pellets Isolepis cernua Isolepis cernua Select Isomeris arborea Isophysis tasmanica Isoplexis canariensis Isoplexis isabellina Isoplexis sceptrum Isopogon anemonifolius Isopogon anethifolius cs Isopogon anethifolius bs Isopogon attenuatus bs Isopogon baxteri Isopogon buxifolius cs Isopogon cuneatus cs Isopogon cuneatus bs Isopogon dubius Isopogon formosus cs Isopogon formosus bs Isopogon latifolius cs Isopogon petiolaris cs Isopogon polycephalus cs Isopogon scabriusculus cs Isopogon sphaerocephalus cs Isopogon teretifolius Isopogon trilobus cs Isopogon trilobus bs Isopogon trilobus v tripartitus cs Isopogon trilobus v tripartitus bs Isopyrum biternatum Isopyrum thalictroides Isotoma Avant Garde f Blue pellets Isotoma Avant Garde f Pink pellets Isotoma axillaris Isotoma axillaris Alba Isotoma axillaris Blue Star pellets Isotoma axillaris Blue Stars Isotoma axillaris Pink Stars Isotoma axillaris Rose Star Isotoma axillaris Stars Mixed / Stargazer Isotoma axillaris White Star Isotoma axillaris White Star pellets Isotoma hypocrateriformis Isotoma petraea Isotoma petrea White Star / Shooting Star Isotoma scapigera Isotropis atropurpurea Itea virginica bs Iva hayesiana Iva xanthifolia Ixia Hadeco Hybrids mix Ixia atrandra Ixia brevituba Ixia curta Ixia curvata Ixia dubia Ixia flexuosa Ixia latifolia Ixia longituba Ixia lutea Ixia maculata Ixia maculata v intermedia Ixia marginifolia Ixia meterlekampiae Ixia monadelpha Ixia odorata Ixia orientalis Ixia polystachya Ixia polystachya ssp longistylus Ixia polystachya v crassifolia Ixia purpureorosea Ixia pycnostachya Ixia rapunculoides Ixia rapunculoides v rigida Ixia rapunculoides v subpendula Ixia scillaris v subundulata Ixia sp nov m branched spikes white Ixia sp unident cm high altitude Ixia stricta Ixia thomasiae Ixia trifolia Ixia versicolor Ixia viridiflora Ixia viridiflora v minor Ixiochlamys cuneifolia Ixiolirion tataricum Jaborosa sativa Jacaranda mimosifolia Jacksonia alata Jacksonia calcicola Jacksonia condensata Jacksonia decumbens Jacksonia densiflora Jacksonia foliosa Jacksonia furcellata Jacksonia horrida Jacksonia lehmannii Jacksonia nutans Jacksonia scoparia Jacksonia sericea Jacksonia sternbergiana Jacksonia thesioides Jacobsenia kolbei Jacobsenia kolbei Komkans Jacobsenia kolbei Nuwerus Jacobsenia kolbei Grootgrafwater Jacquemontia pringlei Jacquemontia tamnifolia Jagera pseudorhus Jamesbrittenia carvalhoi Jamesbrittenia fleckii aff Jamesbrittenia grandiflora Jamesbrittenia phlogiflora Jamesia americana Japanese Greens Mix Jasione alpina Jasione crispa Jasione laevis Jasione laevis Blaulicht Jasione laevis Purple Lights Jasione laevis seeds ex Sangster Jasione montana Jasminum arborescens Jasminum fruticans Jasminum lineare Jatropha augustii Arequipa Peru Jatropha cinerea Jatropha curcas Jatropha glandulifera Jatropha gossypifolia Jatropha macrocarpa Jatropha mahafalensis Jatropha multifida Jatropha podagrica Jensenobotrya lossowiana Jensenobotrya lossowiana Dolphin Head Jessenia batava Johnsonia lupulina Jordaaniella cuprea Jordaaniella dubia Jovellana violacea Jovibarba globifera ssp hirta Jovibarba heuffeli forms & cvs mix Jovibarba heuffelii Jovibarba spp & var mix small rosettes Joycea pallida Jubaea chilensis (J spectabilis) Juglans ailanthifolia Juglans ailanthifolia v cordiformis Juglans cathayensis Juglans cinerea Juglans hindsii Juglans mandshurica Juglans neotropica Juglans nigra northern prov Juglans nigra southern prov Juglans regia Juglans regia hardy carpathian Juncus Silver Spears Juncus acutiflorus Juncus ambiguus Juncus articulatus Juncus balticus Juncus bolanderi Juncus bufonius Juncus canadensis Juncus compressus Juncus conglomeratus Juncus decipiens Curly-wurly Juncus effusus Juncus effusus fa spiralis Juncus effusus ssp brunneus Juncus ensifolius Juncus filiformis Spiralis Juncus filiformis Spiralis pellets Juncus gerardii Juncus gregifolius Juncus inflexus Juncus inflexus Afro Juncus inflexus Blue Arrows Juncus interior Juncus kraussii Juncus leschenaultii Juncus maritimus Juncus nodosus Juncus pallidus Juncus patens Carmans Grey Juncus pauciflorus Juncus prismatocarpus Juncus psammophilus Juncus sarophorus Juncus semisolidus Juncus sp nov Flying Hedgehogs Juncus squarrosus Juncus subsecundus Juncus tenuis Juncus usitatus Juncus xiphoides Junellia illapelensis Juniperus chinensis Juniperus communis cs Juniperus communis prov UK Juniperus communis ssp alpina Juniperus communis ssp depressa pl Juniperus communis ssp hemispherica Juniperus conferta Juniperus deppeana Juniperus foetidissima db Juniperus formosana Juniperus formosana db Juniperus horizontalis Juniperus monosperma Juniperus osteosperma Juniperus oxycedrus ssp macrocarpa Juniperus oxycedrus ssp oxycedrus db Juniperus oxycedrus ssp oxycedrus cs Juniperus phoenicea ssp phoenicia Juniperus phoenicia ssp turbinata Juniperus rigida Juniperus sabina Juniperus sargentii Juniperus scopulorum Juniperus thurifera Juniperus virginiana Juniperus virginiana northeast coastal form Jurinea alata Jurinea consanguinea ssp arachnoidea Jurinea cyanoides Jurinea ledebourii Jurinea mollis Jurinella moschus Justicia adhatoda Justicia californica Justicia campylostemon Juttadinteria albata Juttadinteria attenuata Rooilepel Ausscht Juttadinteria ausensis Juttadinteria ausensis red teeth on leaf edge Juttadinteria decumbens Juttadinteria decumbens n Sargdeckel Juttadinteria deserticola Juttadinteria deserticola large white fl Juttadinteria deserticola short round lf Juttadinteria insolita Juttadinteria kovismontana Juttadinteria kovismontana H Juttadinteria kovismontana H Juttadinteria ponderosa Juttadinteria ponderosa Kovisberg Juttadinteria simpsoni Juttadinteria simpsonii Haalenberg Juttadinteria sp H pink lined Juttadinteria sp grey-green pink tinged lvs Juttadinteria suavissima Kadsura japonica Kadsura longipedunculata Kageneckia angustifolia Kageneckia lanceolata Kageneckia oblonga Kalanchoe beharensis Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Tetra Vulcan Kalanchoe brachyloba Kalanchoe crenata Kalanchoe daigremontiana Kalanchoe faustii Kalanchoe grandiflora Kalanchoe lanceolata Kalanchoe luciae Kalanchoe marmorata Kalanchoe nyikae ssp nyikae Kalanchoe paniculata Kalanchoe prittwitzii Kalanchoe rotundifolia Kalanchoe sexangularis Kalanchoe sp prov India Kalanchoe spp & hyb mix Kalanchoe streptantha Kalanchoe thyrsiflora Kalanchoe tomentosa Kalanchoe velutina Kalanchoe zimbabweensis Kalimeris incisa Kallstroemia grandiflora Kalmia angustifolia Kalmia latifolia Kalmia latifolia white flg form Kalmia latifolia Splendens Kalmia spp mix Kalopanax septemlobus Keckiella antirrhinoides ssp antirrhinoides Keckiella breviflora Keckiella cordifolia Keckiella ternata Kedrostis africana Kedrostis crassirostrata Kedrostis nana Kedrostis punctulata Keetia gueinzii Kennedia beckxiana Kennedia carinata Kennedia coccinea Kennedia eximia Kennedia macrophylla Kennedia microphylla Kennedia nigricans Kennedia prorepens Kennedia prostrata Kennedia prostrata WA west coast form Kennedia prostrata prov NSW Kennedia prostrata prov Tasmania Kennedia prostrata Alba Kennedia prostrata WA south coast form Kennedia retrorsa Kennedia rubicunda Kennedia spp mix Kernera saxatilis Kerria japonica Keteleeria davidiana Keteleeria evelyniana Keteleeria fortunei Khadia acutiloba Khadia acutipetala Khadia alticola Khadia beswickii Khaya anthotheca Khaya nyasica Khaya senegalensis Kicksia commutata Kickxia elatine Kickxia spuria Kigelia africana Kiggelaria africana svs Kirengeshoma palmata Kirkia acuminata Kirkia wilmsii Kitaibela vitifolia Kleinia galpinii Kleinia longiflora Kleinia neriifolia Kleinia stapeliiformis (Senecio st) Knautia arvensis Knautia dipsacifolia Knautia macedonica Knautia macedonica Mars Midget Knautia macedonica Melton Pastels Knautia macedonica Red Knight Knautia macedonica Watercolours mix Knightia excelsa Kniphofia Calypso Kniphofia Flamenco Kniphofia albescens Kniphofia angustifolia Kniphofia baurii Kniphofia bruceae Kniphofia caulescens Kniphofia citrina Kniphofia ensifolia Kniphofia foliosa Kniphofia galpinii Kniphofia hirsuta Kniphofia hirsuta Fire Dance Kniphofia hirsuta Traffic Light dwarf Kniphofia hybrida x Fairyland Hybrids Kniphofia hybrida x New Hybrids mix Kniphofia ichopensis orange & yellow form Kniphofia linearifolia Kniphofia multiflora Kniphofia northiae Kniphofia praecox Kniphofia pumila Kniphofia ritualis Kniphofia rooperi Kniphofia sarmentosa Kniphofia sp nov Mt Anderson Kniphofia splendida Kniphofia spp mix Kniphofia stricta Kniphofia triangularis ssp triangularis Kniphofia typhoides Kniphofia typhoides dwarf form Kniphofia tysonii Kniphofia uvaria Kniphofia uvaria Border Ballet Kniphofia uvaria Express Kniphofia uvaria Grandiflora mix Kniphofia uvaria Mixed Kniphofia uvaria New Hybrids Kniphofia uvaria hybs Royal Castle Knowltonia filia Knowltonia sp unident Knowltonia vesicatoria (K capensis) Koeleria glauca cs Koeleria glauca bs Koeleria macrantha Koeleria pyramidata Koelreuteria bipinnata Koelreuteria elegans Koelreuteria paniculata Koelreuteria paniculata Nana Koelreuteria paniculata v apiculata Kohautia amatymbica Kolkwitzia amabilis Kolkwitzia amabilis Rosea Kosteletzkya diplocrater Krameria cistoidea Kraussia floribunda Kuhnia eupatorioides Kunzea Mauve Mist Kunzea ambigua Kunzea ambigua prov Tasmania Kunzea baxteri Kunzea capitata Kunzea ericifolia grey leaved form Kunzea ericifolia green leaved form Kunzea ericoides Kunzea ericoides prov N Z Kunzea ericoides larger leaved form N Z Kunzea flavescens Kunzea glabrescens Kunzea micranthera aff prostrate form Kunzea micranthera aff low compact form Kunzea micromera Kunzea opposita Kunzea parvifolia Kunzea 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Lachenalia fistulosa Lachenalia framesii Lachenalia gillettii Lachenalia glaucophylla Lachenalia haarlemensis Lachenalia hirta Lachenalia juncifolia Lachenalia juncifolia v campanulata Lachenalia karooica Lachenalia kliprandensis Lachenalia lactosa Lachenalia latifolia Lachenalia latimerae Lachenalia liliiflora Lachenalia longibracteata Lachenalia marginata ssp marginata Lachenalia marginata ssp neglecta Lachenalia martinae Lachenalia martinae Clanwilliam Lachenalia mathewsii Lachenalia maximiliani Lachenalia mediana Lachenalia mediana v rogersii Lachenalia mutabilis Lachenalia namaquensis Lachenalia namibiensis Lachenalia nervosa Lachenalia obscura Lachenalia orchioides v glaucina Lachenalia orchioides v orchioides Lachenalia orthopetala Lachenalia pallida Lachenalia patula Lachenalia peersii Lachenalia polyphylla Lachenalia purpureo-caerulea Lachenalia pusilla Lachenalia pusilla Piketberg Lachenalia pustulata Lachenalia pustulata Saldanha Lachenalia pustulata blue form Lachenalia pustulata pink form Lachenalia reflexa Lachenalia rosea Lachenalia rosea pink form Lachenalia rosea pink-blue form Lachenalia rubida Lachenalia sp aff L purpureocaerulea robust Lachenalia sp aff carnosa n Namaqualand Lachenalia splendida Lachenalia spp & hybrids mix Lachenalia thomasiae Lachenalia trichophylla Lachenalia trichophylla e Pakhuis Pass Lachenalia trichophylla miniature form Lachenalia undulata Lachenalia unicolor Lachenalia unifolia Lachenalia variegata Lachenalia violacea Lachenalia violacea v glauca Lachenalia viridiflora Lachenalia viridiflora bright green lvs Lachenalia viridiflora bright turquoise fl Lachenalia xerophila Lachenalia youngii Lachenalia zebrina fa zebrina Lactuca sativa A feuille de chene rouge Lactuca sativa A feuille de chene verte a couper Lactuca sativa All Year Round Lactuca sativa Amorina organic Lactuca sativa Amorina split pills organic Lactuca sativa Amorina lollo rossa split pills Lactuca sativa Amorix salad bowl split pills Lactuca sativa 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Lagerstroemia speciosa Lagunaria patersonii Lagurus ovatus Nanus Bunny Tails cs Lagurus ovatus bs Lagurus ovatus cs Lagynias lasiantha Lallemantia canescens Lamarchea hakeifolia Lamarckia aurea bs Lamarckia aurea cs Lambertia formosa Lambertia inermis Lambertia orbifolia ssp orbifolia Lamium album Lamium amplexicaule Lamium galeobdolon Lamium maculatum Lamium purpureum Lampranthus & drosanthemum mixed Lampranthus bicolor Lampranthus falciformis Lampranthus godmaniae v grandiflorus Lampranthus maximilianus Lampranthus multiradiatus Lampranthus roseus Lampranthus spectabilis Lampranthus spiniformis Lampranthus spp mix Lampranthus stipulaceus Lanaria lanata Lannea discolor Brits nw Province Lannea grandis Lannea schweinfurthii Lansium domesticum Lantana camara Lantana camara hybrids mix Lantana camara dwarf hybrids mix Lantana mearnsii Lantana mearnsii v latibracteolata Lantana rugosa Lapageria rosea Lapageria rosea mixed white to red Lapageria rosea v albiflora Lapeirousia anceps 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Laserpitium siler Lasiopetalum baueri Lasiopetalum behrii Lasiopetalum bracteatum Lasiopetalum discolor Lasiopetalum floribundum Lasiopetalum indutum Lasiopetalum schulzenii Lasiospermum bipinnatum Lasiurus scindicus Lasthenia glabrata Lastreopsis acuminata Latania lontaroides Lathyrus annuus red Lathyrus annuus orange Lathyrus aureus Lathyrus belinensis Lathyrus chilensis Lathyrus chloranthus Lathyrus cirrhosus Lathyrus clymenum v articulatus Lathyrus davidii Lathyrus gmelinii Lathyrus grandiflorus Cupanis Original Lathyrus grandiflorus Heirloom Mixed Lathyrus grandiflorus Matucana Lathyrus heterophyllus pink red veined Lathyrus hirsutus Lathyrus japonicus ssp maritimus Lathyrus laetiflorus v alefeldii Lathyrus latifolius Lathyrus latifolius Deep Pink Lathyrus latifolius Pearl Mixed Lathyrus latifolius Pearl Pink Lathyrus latifolius Pearl Red Lathyrus latifolius Pearl White Lathyrus latifolius Pink Lathyrus latifolius Purple Lathyrus latifolius Rose Queen Lathyrus latifolius mix 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Mixed Lathyrus odoratus Buccaneer Lathyrus odoratus Butterfly Lathyrus odoratus CCC Lathyrus odoratus Cambridge Blue Lathyrus odoratus Cappuccino Mix Lathyrus odoratus Captain of the Blues Lathyrus odoratus Charlies Angel Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Cheshire Dark Blue Lathyrus odoratus Color Wave Mix Lathyrus odoratus Colorama Mixed multiflora type Lathyrus odoratus Continental Mixed semi-dwarf Lathyrus odoratus Countess Cadogan Lathyrus odoratus Cream Southbourne Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Mixed pot basket Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Pink dwarf Lathyrus odoratus Diamond Wedding Lathyrus odoratus Donna Jones Lathyrus odoratus Dorothy Eckford Lathyrus odoratus Dwarf Bijou Mixed Lathyrus odoratus Elizabeth Taylor Lathyrus odoratus Ethel Grace Lathyrus odoratus Fairy Queen Lathyrus odoratus Fantasia Mixed dwarf bush Lathyrus odoratus Firebird Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Firecrest Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Flora Norton Lathyrus odoratus Fragrant Heritage Mix Lathyrus odoratus Frolic Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Galaxy Mixed o Lathyrus odoratus Geranium Pink Lathyrus odoratus Gipsy Queen Lathyrus odoratus Glow Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Gwendoline Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Heirloom Grandiflora Mixture Lathyrus odoratus Henry Eckford Lathyrus odoratus Heritage Mixed heirloom mix Lathyrus odoratus High Scent Lathyrus odoratus Hunters Moon Lathyrus odoratus Incense Mixed Lathyrus odoratus Janet Scott Lathyrus odoratus Jet Set mixed Lathyrus odoratus Jilly Lathyrus odoratus King Edward VII Lathyrus odoratus King Size Crimson Lathyrus odoratus King Size Deep Rose Lathyrus odoratus King Size Lavender Lathyrus odoratus King Size Mid Blue Lathyrus odoratus King Size Mixed formula Lathyrus odoratus King Size Navy Blue Lathyrus odoratus King Size Rose Pink Lathyrus odoratus King Size Salmon Cream Lathyrus odoratus King Size Scarlet Lathyrus odoratus King Size White Lathyrus odoratus Kings High Scent Lathyrus odoratus Knee-hi Improved Mix dwarf Lathyrus odoratus Lady Diana Lathyrus odoratus Lady Grisel Hamilton Lathyrus odoratus Lavender Striped Flush Lathyrus odoratus Leamington Lathyrus odoratus Lianne Marie Lathyrus odoratus Little Sweetheart Mix dwarf Lathyrus odoratus Lord Nelson Lathyrus odoratus MM Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Mammoth Crimson Lathyrus odoratus Mammoth Deep Rose Lathyrus odoratus Mammoth Formula Mix Lathyrus odoratus Mammoth Lavender Lathyrus odoratus Mammoth Mid Blue Lathyrus odoratus Mammoth Navy Blue Lathyrus odoratus Mammoth Rose Pink Lathyrus odoratus Mammoth Salmon Cream Lathyrus odoratus Mammoth Scarlet Lathyrus odoratus Mammoth White Lathyrus odoratus Mars Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Melody Mix bicolours Lathyrus odoratus Midnight Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Miss Willmott Lathyrus odoratus Molly Rilestone Lathyrus odoratus Mrs Collier Lathyrus odoratus Mrs June Grayson Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Mrs R Bolton Lathyrus odoratus Mrs Walter Wright Lathyrus odoratus Nimbus Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Noel Sutton Lathyrus odoratus Old Spice Mixed Lathyrus odoratus Old Times Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Orange Dragon Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Orange Surprise Lathyrus odoratus Our Harry Lathyrus odoratus Painted Lady Lathyrus odoratus Pall Mall Lathyrus odoratus Perfume Delight Lathyrus odoratus Philip Miller Lathyrus odoratus Pinks Mixed Lathyrus odoratus Prima Donna Lathyrus odoratus Prince Edward of York Lathyrus odoratus Princess Elizabeth Lathyrus odoratus Pulsar Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Purple Prince Lathyrus odoratus Queen Alexandra Lathyrus odoratus Red Ensign Lathyrus odoratus Restormel Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Blue Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Cream Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Crimson Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Formula Mix Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Lilac Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Mixed Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Pink & White Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Wiltshire Lathyrus odoratus Ron Entwistle Spencer Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family Crimson Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family Lavender Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family Maroon Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family 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leptophylla Ledebouria luteola Ledebouria luteola Marikana nw Province Ledebouria luteola Thaba Sekhukhune Ledebouria marginata Marikana nw Province Ledebouria marginata Waterberg Limpopo Ledebouria minima Ledebouria monophylla Mpumalanga Ledebouria monophylla Wolkberg Limpopo Ledebouria ovalifolia aff Ledebouria ovatifolia Bethal Mpumalanga Ledebouria ovatifolia Golden Gate Ledebouria ovatifolia Vaalkop KZN Ledebouria papillata Ledebouria papillata aff Ledebouria parviflora Ledebouria rupestris Ledebouria saundersonii Ledebouria sekhukhunensis sp nov aff L luteola Ledebouria sp nov Groblershoop n Cape Ledebouria sp nov aff revoluta Trompetters Drift Ledebouria viscosa Kuipperbult Ledebouria viscosa Marakele Nat Park Ledebouria zebrina Ledebouria zebrina Blyderivierspoort Ledebouria zebrina aff Waterberg nr Vaalwater Ledebouria zebrina robust form Ledum palustre Leea coccinea Leea coccinea v rubra Leea guineensis Leersia oryzoides Legousia pentagonia Purple Stars Legousia speculum-veneris Legousia speculum-veneris Alba Leibnitzia anandria Leibnitzia nepalensis Leibnitzia nivea Leipoldtia jacobseniana Leipoldtia sp k Steinkopf Leipoldtia sp Rietfontein Leipoldtia sp Rooilepel Leipoldtia sp n Ratelkraal Leipoldtia weigangiana Lens culinaris Lens culinaris Brown Lentil sprouting organic Lens culinaris Della val di Nievole Lens culinaris Lentillon Rose de Champagne Lens culinaris Masoor Lens culinaris Oodham Lens culinaris Tarahumara Pink Lentinus edodes dried mycelium preparation Leonotis Staircase Leonotis africana Leonotis intermedia Leonotis leonurus Leonotis leonurus white Leonotis nepetifolia Leonotis nepetifolia Navasha Apricot Leonotis ocymifolia ssp ocymifolia Leonotis ocymifolia ssp raineriana Leontochir ovalei Leontodon autumnalis Leontodon hispidus ssp danubialis Leontodon hispidus ssp hispidus Leontodon hispidus ssp hyoseroides Leontodon rigens Leontodon taraxacoides Leontopodium alpinum Leontopodium nivale Leontopodium palibinianum 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Lewisia cotyledon Sunset Strain Lewisia cotyledon White Splendour Lewisia cotyledon blue-purple shades Lewisia cotyledon v heckneri Lewisia glandulosa Lewisia hybrid Lewisia longipetala Lewisia longipetala x Little Peach Lewisia longipetala x Little Plum Lewisia nevadensis Lewisia pygmaea Lewisia pygmaea v glandulosa Lewisia rediviva Lewisia sierrae Lewisia spp & vars mix Lewisia tweedyi Leycesteria crocothyrsos Leycesteria formosa Leymus arenarius Leymus condensatus Liatris aspera Liatris cylindracea Liatris ligulistylis Liatris mucronata Liatris punctata Liatris pycnostachya Liatris scariosa Liatris scariosa Alba Liatris spicata pl Liatris spicata Alba Liatris spicata Floristan Violet Liatris spicata Floristan White Liatris spicata Kobold / Goblin Liatris squarrosa Libertia caerulescens Libertia formosa Libertia grandiflora Libertia ixioides Libertia peregrinans Libertia peregrinans Gold Stripe Libertia procera Libertia pulchella Libertia sessiliflora Libertia tricolor Libocedrus plumosa Licania platypus Licuala grandis Licuala ramsayi Ligularia altaica Ligularia dentata Ligularia dentata Dark Beauty Ligularia dentata Desdemona Ligularia japonica Ligularia przewalskii Ligularia sibirica Ligularia splendens Ligularia spp & hyb mix Ligularia stenocephala hybrids Ligularia vorobievii Ligusticum ferrulaceum Ligusticum hultenii Ligusticum lucidum Ligusticum porteri Ligusticum scoticum pl Ligustrum amurense Ligustrum japonicum cs Ligustrum lucidum cs Ligustrum lucidum db Ligustrum obtusifolium Ligustrum ovalifolium Ligustrum quihoui Ligustrum sinense Ligustrum vulgare Lilium Asiatic Hybrids mixselect Lilium Aurelian & Trumpets mix breeders select Lilium Aurelian hybrids mixed Lilium New Zealand select hybrid mix Lilium World Lily Mix Lilium amabile v luteum Lilium bulbiferum v croceum Lilium canadense Lilium candidum Lilium candidum v cernuum Lilium columbianum Lilium concolor v strictum Lilium formosanum Lilium formosanum v pricei Lilium leucanthum v centifolium Lilium longiflorum Lilium martagon Lilium martagon hybrids Lilium martagon mix Lilium martagon Painted Ladies mixed Lilium martagon v album Lilium michiganense Lilium monadelphum Lilium pardalinum Lilium philadelphicum Lilium philippinense Lilium pumilum Lilium pumilum ex Golden Gleam Lilium pumilum red-orange Lilium pyrenaicum Lilium pyrenaicum ssp carniolicum Lilium regale Lilium regale hybrids Lilium rubescens Lilium spp & cvs select mix Lilium superbum Limnanthes douglasii Limnanthes douglasii Scrambled Egg Mix Limnanthes douglasii v nivea Meringue Limnanthes douglasii v sulphurea Limodorum abortivum Limonium Blue Diamond Limonium Mello Yello Limonium bellidifolium Limonium bellidifolium Dazzling Blue Limonium gmelinii Limonium gmelinii ssp hungaricum Limonium gougetianum Limonium latifolium Limonium longifolium Limonium minutum Limonium peregrinum Limonium perezii Limonium perezii Atlantis Limonium sinuatum American Beauty carmine rose Limonium sinuatum Apricot Beauty Limonium sinuatum Blue River Limonium sinuatum Forever Blue Limonium sinuatum Forever Blue Skies Limonium sinuatum Forever Gold Limonium sinuatum Forever Lavender Limonium sinuatum Forever Mixed formula Limonium sinuatum Forever Rose Limonium sinuatum Forever Silver Limonium sinuatum Fortune Dark Blue Limonium sinuatum Fortune Deep Rose Limonium sinuatum Fortune Mixed op Limonium sinuatum Fortune Pastel Shades Mix Limonium sinuatum Fortune Purple Limonium sinuatum Fortune Rose Red Limonium sinuatum Fortune Salmon Rose Limonium sinuatum Fortune Sky Blue Limonium sinuatum Fortune White Limonium sinuatum Fortune Yellow Limonium sinuatum Gold Coast Limonium sinuatum Heavenly Blue Limonium sinuatum Iceberg Limonium sinuatum Kampfs Blue Limonium sinuatum Lavandin deep lavender Limonium sinuatum Midnight Blue Limonium sinuatum Pacific mixed Limonium sinuatum Pacific rose Limonium sinuatum Pacific sky blue Limonium sinuatum Pacific white Limonium sinuatum Pastel Mix rose pink &lavender Limonium sinuatum Petit Bouquet Mix dwarf Limonium sinuatum Purple Attraction Limonium sinuatum Purple Monarch Limonium sinuatum QIS Apricot Limonium sinuatum QIS Dark Blue Limonium sinuatum QIS Lavender Limonium sinuatum QIS Mix Soft Pastel Shades Limonium sinuatum QIS Mixed Limonium sinuatum QIS Pale Blue Limonium sinuatum QIS Rose Limonium sinuatum QIS Swan Lake Limonium sinuatum QIS White Limonium sinuatum QIS Yellow Limonium sinuatum Rosea Superba Limonium sinuatum Roselight Limonium sinuatum Standard Mix o Limonium sinuatum Sunset Shades Mix Limonium sinuatum Supreme Mixture formula Limonium sinuatum Supreme Pastel Shades mix Limonium sinuatum Supreme Rose Carmine Limonium sinuatum Twilight lilac-lavender Limonium tetragonum Confetti Limonium vulgare Linanthastrum nuttallii Linanthus Stardust mix Linanthus androsaceus French Hybrids mix Linanthus grandiflorus Linanthus nuttallii Linaria Fantasy Mixed Linaria aeruginea Neon Lights Linaria aeruginea ssp nevadensis mixed Linaria aeruginea v nevadensis Gemstones Linaria alpina Linaria arvensis Linaria dalmatica Linaria genistifolia Linaria maroccana Linaria maroccana Confetti dwarf Linaria maroccana Fairy Bouquet Mixed dwarf Linaria maroccana Northern Lights Mixed Linaria maroccana Sweeties taller mix Linaria purpurea Linaria purpurea Alba / Springside White Linaria purpurea Canon J Went Linaria purpurea Vicars Mixture Linaria reticulata Aureopurpurea / Flamenco Linaria reticulata Flaming Passion Linaria saxatilis Linaria supina Linaria triornithophora Linaria triornithophora pink form Linaria triornithophora mixed Linaria tristis Linaria vulgaris Lindelofia longiflora Lindera benzoin Lindera fragrans Lindera glauca Lindera megaphylla Lindera obtusiloba Lindera praecox Lindheimera texana Linnaea borealis Linospadix monostachya Linum Gemmels Hybrid Linum alpinum Linum arboreum Linum austriacum Linum campanulatum Linum capitatum Linum dolomiticum Linum flavum Linum flavum Compactum Linum grandiflorum Blue Dress Linum grandiflorum Bright Eyes Linum grandiflorum Charmer Salmon new colour Linum grandiflorum Mixture Linum grandiflorum Rubrum Linum marginale Linum monogynum Linum narbonense Linum nepalensis Linum perenne Linum perenne Album Linum perenne Himmelszelt sky-blue Linum perenne nanum Album Diamant Linum perenne nanum Saphyr Linum perenne ssp lewisii Linum suffruticosum ssp salsoloides Linum suffruticosum ssp salsoloides Nanum Linum sulcatum Linum tauricum Linum tenuifolium Linum usitassimum seed treated against fleabeetle Linum usitatissimum Linum usitatissimum Evelin fibre flax Linum usitatissimum Golden Omega III organic Linum usitatissimum Linseed sprouting organic Linum usitatissimum Omega culinary flax Linum usitatissimum Omega organic flax Linum usitatissimum Regina fibre flax Linum usitatissimum Suttons Blue Lippia dulcis Lippia javanica Lippia rehmannii Liquidambar formosana Liquidambar styraciflua Liriodendron chinense Liriodendron tulipifera cs Liriodendron tulipifera bs Liriope muscari Liriope muscari Gigantea bs Liriope muscari Majestic Liriope muscari Variegata Litanthus pusillus Litchi chinensis svs Lithocarpus cleistocarpus Lithocarpus synbalanos Lithops aucampiae Lithops aucampiae C Lithops aucampiae C Lithops aucampiae C Lithops aucampiae C Lithops aucampiae C Lithops aucampiae C Lithops aucampiae C Lithops aucampiae C Lithops aucampiae C Lithops aucampiae C Lithops aucampiae C Lithops aucampiae C Lithops aucampiae Groenwater Lithops aucampiae Kuruman Lithops aucampiae Kuruman C Lithops aucampiae Kuruman C Lithops aucampiae Kuruman C Lithops aucampiae Manyading Lithops aucampiae Niekerkshoep Lithops aucampiae Snowcap Lithops aucampiae Soetmelksvlei Lithops aucampiae Lithops aucampiae v euniceae C Lithops aucampiae v fluminalis C Lithops aucampiae v koelemanii C Lithops aucampiae v koelemanii C Lithops bromfieldii C Lithops bromfieldii C Lithops bromfieldii C Lithops bromfieldii C Lithops bromfieldii C Lithops bromfieldii Straussberg Upington Lithops bromfieldii v bromfieldii Lithops bromfieldii v glaudinae C Lithops bromfieldii v glaudinae C Lithops bromfieldii v insularis Lithops bromfieldii v insularis C Lithops bromfieldii v insularis C Lithops bromfieldii v insularis C Lithops bromfieldii v insularis Keimos Lithops bromfieldii v insularis Soverby Lithops bromfieldii v insularis Sulphurea C Lithops bromfieldii v mennellii C Lithops bromfieldii v mennellii C Lithops coleorum Lithops comptonii Beukesfontein Lithops comptonii C Lithops comptonii C Lithops comptonii v weberi C Lithops comptonii v weberi C Lithops comptonii v weberi n of Elandsvlei Lithops dinteri C Lithops dinteri v brevis C Lithops dinteri v brevis C Lithops dinteri v brevis Vioolsdrif Lithops dinteri v frederici C Lithops dinteri v frederici TL Lithops divergens C Lithops divergens C Lithops divergens Knervslakte Lithops divergens coastal form Lithops divergens e Bitterfontein Lithops divergens v amethystina Aasvoelkoppie Lithops divergens v amethystina C Lithops 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gracilidelineata ssp brandbergensis Lithops gracilidelineata ssp brandbergensis Bran Lithops gracilidelineata v waldroniae C Lithops gracilidelineata v waldroniae CA Lithops gracilidelineata v waldroniae C Lithops hallii Lithops hallii C Lithops hallii C brown lined Lithops hallii C brown lvs Lithops hallii C Lithops hallii C Lithops hallii C Lithops hallii C Lithops hallii C Lithops hallii C Lithops hallii C Lithops hallii C Lithops hallii C Lithops hallii Geelkop Lithops hallii Geluksvlei Hopetown Lithops hallii Green Soapstone CA Lithops hallii Klippunt Upington Lithops hallii Salicola v reticulata C Lithops hallii Zwaartstraat Lithops hallii v ochracea C Lithops hallii v ochracea CA Lithops hallii v ochracea C Lithops hallii v ochracea C Lithops hallii v ochracea C Lithops hallii v ochracea C Lithops hallii v ochracea C Lithops hallii white form C Lithops helmutii C Lithops helmutii n Steinkopf Lithops hermetica Lithops hermetica Sperrgebeit sw Kuckaus Lithops herrei Beauvallon Lithops herrei C Lithops herrei C Lithops herrei C Lithops herrei C Lithops herrei C Lithops herrei Sendlingsdrift Lithops herrei Translucens C Lithops herrei Translucens C Lithops hookeri Abrahamsdam Lithops hookeri C Lithops hookeri C Lithops hookeri C Lithops hookeri C Lithops hookeri C Lithops hookeri CB Lithops hookeri C Lithops hookeri C Lithops hookeri C Lithops hookeri C Lithops hookeri Drielingsfontein Lithops hookeri Niekerkshoop Lithops hookeri Rooidam Lithops hookeri v dabneri C Lithops hookeri v dabneri C Lithops hookeri v dabneri C Lithops hookeri v dabneri Kimberley Lithops hookeri v elephina C Lithops hookeri v elephina C Lithops hookeri v hookeri Lithops hookeri v hookeri Turbiniformis Lithops hookeri v hookeri Vermiculata Lithops hookeri v hookeri Vermiculata C Lithops hookeri v hookeri Vermiculata C Lithops hookeri v hookeri Vermiculata Strydenbg Lithops hookeri v lutea C Lithops hookeri v lutea Groblershoop Lithops hookeri v marginata C Lithops hookeri v marginata C 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fulleri Ganna Poort Lithops julii ssp fulleri Geselskopbank Lithops julii ssp fulleri Kakamas Lithops julii ssp fulleri Opdam Lithops julii ssp fulleri Rietfontein Lithops julii ssp fulleri ne Aggeneys Lithops julii ssp fulleri v brunnea C Lithops julii ssp fulleri v rouxii Lithops julii ssp fulleri v rouxii C Lithops julii ssp fulleri v rouxii C Lithops julii ssp fulleri v rouxii C Lithops julii ssp fulleri v rouxii C Lithops julii ssp julii Chrysocephala Lithops julii ssp julii Fuscous Lithops julii ssp julii Littlewoodii C Lithops karasmontana C Lithops karasmontana C Lithops karasmontana Jacobseniana C Lithops karasmontana Klein Karas Lithops karasmontana Lateritia Lithops karasmontana Mickbergensis C Lithops karasmontana Mickbergensis C Lithops karasmontana Mickbergensis C Lithops karasmontana Mickbergensis C Lithops karasmontana Mickbergensis C Lithops karasmontana Mickbergensis white form Lithops karasmontana Onverwacht Grnau Lithops karasmontana Opalina Lithops karasmontana Signalberg C Lithops karasmontana Signalberg C Lithops karasmontana ssp bella Lithops karasmontana ssp bella CA Lithops karasmontana ssp bella C Lithops karasmontana ssp bella C Lithops karasmontana ssp bella f Lithops karasmontana ssp bella Kuckaus Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii k Lueder Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii AvocadoCream Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii C Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii C Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii C Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Erniana C Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Erniana C Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Erniana C Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii H Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Haalenberg Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Kuckaus Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Sturmhaube Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Swartkloof Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Tschaukaib Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Witputzensis Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii Koichab 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lesliei Mooipoort Lithops lesliei Pietersburg C Lithops lesliei Pietersburg C Lithops lesliei Ventersdorp Lithops lesliei Warrenton C Lithops lesliei Warrenton C Lithops lesliei Warrenton C Lithops lesliei e Walkerville Lithops lesliei grey form C Lithops lesliei grey form C Lithops lesliei grey form C Lithops lesliei n Pretoria Lithops lesliei nr Pietersburg Lithops lesliei ssp burchellii C Lithops lesliei v hornii C Lithops lesliei v hornii C Lithops lesliei v mariae C Lithops lesliei v mariae C Lithops lesliei v minor C Lithops lesliei v minor Witblom CA Lithops lesliei v rubrobrunnea Lithops lesliei v venteri Lithops lesliei v venteri C Lithops lesliei v venteri C Lithops lesliei v venteri Maraisii C Lithops marmorata Lithops marmorata k n Umdaus Lithops marmorata Animub Lithops marmorata Areb Lithops marmorata C Lithops marmorata C Lithops marmorata C Lithops marmorata C Lithops marmorata Framesii Areb Springbok Lithops marmorata Framesii C Lithops marmorata Framesii C Lithops marmorata Framesii Naip SB Lithops marmorata Framesii Smorenskadu Lithops marmorata Jakkalswater Lithops marmorata Kangnas Lithops marmorata Oernoep Jakkalswater Lithops marmorata Umdausensis Lithops marmorata Wyepoortrivier Lithops marmorata nr Steinkopf Lithops marmorata nw Animub Lithops marmorata ssp marmorata Diutina C Lithops marmorata v elisae Lithops marmorata v elisae C Lithops marmorata v elisae C Lithops marmorata v elisae n Jakkalswater Lithops meyeri Brakfontein Lithops meyeri C Lithops meyeri C Lithops meyeri C Lithops meyeri Hammeruby Lithops meyeri SB by Hilda Peak Lithops meyeri Vlakmyn Lithops naureeniae C Lithops olivacea Lithops olivacea Achab Namies Lithops olivacea C Lithops olivacea C Lithops olivacea Onder Namies Lithops olivacea Samoep Lithops olivacea Samoep SB Lithops olivacea v nebrownii Aggeneys Lithops olivacea v nebrownii CB Lithops optica k Bakers Bay Lithops optica C Lithops optica C Lithops optica C Lithops optica C Lithops optica C Lithops optica C Lithops optica C Lithops optica C Lithops optica C Lithops optica C Lithops optica C Lithops optica C Lithops optica H Lithops optica Luederitz Lithops optica Maculata C Lithops optica Maculata C Lithops optica Maculata C Lithops optica Maculata e Bogenfels Lithops optica Rubra C Lithops optica Rubra CA Lithops optica Rubra Uitsig Luederitz Lithops optica Rubra f Lithops optica Uitsig Lithops otzeniana Lithops otzeniana Aquamarine CA Lithops otzeniana C Lithops otzeniana C Lithops otzeniana C Lithops otzeniana e Brakfontein Lithops pseudotruncatella Alpina C Lithops pseudotruncatella C Lithops pseudotruncatella C Lithops pseudotruncatella C Lithops pseudotruncatella C Lithops pseudotruncatella Mundtii C Lithops pseudotruncatella Mundtii C Lithops pseudotruncatella Pallid C Lithops pseudotruncatella Pallid sw Windhoek Lithops pseudotruncatella ssp archerae Lithops pseudotruncatella ssp archerae C Lithops pseudotruncatella ssp dendritica C Lithops pseudotruncatella ssp dendritica C 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Lithops schwantesii Tiras top Lithops schwantesii Triebneri Tiras Lithops schwantesii grey C Lithops schwantesii grey C Lithops schwantesii grey C Lithops schwantesii grey C Lithops schwantesii C Lithops schwantesii Gulielmi C Lithops schwantesii Kuibisensis C Lithops schwantesii Triebneri C Lithops schwantesii Triebneri CB Lithops schwantesii ssp gebseri C Lithops schwantesii ssp terricolor Lithops schwantesii v marthae C Lithops schwantesii v marthae C Lithops schwantesii v marthae H Lithops schwantesii v marthae C Lithops schwantesii v rugosa C Lithops schwantesii v rugosa C Lithops schwantesii v urikosensis Lithops schwantesii v urikosensis C Lithops schwantesii v urikosensis C Lithops schwantesii v urikosensis Christinae C Lithops schwantesii v urikosensis Christinae C Lithops schwantesii v urikosensis Christinae C Lithops schwantesii v urikosensis Kunjasensis a Lithops schwantesii v urikosensis Kunjasensis b Lithops schwantesii v urikosensis Nutupsdrift C Lithops spp mix Lithops steineckeana unstable hybrid Lithops steineckiana C Lithops terricolor Lithops terricolor C Lithops terricolor C Lithops terricolor C Lithops terricolor C Lithops terricolor C Lithops terricolor C Lithops terricolor Peersii C Lithops terricolor Peersii C Lithops terricolor Peersii C Lithops terricolor Peersii C Lithops terricolor Prince Albert C Lithops terricolor Sandpoort Lithops terricolor Laingsburg Lithops terricolor sw Laingsburg Lithops vallis-mariae C Lithops vallis-mariae C Lithops vallis-mariae C Lithops vallis-mariae Margarethae C Lithops vallis-mariae Margarethae C Lithops vallis-mariae Margarethae C Lithops verruculosa C Lithops verruculosa C Lithops verruculosa C Lithops verruculosa C Lithops verruculosa C Lithops verruculosa CB Lithops verruculosa CB Lithops verruculosa CC Lithops verruculosa Inae C Lithops verruculosa Inae C Lithops verruculosa Inae C Lithops verruculosa v glabra C Lithops verruculosa v glabra C Lithops verruculosa v glabra C Lithops villetii C Lithops villetii C Lithops villetii Kapteinskraal n Loeriesfontein Lithops villetii ssp deboeri CA Lithops villetii ssp deboeri C Lithops villetii ssp deboeri C Lithops villetii ssp kennedyi C Lithops villetii v kennedyi C Lithops villetii v kennedyi C Lithops villetii v kennedyi CA Lithops villetii v kennedyi C Lithops villetii v kennedyi CA Lithops viridis Vosfontein Lithops werneri C Lithospermum arvense Lithospermum erythrorhizon Lithospermum officinale pl Lithrea caustica Litsea garciae Litsea glutinosa Litsea pungens Littonia modesta Livistona australis Livistona chinensis Livistona decipiens svs Livistona jenkinsiana Livistona nitida Livistona rotundifolia Livistona saribus Llavea cordifolia Lloydia serotina Loasa acanthifolia Loasa filicifolia Loasa nana Loasa tricolor Lobelia aberdarica bs Lobelia alata Lobelia bridgesii Lobelia cardinalis Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria Lobelia cardinalis ssp multiflora Lobelia comosa Lobelia coronopifolia Lobelia deckenii ssp bequartii Lobelia erinus Cobalt Blue Lobelia erinus Compacta Blue Carpet Lobelia erinus Compacta Cambridge Blue Lobelia erinus Compacta Crystal Palace Lobelia erinus Compacta Emperor William Lobelia erinus Compacta Lilac Dream Lobelia erinus Compacta Lilac Time Lobelia erinus Compacta Mrs Clibran Lobelia erinus Compacta Rosamond Lobelia erinus Compacta String of Pearls Mix Lobelia erinus Compacta String of Pearls Mix pell Lobelia erinus Compacta Suttons Blue Lobelia erinus Compacta Twilight lilac Lobelia erinus Compacta White Lady Lobelia erinus Crystal Palace Lobelia erinus Early Dwarf Blue Pearl Improved Lobelia erinus Early Dwarf Snow Mink Lobelia erinus Palace Blue Lobelia erinus Palace Blue With Eye Lobelia erinus Palace Blue multi-pellets Lobelia erinus Palace Blue with Eye multipellets Lobelia erinus Palace Lilac Lobelia erinus Palace Lilac multi-pellets Lobelia erinus Palace Mixed multi-pellets Lobelia erinus Palace Royal Lobelia erinus Palace Royal multi-pellets Lobelia erinus Palace Sky Blue Lobelia erinus Palace Sky Blue multi-pellets Lobelia erinus Palace White Lobelia erinus Palace White multi-pellets Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Blue Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Blue with Eye Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Hamburgia sky blue Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Lilac Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Mix formula Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Mix o Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Red Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Ruby Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Sapphire Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade White Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Blue Splash Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Lilac Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Lilac Splash Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Marine Blue Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Midnight Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Mixed Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Rose Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Sapphire Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Sky Blue Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta White Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountains Blue Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountains Crimson Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountains Lilac Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountains Mixed Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountains Rose Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountains White Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountians Mixed pellets Lobelia erinus Pendula Hamburgia Lobelia erinus Pendula Monsoon Lobelia erinus Pendula Sapphire Lobelia erinus Riviera Blue Eyes Lobelia erinus Riviera Blue Splash Lobelia erinus Riviera Lilac Lobelia erinus Riviera Marine Blue Lobelia erinus Riviera Midnight Blue Lobelia erinus Riviera Mixed Lobelia erinus Riviera Rose Lobelia erinus Riviera Sky Blue Lobelia erinus Riviera White Lobelia erinus wild form S Africa Lobelia excelsa Lobelia fulgens Elmfeuer Lobelia gerardii x Vedrariensis Lobelia giberroa Lobelia inflata Lobelia kalmii Blue Shadow Lobelia kalmii Blue Shadow pellets Lobelia pinifolia Lobelia polyphylla Lobelia rhombifolia Lobelia schaferi aff Lobelia sessilifolia Lobelia siphilitica Lobelia siphilitica Alba Lobelia siphilitica Blue Select Lobelia siphilitica Rosea Lobelia siphilitica mixed Lobelia sp nov large blue Lobelia speciosa x f Compliment Deep Red Lobelia speciosa x f Compliment Mixed Lobelia speciosa x f Compliment Scarlet Lobelia speciosa x f Fan Blue Lobelia speciosa x f Fan Blue pellets Lobelia speciosa x f Fan Burgundy Lobelia speciosa x f Fan Burgundy pellets Lobelia speciosa x f Fan Deep Rose Lobelia speciosa x f Fan Deep Rose pellets Lobelia speciosa x f Fan Salmon Lobelia speciosa x f Fan Salmon pellets Lobelia speciosa x f Fan Scarlet Lobelia speciosa x f Fan Scarlet pellets Lobelia spicata Lobelia spp mixed tall forms Lobelia tenuior Lobelia tenuior Blue Wings Lobelia tomentosa Lobelia tupa Lobelia valida Lobelia wollastonii Lobiviopsis x Dainty Bess Lobostemon fruticosus Lobostemon montanus Lobularia maritima Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Apricot extra dwarf Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Dark Mix multipell Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Dark Mixture formula Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Extra Dwarf Mixture Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Lavender extra dwarf Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Lemon extra dwarf Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Lilac extra dwarf Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Pastel Mix multipel Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Pastel Mixture Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Purple extra dwarf Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Red extra dwarf Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Salmon extra dwarf Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Silver extra dwarf Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Violetta extra dwarf Lobularia maritima Aphrodite Wine Red extra dwarf Lobularia maritima Avalanche Lobularia maritima Carpet of Snow Lobularia maritima Creamery Lobularia maritima Crystallina Lobularia maritima Dwarf Pink Lobularia maritima Dwarf Purple Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet deep rose Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet lavender Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet mixed Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet violet Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet white Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet deep pink Lobularia maritima Magic Circle Mixed Lobularia maritima Minimum Lobularia maritima Nature Trailing Rosy Red Lobularia maritima New Carpet of Snow Lobularia maritima New Purple Lobularia maritima Oriental Nights Lobularia maritima Paletta Mixed new colours Lobularia maritima Pastel Carpet Mixed Lobularia maritima Rally Formula Mix Lobularia maritima Regal Violet Lobularia maritima Rosie O Day Lobularia maritima Royal Carpet Lobularia maritima Snow Crystals Lobularia maritima Snowcloth Lobularia maritima Snowdrift Lobularia maritima Snowstorm Lobularia maritima Tiny Tim Lobularia maritima Violet Queen Lobularia maritima Wanderer Mixed trailing Lobularia maritima Wonderland Deep Purple Lobularia maritima Wonderland Deep Rose Lobularia maritima Wonderland Lavender Lobularia maritima Wonderland Mixed Lobularia maritima Wonderland Pastel Pink Lobularia maritima Wonderland Pink Lobularia maritima Wonderland White Lobularia maritima ssp benthamii Logania buxifolia Logania obovata Logania stenophylla Logania vaginalis Loiseleuria procumbens Lolium multiflorum Lolium multiflorum commercial form Lolium multiflorum ssp temulentum Lolium multiflorum ssp westerwoldicum Lolium perenne Gator Lolium perenne comm Lolium perenne wild Lolium remotum Lolium rigidum Lomandra filiformis Lomandra hastilis Lomandra hystrix Lomandra longifolia Lomandra longifolia prov Tas Lomandra preissii Lomaria gibba Lomatia dentata Lomatia ferruginea Lomatia hirsuta Lomatia polymorpha Lomatia tinctoria Lomatium californicum Lomatium dissectum Lomatium macrocarpum Lomatium nudicaule Lomatium utriculatum Lomatophyllum citreum Lomatophyllum orientale Lonas annua Lonas annua Gold Rush dwarf form Lonchocarpus capassa Lonicera albiflora Lonicera alpigena Lonicera caerulea Lonicera dioica Lonicera etrusca Lonicera ferdinandii Lonicera fragrantissima Lonicera hirsuta Lonicera hispidula Lonicera japonica Lonicera maackii Lonicera maackii fa podocarpa cs Lonicera periclymenum Lonicera tatarica Lonicera tatarica Arnold Red Lonicera tatarinowii v leptantha Lonicera xylosteum Lopezia racemosa Lopholaena coriifolia Lopholaena platyphylla Lophomyrtus bullata (Myrtus b ) Lophophora diffusa Lophophora diffusa Pene Miller Qro Lophophora diffusa fa ziegleri Lophophora diffusa v koehresii Lophophora diffusa v koehresii La Morita Lophophora fricii Lophophora fricii Viesca Coah Lophophora fricii Parras Coah Lophophora williamsii pl Lophophora williamsii fa texana Lophophora williamsii v caespitosa Lophophora williamsii v decipiens Lophospermum Red Dragon Lophospermum erubescens Lophospermum erubescens Alba Lophospermum erubescens Bridal Bouquet Lophospermum scandens Lophospermum scandens Formula Mixture Lophospermum scandens Joan Loraine violet blue Lophospermum scandens Mystic Purple Lophospermum scandens Mystic Rose Lophospermum scandens Rose Lophospermum scandens Sky Blue Lophospermum scandens Snowwhite Lophospermum scandens Violet Lophostemon confertus Lophostemon suaveolens Lopolaena coriifolia Loropetalum chinense Lotonia lotonoides Lotononis lotonoides Lotononis sericophylla Lotus corniculatus wild form Lotus corniculatus comm Lotus crassifolius ssp crassifolius Lotus crassifolius ssp otayensis Lotus formosissimus Lotus grandiflorus Lotus heermannii Lotus hirsutus Lotus maritimus Lotus purshianus Lotus scoparius Lotus tetragonolobus Lotus uliginosus Loudetia flavida Loxostylis alata Luculia grandifolia Luculia gratissima Rosea Ludwigia octovalvis Luffa acutangula Luffa cylindrica Luffa operculata Luffa sepium Luma apiculata svs Luma chequen svs Lunaria annua Lunaria annua Alba Lunaria annua Variegata Lunaria annua Variegata Purple Lunaria annua Variegata White Lunaria annua mix Lunaria rediviva Lupinus Cherry Pink semi-dwarf mix Lupinus Dumpty Lupinus Dwarf Gallery Blue Lupinus Dwarf Gallery Mixed Lupinus Dwarf Gallery Pink Lupinus Dwarf Gallery Red Lupinus Dwarf Gallery White Lupinus Dwarf Gallery Yellow Lupinus Dwarf Russell Blue Lupinus Dwarf Russell Formula Mixed Lupinus Dwarf Russell Pink Lupinus Dwarf Russell Red Lupinus Dwarf Russell White Lupinus Dwarf Russell Yellow Lupinus Garden Gnome Lupinus Plummy Blue Lupinus Red Flame Lupinus Russell Chandelier yellow Lupinus Russell Mixed formula Lupinus Russell Mixed open Lupinus Russell My Castle brick red Lupinus Russell Noble Maiden white & cream Lupinus Russell The Chatelaine pink white flag Lupinus Russell The Governor blue white flag Lupinus Russell The Pages carmine Lupinus Russell Woodfield Hybrids mix Lupinus albicaulis Lupinus albifrons Lupinus albus Lupinus alpestris Lupinus angustifolius Lupinus arboreus blue Lupinus arboreus from mauve flg var Lupinus arboreus mix Lupinus arboreus yellow Lupinus arboreus Barton-on-Sea Lupinus arboreus bicolour Lupinus arboreus x Plum-Blue Lupinus argenteus Lupinus arizonicus Lupinus benthami Lupinus bicolor Lupinus chamissonis Lupinus densiflorus v aureus Lupinus elegans Pink Fairy Lupinus hartwegii Biancaneve Lupinus hartwegii mix Lupinus hirsutissimus Lupinus latifolius Parishii Lupinus lepidus v aridus Summer Spires Lupinus littoralis Lupinus luteus Lupinus microcarpus Lupinus microcarpus ssp densiflorus Lupinus mutabilis v cruckshanksii Blue Javelin Lupinus mutabilis v cruckshanksii Pink Javelin Lupinus mutabilis v cruckshanksii Sunrise Lupinus nanus Lupinus nanus Pixie Blue Lupinus nanus Pixie Delight mixed Lupinus nootkatensis Lupinus palaestinus aff poss L pilosus Lupinus perennis Lupinus polyphyllus Lupinus polyphyllus Flamme Rouge Lupinus polyphyllus Gartenzwerg dwarf hybrid Lupinus polyphyllus Lulu Mixed dwarf Lupinus polyphyllus Minarette Dwarf Mixed Lupinus propinquus Lupinus regalis Morello Cherry Lupinus sericeus Lupinus sp Blue Lupin green manure Lupinus sp Commestible a Seme Grosso Lupinus sparsiflorus Lupinus subcarnosus Lupinus succulentus Lupinus succulentus Rodeo Rose Lupinus texensis Lupinus texensis Texas Maroon Bluebonnet Lupinus truncatus Lupinus versicolor Lupinus villosus Luzula Lucius Luzula Starmaker Luzula alpino-pilosa Luzula campestris Luzula luzuloides Luzula meridionalis Luzula multiflora Luzula nivea Luzula pilosa Luzula spicata Luzula sylvatica Luzula sylvatica Marginata Luzula sylvatica Select Luzula ulophylla Luzuriaga polyphylla Luzuriaga radicans Lychnis alpina Lychnis alpina Snow Flurry Lychnis alpina dwarf form Lychnis arkwrightii x Lychnis arkwrightii x Orange Dwarf Lychnis arkwrightii x Vesuvius Lychnis atropurpurea Lychnis chalcedonica Lychnis chalcedonica Alba Lychnis chalcedonica Burning Love Lychnis chalcedonica Carnea Lychnis chalcedonica Dusty Pink Lychnis chalcedonica Pinkie Lychnis cognata Lychnis coronaria Lychnis coronaria Alba Lychnis coronaria Angels Blush Lychnis coronaria Atrosanguinea Lychnis coronaria Cerise Lychnis coronaria Hutchinsons Cream Lychnis coronaria New Hybrids Mix Lychnis coronaria Oculata Lychnis coronaria mixed Lychnis flos-cuculi Lychnis flos-cuculi Alba Lychnis flos-cuculi Nana Lychnis flos-jovis Lychnis flos-jovis Horts Variety Lychnis flos-jovis Nana Lychnis fulgens Lychnis haageana Lumina Dark Leaved Red Lychnis haageana Lumina Orange Lychnis haageana Lumina Salmon Shades Lychnis haageana x Lychnis haageana x Lumina Mixed Lychnis haageana x Molten Lava Lychnis haageana x new hybrids Lychnis miqueliana Lychnis sieboldii Lychnis sp unident Lychnis spp mix Lychnis viscaria Lychnis viscaria Alba Lychnis viscaria Firebird Lychnis viscaria Rosea Lychnis viscaria Rossett Lychnis viscaria ssp atropurpurea Lychnis walkeri x Abbotswood Rose Lychnis yunnanensis Lycium afrum Lycium barbarum cs Lycium barbarum bs Lycium chinense Lycium exsertum Lycium ferocissimum Lycopersicon esculentum rootstock He-man Lycopersicon esculentum Ailsa Craig Lycopersicon esculentum Alicante Lycopersicon esculentum Amateur Lycopersicon esculentum Auriga Lycopersicon esculentum Beefsteak organic Lycopersicon esculentum Bloody Butcher Lycopersicon esculentum Box Car Willy Lycopersicon esculentum Brandy Wine Lycopersicon esculentum Brandy Wine Pink Impr Lycopersicon 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de Marzo NL Mammillaria glassii Dulces Nombres NL Mammillaria glassii Dulces Nombres Tam Mammillaria glassii Jame NL Mammillaria glassii Santa Engracia Tam Mammillaria glassii de Marzo NL Mammillaria glochidiata v xiloensis Mammillaria goodgridgii v rectispina Mammillaria goodridgii Mammillaria grahamii Mammillaria grahamii Dona Ana Co NM Mammillaria grahamii Grand Canyon Mammillaria grahamii Hidalgo Co NM Mammillaria grahamii Luna Co NM Mammillaria grahamii Otero Co NM Mammillaria grahamii Presidio Co NM Mammillaria grahamii Rincon Mts NM Mammillaria grahamii Samalayuca Chih Mammillaria grahamii Steins NM Mammillaria grahamii e Douglas Az Mammillaria grahamii Aqua Prieta Son Mammillaria grahamii f oliviae Nacozari Son Mammillaria grusonii Mammillaria grusonii Viesca Coah Mammillaria grusonii Tacubaya Coah Mammillaria gueldemanniana v guirocobensis Mammillaria guelzowiana Mammillaria guelzowiana Minas Navidad Dur Mammillaria guelzowiana Rio Nazas Dura Mammillaria guelzowiana Rodeo Dur 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humboldtii Gilo Hgo Mammillaria hutchinsoniana Vizvaino Mammillaria hutchinsoniana St Gatrudis Mammillaria hutchisoniana Mammillaria hutchisoniana El Arco Mammillaria hutchisoniana Mulege BCS Mammillaria hutchisoniana R Los Angeles BCS Mammillaria hutchisoniana Tres Virginis Mammillaria hutchisoniana e Comondu Mammillaria hutchisoniana San Ignacio Mammillaria hutchisoniana Calmalli Mammillaria hutchisoniana aff Las Flores BCN Mammillaria ignota Yolox Oax Mammillaria insularis Mammillaria insularis Bahia Los Angeles Mammillaria insularis Isla Piojo Mammillaria isotensis pink fl Mammillaria jaliscana Mammillaria jaliscana Sta Teresa Zac Mammillaria jaliscana small stem Mammillaria jaliscana Estancion Cubo Gto Mammillaria johnstonii San Carlos Bay Son Mammillaria johnstonii v guaymensis Mammillaria johnstonii v sancarlensis Mammillaria kamolense Mammillaria karwinskiana Mammillaria karwinskiana Acatlan de Osorio Pue Mammillaria karwinskiana Mitla Oax Mammillaria karwinskiana Quiotepec Oax Mammillaria karwinskiana Sierra Mixteca Oax Mammillaria karwinskiana Tehuiztla Pue Mammillaria karwinskiana Teotitlan del Valle Mammillaria karwinskiana Acatepac Pue Mammillaria karwinskiana fa confusa S J Lachiquri Mammillaria kewensis La Cruz Hgo Mammillaria klissingiana Jaumave Tam Mammillaria knebeliana of Ahualulco SLP Mammillaria knippeliana cream fl Mammillaria knippeliana San Rafael Mor Mammillaria lasiacantha Mammillaria lasiacantha Brewster Co Tx Mammillaria lasiacantha Candelaria Mammillaria lasiacantha Eddy Co NM Mammillaria lasiacantha Franklin Mts Tx Mammillaria lasiacantha Hipolito Mammillaria lasiacantha Hueco Mts Tx Mammillaria lasiacantha Jarilla Mts NM Mammillaria lasiacantha Maravillas Canyon Tx Mammillaria lasiacantha Presidio Co Tx Mammillaria lasiacantha Sacramento Mts NM Mammillaria lasiacantha Sierra Viejo Son Mammillaria lasiacantha Alamo Hueco Mts NM Mammillaria laui fa dasyacantha Mammillaria lenta Mammillaria lenta Viesca Coah Mammillaria lenta Cuatrocienagas Mammillaria leucantha Mammillaria lewisiana Mammillaria limonensis Mammillaria lindsayii Mammillaria lloydii Mammillaria longiflora w Los Herreras Dur Mammillaria longiflora Coneto Pass Mammillaria longiflora v breviflora Mammillaria longimamma Mammillaria longimamma Venados Mammillaria longimamma v uberiformis Mammillaria louisae Mammillaria louisae Socorro Baja Mammillaria louisae El Consuelo Mammillaria louisiae se Guerrero Negro Mammillaria louisiae San Quentin BCN Mammillaria magallanii Mammillaria magallanii Lerdo Mammillaria magallanii Parras Hotel Mammillaria magallanii San Pedro de las Colonias Mammillaria magallanii Tacubaya Coah Mammillaria magallanii Viesca Coah Mammillaria magallanii very few pink spines Mammillaria magallanii Cerro Bola Coa Mammillaria magallanii fa roseocentra Mammillaria magallanii v hamatispina Mammillaria magallanii v hamatispina w Paila Mammillaria magnifica Mammillaria magnifica Pelon de Amayuca Mor Mammillaria magnimamma Mammillaria magnimamma El Banco Hgo Mammillaria magnimamma La Blanca Zaca Mammillaria magnimamma Matehuala SLP Mammillaria magnimamma Pachuca Hgo Mammillaria magnimamma Salinas SLP Mammillaria magnimamma Tanquecillos Mammillaria magnimamma Zimapan Hgo Mammillaria magnimamma n SLP SLP Mammillaria magnimamma Ahualulco SLP Mammillaria mainiae Mammillaria mammilaris Mammillaria mammilaris Curacao Ven Mammillaria mammilaris Cepita-Pescadero Col Mammillaria mammillaris Cucuta-San Antonio Col Mammillaria marcosi Mammillaria maritima Mammillaria maritima Sta Rosalillita BCN Mammillaria marksiana Mammillaria mathildae Mammillaria mathildae La Canada Qro Mammillaria matudae Mammillaria matudae v serpentiformis Mammillaria matudae v spinosior Mammillaria mazatlanensis Mammillaria mazatlanensis Barra de Navidad Col Mammillaria mazatlanensis v monocentra Mammillaria mazatlanensis v patonii Mammillaria meiacantha Mammillaria meiacantha Chaves Co NM Mammillaria meiacantha Manzano Mts NM Mammillaria meiacantha Mora Co NM Mammillaria meiacantha Pecos Co Tx Mammillaria meiacantha Watrous Ft Union NM Mammillaria meiacantha n Parras Mammillaria meiacantha Bernalillo Co NM Mammillaria melanocentra Mammillaria melanocentra Icamole Coah Mammillaria melanocentra Saltillo Mammillaria melanocentra Huasteca Canyon NL Mammillaria mercadensis Presa Victoria Dur Mammillaria meridiorosae Mammillaria meridiorosae Hidalgo Co NM Mammillaria meridiorosae Peloncillo Mts NM Mammillaria meridiorosae Yecora Son Mammillaria meridiorosae Guadalupe Canyon NM Mammillaria meyranii Mammillaria meyranii Santa Barbara Rio Tilostoc Mammillaria meyranii v michoacana Mammillaria meyranii v michoacana Tuxpan Mich Mammillaria microhelia Mammillaria microhelia San Jose de la Laja Qro Mammillaria microhelia Sierra Zamorano Qro Mammillaria microhelia Sta Maria Mexicano Qro Mammillaria microhelia Fuentezuelas Qro Mammillaria microhelia v droegeana Rubrispina Mammillaria miegeana Mammillaria miegeana Moctezuma Son Mammillaria milleri Mammillaria milleri Caborca Son Mammillaria milleri Coconino Co Az Mammillaria milleri Florence Jct Az Mammillaria milleri Hermosillo Son Mammillaria milleri Little Harquahala Mts Mammillaria milleri Little Horn Mts Az Mammillaria milleri New River Mts Az Mammillaria milleri Painted Rock Range Az Mammillaria milleri Pima Co Az Mammillaria milleri Pinal Co Az Mammillaria milleri Sonoita Son Mammillaria milleri Tucson Az Mammillaria milleri Avondale Az Mammillaria moeller-valdeziana Charco Blanco Mammillaria moelleriana Mammillaria moelleriana Hornillos Mammillaria moelleriana San Francisco de Organos Mammillaria moelleriana Sombrerete Zac Mammillaria moelleriana fa cowperi Mammillaria mollendorffiana Mammillaria mollendorffiana Cardonal Hgo Mammillaria montensis Sierra Obscura Chih Mammillaria monticola Puento Marques Pue Mammillaria morricalii SB Cumbres de Majalca Mammillaria morricalii Cumbres de Majalca Chih Mammillaria muehlempfordtia fa neopotosina Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii Mammillaria multidigitata Mammillaria mundtii Mammillaria mystax Mammillaria mystax Sierra Mixteca Mammillaria mystax Tehuacan Pue Mammillaria mystax Huajuapan Mammillaria mystax fa huajuapensis Mammillaria nana Mammillaria nana Balneario de Lourdes Gto Mammillaria nana fa trichacantha Mammillaria napina Mammillaria napina Canada Morelos Pue Mammillaria nazasensis Mammillaria nejapensis Mammillaria nejapensis Nejapa Oax Mammillaria nejapensis Mitla Oax Mammillaria neopalmeri Mammillaria neoschwarziana Rio Piaxtla Sin Mammillaria nivosa Mammillaria noureddieana Mammillaria nunezii Mammillaria nunezii Taxco Guer Mammillaria obscura SB Vincente Guerrero Dur Mammillaria obscura Sain Alto Zac Mammillaria obscura Sombrerete Zac Mammillaria obscura Vincente Guerrero Dur Mammillaria ochoterenae Sierra Mixteca Mammillaria oteroi Suchixtlahuaca-Tejupan Mammillaria oteroi San Juan del Estado Mammillaria pachycylindrica Mammillaria pachycylindrica Nazas Dur Mammillaria painteri Mammillaria painteri La Pena Qro Mammillaria parkinsonii Mammillaria parkinsonii Vizarron Qro Mammillaria pectinifera cit Mammillaria pectinifera nw Tehuacan Pue Mammillaria pectinifera Tecamachalco Pue cit Mammillaria peninsularis Mammillaria peninsularis n Cabo San Lucas Mammillaria pennispinosa Mammillaria pennispinosa Bermijillo-Mapimi Dur Mammillaria pennispinosa Bermijillo Dur Mammillaria pennispinosa v nazasensis Mammillaria pennispinosa v nazasensis Rodeo Dur Mammillaria perbella Mammillaria petrophila Mammillaria petrophila Sra de la Laguna BCS Mammillaria petterssonii w Ixmiquilpan Mammillaria petterssonii Guanajuato Gto Mammillaria phaeacantha Ixmiquilpan Hgo Mammillaria phitauiana Mammillaria phitauiana San Bartolo a Mammillaria phitauiana San Bartolo b Mammillaria phitauiana San Jose del Cabo Mammillaria phitauiana Rancho Labuerra Baja Mammillaria picta Dr Arroyo Mammillaria picta Tula Tam Mammillaria picta Aramberri Mammillaria pilcayensis Mammillaria pilcayensis Pilcaya Gro Mammillaria pilcayensis fa chrysodactyla Mammillaria pilispina Mammillaria pilispina Huizache SLP Mammillaria pilispina Las Tablas Mammillaria pilispina Galeana Mammillaria plumosa Mammillaria plumosa Higueras Coah Mammillaria plumosa Arroyo Huizache NL Mammillaria plumosa v icamol Mammillaria polyedra Mammillaria polyedra Tonala Oax Mammillaria polythele Mammillaria polythele Zimapan Hgo Mammillaria polythele Ixmiquilpan Hgo Mammillaria polythele f nuda Mammillaria polythele v obconella n Zimapan Hgo Mammillaria polythele v obconella Valle de Fantas Mammillaria pondii Mammillaria pondii v maritima Mammillaria poselgeri Mammillaria poselgeri Buena Vista BCS Mammillaria poselgeri Mission San Javier Baja Mammillaria poselgeri Bahia Conception Mammillaria pottsii Mammillaria pottsii Jimenez Chih Mammillaria pottsii Ramon Arispe Coah Mammillaria pottsii Sta Eulalia Chih Mammillaria pottsii Brewster Co Tx Mammillaria priessnitzii e Jalpan Qro Mammillaria pringlei Mammillaria prolifera Mammillaria prolifera Huasteca Canyon Mammillaria prolifera Iraan Tx Mammillaria prolifera Jacala Rio Moctezuma Hgo Mammillaria prolifera Punta Leyana Cuba Mammillaria prolifera Sabinas Hgo Mammillaria prolifera Bexar Co Tx Mammillaria prolifera v texana Mammillaria prolifera v texana Santo Domingo SLP Mammillaria prolifera v texana Cameron Co Tx Mammillaria pullihamata San Cristobal Oax Mammillaria pullihamata Puerto Nejapa Oax Mammillaria pusilla Mammillaria pygmaea Mammillaria pygmaea Vista Hermosa Qro Mammillaria rekoi Mammillaria rekoi Mitla Oax Mammillaria rekoi San Juan Oax Mammillaria rekoi La Reforma Oax Mammillaria rekoi v aureispina Mammillaria rekoi v aureispina Yolox Mammillaria rekoi v flavispina Mammillaria rekoi v leptacantha Mammillaria rekoi v leptacantha Mitla-Camaron Oa Mammillaria rhodantha Mammillaria rhodantha Real del Monte Mammillaria rioverdense Rio Verde SLP Mammillaria roseoalba Mammillaria roseoalba Huizache SLP Mammillaria roseoalba San Vicente Tam Mammillaria roseoalba w Cd Victoria Mammillaria roseoalba Dr Arroyo Mammillaria rubrograndis Mammillaria ruestii Mammillaria ruestii Jpala Guat Mammillaria saetigera Galeana Mammillaria sanchez-mejoradae Mammillaria santaclarensis Mammillaria sartorii Mammillaria saxicola n Jalpan Mammillaria saxicola n Jalpan REPP Mammillaria saxicola long arching centrals Mammillaria schiedeana Mammillaria schiedeana fa plumosa Mammillaria schiedeana ssp giselae C Bufa e Diente Mammillaria schumannii Mammillaria schumannii Cap-Region BC Mammillaria schumannii Punta Colorado BCS Mammillaria schumannii San Jose del Cabo Mammillaria schumannii n Cabo San Lucas BCS Mammillaria schumannii stem small light blue sph Mammillaria schumannii Buena Vista BCS Mammillaria schumannii fa globosa Mammillaria schwarzii Mammillaria scrippsiana Mammillaria scrippsiana v autlanensis Mammillaria sempervivi Mammillaria sempervivi Ixmiquilpan Mammillaria sempervivi Metztitlan Mammillaria sempervivi nice bright pink flowers Mammillaria sempervivi Cardonal-Santuario Hgo Mammillaria senilis Mammillaria senilis e Topia Dur Mammillaria setispina Mammillaria sheldonii Mammillaria sheldonii Talamante Sin Mammillaria sheldonii Zapotitlan Sin Mammillaria sheldonii n Tespaco Son Mammillaria sheldonii Ortiz Son Mammillaria sheldonii fa inaiae Bahia San Carlos Mammillaria sinistrohamata Mammillaria sinistrohamata Rio Grande Zac Mammillaria sinistrohamata Minas Navidad Dur Mammillaria slevinii Mammillaria slevinii Isla San Josef Mammillaria slevinii Punta San Indro Mammillaria slevinii San Juan del Costa BCS Mammillaria slevinii Isla Evaristo Mammillaria solisioides yellow cit Mammillaria sonorensis Cerro de las Avispa Son Mammillaria sonorensis fa tesopacensis Nuri So Mammillaria sp Ginsa Maru Mammillaria sp nov Hipolito Mammillaria sp unident Dolores Mammillaria sp unident Guaxcama SLP Mammillaria sp unident n Ascencion NL Mammillaria sp unident Cuatrocienagas Mammillaria sphacelata Rio Hondo Buena Vista Oax Mammillaria sphacelata Teotitlan Mammillaria sphacelata Calipan Pue Mammillaria sphaerica Mammillaria spinosissima Mammillaria spinosissima Tejupilco Mammillaria spinosissima Rubra select red Mammillaria spinosissima v auricoma Mammillaria spp mix small free flowering sorts Mammillaria spp mix Mammillaria spp mix yellow spined Mammillaria stampferi Mammillaria standleyi Mammillaria standleyi L Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya El Palmito Dur Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya Rio Nazas Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya SB El Palmito Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya Nazas Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya w Mapimi Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya w Nazas Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya Cuencame Dur Mammillaria stella-de-tubaya Rodeo Dur Mammillaria supertexta Mammillaria supertexta fine white spines Mammillaria supertexta L Mammillaria supraflumen Ferreria Jal Mammillaria swinglei Mammillaria swinglei Guaymus Son Mammillaria tayloriorum Mammillaria tepexicensis n Tamazulapan Mammillaria tetrancistra Mammillaria tetrancistra Hurricane Ut Mammillaria tetrancistra Kofa Mts Az Mammillaria tetrancistra Little Horn Mts Az Mammillaria tetrancistra Lz Mammillaria tetrancistra Lz Mammillaria tetrancistra Newberry Mts Nv Mammillaria tetrancistra Newberry Springs Ca Mammillaria tetrancistra Palms Ca Mammillaria tetrancistra Scissors Crossing Ca Mammillaria tetrancistra e Yuma Az Mammillaria tetrancistra Needles Ca Mammillaria tetrancistra Clark Mts Ca Mammillaria theresae Mammillaria thornberi Friendly Corners Az Mammillaria thornberi Caborca Son Mammillaria tlalocii Mammillaria tlalocii FO- Mammillaria tlalocii FO- Mammillaria uncinata Mammillaria uncinata Tequisquiapan Qro Mammillaria uncinata La Blanca Zac Mammillaria vallensis v brevispina Mammillaria variabilis Mammillaria varieaculeata FO- Mammillaria varieaculeata long centrals Mammillaria varieaculeata Calipan Pue Mammillaria verhaerdtiana Cabo San Lucas Mammillaria verticealba Tuxpan Mich Mammillaria verticealbata Tiachichila Mammillaria verticealbata La Cienega Mammillaria vetula n Zimapan Hgo Mammillaria viereckii La Joya NL Mammillaria viereckii tiny clustering Mammillaria viereckii Jaumave Mammillaria viescensis Mammillaria viescensis Torreon Mammillaria viperina San Jose Tilapa Pue Mammillaria viperina Zapotitlan Pue Mammillaria viperina Coxcatlan Pue Mammillaria virginis Mammillaria virginis Barranca de San Agustin Mex Mammillaria viridiflora Burro Mts NM Mammillaria viridiflora Dos Cabezas Mts Cochise Mammillaria viridiflora Gila Co Az Mammillaria viridiflora Mt Graham Az Mammillaria viridiflora Sta Catalina Mts Az Mammillaria viridiflora Texas Canyon Az Mammillaria viridiflora Tyrone NM Mammillaria viridiflora Bagdad Ca Mammillaria wagneriana Mammillaria wagneriana S J Capistrano Zac Mammillaria wagneriana Penon Blanco Dura Mammillaria weingartiana San Juanito NL Mammillaria weingartiana La Ascencion NL Mammillaria wiesingeri Zacualtipan Hgo Mammillaria wildii Mammillaria wildii Metzquititlan Hgo Mammillaria winterae Mammillaria winterae Los Imagines Coah Mammillaria winterae Arteagas Coah Mammillaria wohlschlageri Mammillaria wohlschlageri Ignacio Allende Dur Mammillaria wrightii Mammillaria wrightii Burro Mts NM Mammillaria wrightii Manzano Mts NM Mammillaria wrightii Santa Fe Co NM Mammillaria wrightii Santa Rita Mts NM Mammillaria wrightii Whetstone Mts Az Mammillaria wrightii Bernalillo Co NM Mammillaria wrightii v wolfii Santa Clara Chih Mammillaria wrightii v wolfii Cuauhtemoc Mammillaria xaltianguensis Xaltianguis Mammillaria xaltianguensis v bambusiphila Mammillaria yaquensis Mammillaria yoloxis Guelatao Oax Mammillaria yucatanensis Mammillaria zacatecasensis Cerro Bufo Zac Mammillaria zeilmanniana Mammillaria zeilmanniana Grandiflora Mammillaria zeilmanniana Violaciflora Mammillaria zephyranthoides San Juan del Rio Mammillaria zeyeriana Lerdo Durango Mammillaria zuccariniana w Rio Verde SLP Mandevilla laxa Mandragora autumnalis Mandragora officinarum pl Mandragora turcomanica Manfreda maculosa Manfreda sp unident Comonfort Gto Manfreda virginica Mangifera indica Manglietia duclouxii svs Manglietia fordiana svs Manglietia insignis svs Manglietia megaphylla Manglietia yuyuanensis svs Manicaria saccifera Manilkara hexandra Manilkara zapota Manulea altissima Manulea corymbosa Marginatocereus marginatus v gemmatus Marianthus bicolor Marianthus candidus Marianthus drummondianus Marianthus erubescens Marianthus granulatus Markhamia lutea Markhamia zanzibarica Marlothistella stenophylla Marlothistella uniondalensis Marlothistella uniondalensis Prince Albert Marlothistella uniondalensis Welbedacht Marrubium cylleneum Marrubium incanum Marrubium vulgare pl Marrubium vulgare Pompon Marshallia caespitosa Massonia depressa Massonia depressa e Pakhuis Pass Klipfonteinrand Massonia echinata Massonia echinata densely pubescent form Massonia jasminiflora Winburg OFS Massonia jasminiflora nr Modder River Bloemfont Massonia jasminiflora nr Wolmaransstad NWP Massonia jasminiflora pustulate lvd form Massonia pygmaea v large leaf pustules Massonia sp nov summit Naudes Nek Matricaria Golden Ball Matricaria Snowball Matricaria White Stars Matricaria matricarioides Matricaria recutita Matricaria recutita Bodegold high oil Matricaria recutita Bona early high oil Matricaria recutita Chamomile organic Matricaria recutita Zloty Lan high oil Matthiola Trisomic Giant Imperial Formula Mix Matthiola Trisomic Seven Week Formula Mix Matthiola fruticulosa Matthiola fruticulosa v perennis Matthiola fruticulosa white Matthiola incana white form Matthiola incana white perennial form Matthiola incana Beauty of Nice mix Matthiola incana Brompton / Winter Stock mix Matthiola incana Brompton Lady Mixed Matthiola incana Cinderella mix formula Matthiola incana Cinderella Antique cream-mauve Matthiola incana Cinderella Appleblossom Matthiola incana Cinderella Blue Matthiola incana Cinderella Champagne Matthiola incana Cinderella Hot Pink Matthiola incana Cinderella Lavender Matthiola incana Cinderella Pink Matthiola incana Cinderella Purple Matthiola incana Cinderella Red Matthiola incana Cinderella Silvery-blue Matthiola incana Cinderella Violet Matthiola incana Cinderella White Matthiola incana Cinderella Yellow Matthiola incana Climax Column Carmine double Matthiola incana Climax Column Cream double Matthiola incana Climax Column Deep Pink double Matthiola incana Climax Column Formula Mix dbl Matthiola incana Climax Column Lilac double Matthiola incana Climax Column Ruby Red double Matthiola incana Climax Column Violet double Matthiola incana Climax Column White double Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Brilliant Rose Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Crimson Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Mixed Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Stock Azure Blue Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Stock Dark Blue Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Stock Deep Rose Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week White Matthiola incana Giant Imperial Mix Matthiola incana Gold Cut Mix Matthiola incana Hot Cakes Blue dwarf Matthiola incana Hot Cakes Bright Rose dwarf Matthiola incana Hot Cakes Mixture formula Matthiola incana Hot Cakes Pink dwarf Matthiola incana Hot Cakes Red dwarf Matthiola incana Hot Cakes White dwarf Matthiola incana Hot Cakes Yellow dwarf Matthiola incana Legacy dwarf branching mix Matthiola incana Lucinda Cream double Matthiola incana Lucinda Dark Rose double Matthiola incana Lucinda Deep Blue double Matthiola incana Lucinda Lavender double Matthiola incana Lucinda Light Rose double Matthiola incana Lucinda Mixed double sel Matthiola incana Lucinda Purple-Violet Matthiola incana Lucinda Red double Matthiola incana Lucinda White double Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Apricot Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Dark Blue Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Deep Rose Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Lavender Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Mid Crimson Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Mix Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Rose-pink Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Salmon Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Scarlet Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Violet-purple Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior White Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior White Xmas Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Yellow Matthiola incana Midget Series Mixed Matthiola incana Miracle Mixed Matthiola incana Perfection Double Mix Matthiola incana Pillow Talk Matthiola incana Sissi Deep Blue dwarf stock Matthiola incana Sissi Lavender dwarf stock Matthiola incana Sissi Mixed dwarf stock Matthiola incana Sissi Pink dwarf stock Matthiola incana Sissi Red dwarf stock Matthiola incana Sissi Silvery Blue dwarf stock Matthiola incana Sissi White dwarf stock Matthiola incana Vintage Mixed trisomic type Matthiola incana purple perennial form Matthiola longipetala Matthiola longipetala Starlight Scentsation Mix Matthiola longipetala White Scentsation Matucana aureiflora Matucana calliantha Matucana haynei KK Matucana haynei Matucana Peru Matucana haynei Uchupata Matucana haynei fa ceroides Matucana haynei fa clavispina Vulcan Coracora Matucana haynei fa grandiflora Matucana Matucana haynei fa villarica Huancayo Matucana haynei v atrispina Yarinacocha Matucana haynei v atrispina KK Matucana haynei v atrispina fa multicolor KK Matucana haynei v perplexa Recuay Matucana haynei v perplexa Yunguyo Matucana haynei v perplexa Lago Yanganuco Matucana haynei v perplexa fa comacephala Matucana huarinensis Pomabamba Matucana intertexta Matucana intertexta Matara Matucana intertexta Rio Crisnejas Matucana madisoniorum Matucana madisoniorum v horridispinum Matucana oreodoxa Hauri Matucana roseoalba L Matucana tarapotensis Matucana tuberculata Matucana variabilis Maurandella & Lophospermum spp & vars mix Maurandella antirrhiniflora red form Maurandella antirrhiniflora purple Maurandya antirrhiniflora Maurandya barclaiana Maurandya purpusii Victoria Falls Maurandya wislizeni Mauritia flexuosa Maytenus boaria Maytenus chubutensis Maytenus disticha Maytenus heterophylla Maytenus oleoides Maytenus procumbens Meadow grass mix UK chalk soil spp Meadow grass mix UK clay soils spp Meadow grass mix UK general purpose spp Meadow grass mix UK loam soils spp Meadow grass mix UK medium to heavy soil Meadow grass mix UK sandy soil spp Meadow grass mix UK tussock spp Meadow grass mix UK watermeadow or wetland spp Meadow grass mix UK woodland shade & hedgerow Meadow mix St Catherine Bath UK limestone sp Meadow mix UK Tussock flower grass spp Meadow mix UK Yorkshire Dales spp Meadow mix UK basic grazing spp Meadow mix UK clay soils spp Meadow mix UK general purpose a spp Meadow mix UK general purpose b spp Meadow mix UK general purpose c spp Meadow mix UK loam soils spp Meadow mix UK special grazing spp Meadow mix UK standard grazing spp Meadow mix north mead nnr Cricklade Wiltshire sp Meconopsis betonicifolia Meconopsis betonicifolia Alba Meconopsis betonicifolia Hensol Violet Meconopsis betonicifolia Select Form Meconopsis cambrica Meconopsis cambrica Aurantiaca Meconopsis cambrica Aurantiaca fl pl Meconopsis cambrica Flore Pleno Meconopsis cambrica Frances Perry red Meconopsis cambrica Muriel Brown deep red double Meconopsis gracilipes Meconopsis grandis Meconopsis grandis pink hybrid Meconopsis horridula Meconopsis integrifolia Meconopsis napaulensis Meconopsis napaulensis pink form golden hairy Meconopsis napaulensis red hybrid Meconopsis napaulensis yellow hybrid Meconopsis paniculata Meconopsis prattii Meconopsis pseudointegrifolia Meconopsis punicea Meconopsis regia Meconopsis robusta Meconopsis rudis Meconopsis sheldonii x (fertile blue group) Meconopsis sheldonii x Lingholm Himalayan blue Meconopsis superba Meconopsis villosa Medemia argun Medeola virginiana Medicago & Onobrychis mixed escargots & chenilles Medicago arborea Medicago falcata Medicago lupulina wild form Medicago lupulina commercial Medicago orbicularis Medicago prostrata Medicago sativa Medicago sativa sprouting seed Medicago sativa sprouting seed organic Medicago varia x Medicinal and Spice Plant Seedcase species Mediterranean Flower Mix Melaleuca acerosa Melaleuca acuminata Melaleuca acuminata prov SA Melaleuca acuminata v websteri Melaleuca adnata Melaleuca alternifolia Melaleuca alternifolia select high oil strain Melaleuca apodocephala ssp apodocephala Melaleuca argentea Melaleuca armillaris Melaleuca bracteata Melaleuca bracteosa Melaleuca brevifolia Melaleuca bromelioides Melaleuca brophyi Melaleuca capitata Melaleuca cardiophylla Melaleuca cardiophylla v parviflora Melaleuca carrii Melaleuca cheelii Melaleuca citrina Melaleuca coccinea Melaleuca conothamnoides Melaleuca cordata Melaleuca cornucopiae Melaleuca ctenoides Melaleuca cucullata Melaleuca cuneata Melaleuca cuticularis Melaleuca dealbata Melaleuca decora Melaleuca decussata Melaleuca dempta Melaleuca densa Melaleuca densispicata Melaleuca depauperata Melaleuca diosmatifolia Melaleuca diosmifolia Melaleuca eleuterostachya Melaleuca elliptica Melaleuca ericifolia Melaleuca ericifolia nana Melaleuca ericifolia prov Tasmania Melaleuca filifolia Melaleuca fissurata Melaleuca fulgens Melaleuca fulgens ssp corrugata Melaleuca fulgens ssp steedmanii Melaleuca gibbosa Melaleuca gibbosa prov tas Melaleuca glaberrima Melaleuca glomerata Melaleuca glomerata aff Melaleuca halmaturorum Melaleuca halmaturorum ssp cymbifolia Melaleuca hamata Melaleuca hamulosa Melaleuca haplantha Melaleuca hnatiukii Melaleuca holosericea Melaleuca huegelii Melaleuca hypericifolia Melaleuca incana Melaleuca lanceolata Melaleuca lanceolata prov SA Melaleuca lanceolata prov Qld Melaleuca lanceolata ssp occidentalis Melaleuca lanceolata ssp thaeroides Melaleuca lateriflora Melaleuca lateritia Melaleuca laxiflora Melaleuca leiocarpa Melaleuca leucadendra Melaleuca leucadendra fine leaved form Melaleuca leucadendra extreme weeping form Melaleuca linariifolia Melaleuca linophylla Melaleuca longistaminea Melaleuca megacephala Melaleuca micromera Melaleuca microphylla Melaleuca minutifolia Melaleuca nervosa Melaleuca nesophila Melaleuca nodosa Melaleuca oldfieldii Melaleuca pauciflora Melaleuca pauperiflora Melaleuca pauperiflora ssp fastigiata Melaleuca pentagona Melaleuca pentagona ssp latifolia Melaleuca preissiana Melaleuca psammophila aff Melaleuca pulchella Melaleuca pungens Melaleuca pustulata Melaleuca pustulata prov Tas Melaleuca quadrifaria Melaleuca quinquenervia Melaleuca quinquenervia red Melaleuca radula Melaleuca rhaphiophylla Melaleuca sapientes Melaleuca scabra Melaleuca scabra Bicolor Melaleuca seriata Melaleuca sheathiana Melaleuca sieberi Melaleuca spathulata bs Melaleuca spicigera Melaleuca spp mixed Melaleuca squamea Melaleuca squamea prov Tasmania Melaleuca squarrosa Melaleuca squarrosa prov Tasmania Melaleuca striata Melaleuca strobophylla Melaleuca styphelioides Melaleuca suberosa Melaleuca subfalcata Melaleuca systena Melaleuca tamariscina Melaleuca tenella Melaleuca teretifolia Melaleuca teretifolia 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Mitrophyllum grande Uitspansberge Rv Mitrophyllum roseum Mitrophyllum roseum TNaroegas Mitrophyllum sp Naroegas Mitrophyllum sp Rosyntjieberg Moehringia muscosa Moenchia erecta Molinia caerulea Molinia caerulea ssp arundinacea Mollugo nudicaulis Molopospermum peloponnesiacum Moltkia petraea Molucella laevis Momordica balsamina Momordica charantia Momordica charantia Hong Kong Momordica charantia Japan Long Momordica charantia Large Top Momordica charantia Naja Momordica charantia Taiwan Large Momordica charantia f Know You No Momordica charantia f Verdure Momordica cochinchinensis Momordica foetida Momordica humilis Momordica rostrata Monachather paradoxa Monarda Lambada Monarda austromontana Monarda bartletti Monarda bradburiana Monarda citriodora pl Monarda didyma Monarda didyma Alba Monarda didyma Cambridge Scarlet Monarda didyma Panorama Monarda didyma Red Shades Monarda didyma mixture Monarda fistulosa Monarda fistulosa nat var Wahpe Washtemna Monarda menthifolia Monarda pectinata Monarda punctata Monardella arizonica Monardella lanceolata Monardella odoratissima Monardella odoratissima # dwarf form Monardella villosa Mondia whytei Monilaria chrysoleuca Monilaria chrysoleuca v polita Monilaria chrysoleuca v polita k e Bitterfont Monilaria chrysoleuca v polita Bitterfontein Monilaria chrysoleuca v salmonea Nuwerus Monilaria moniliformis Monilaria moniliformis Bitterfontein Monilaria moniliformis Koekenap Monilaria moniliformis Liebendal Monilaria moniliformis Vredendal Monilaria obconica k w Bulletrap Monilaria obconica Eselsfontein