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Unlike numerous other retailers and private re-sellers on well-known selling platforms who offer seeds of sometimes uncontrolled quality and/or from maybe questionable sources, all our seeds derive from our own cultivated plants.

All our Capsicum seeds are collected from open pollinated plants which are grown in the open ground outside throughout the year and without any artificial heat or plastic cover (e.g. greenhouse). All Capsicum species and cultivars are self-fertile and apparently flowers are self-pollinated under our local growing conditions as no pollinator has been observed so far. We grow our plants in groups of several specimens from the same cultivar, so that the chance of any unwanted hybridization is low. So far the great majority of our own re-sowings have come true, nevertheless there might be a small chance that some seedlings may not come true. Either keep these crosses for your own future selection for a potential new cultivar or discard them as soon as they show any traits different to that particular cultivar.

Seeds are selected from the most robust and strongest plants only, whereas all weak plants and later those with a low fruit set are discarded. During the cleaning process, most unviable seeds which obviously lack any embryonic tissue are removed.

Our cultivation as well as the fruit and seed collection is organized in a very efficient way. Also, only large seed batches are processed at once, which greatly reduces labor costs.

The vast majority of Capsicum cultivars and species are easily grown and thus we do not have to pay permanent attention to plants between sowing and fruit collection - just watering and maybe some pruning in between, and nothing else. This is quite different to many other plants we grow, which require a very skilful attention throughout their life cycle to grow well and to set seeds.

Last but not least, most Capsicum species and cultivars are very productive concerning seed set. This is also not the case in many other plants we cultivate, where seed set is either very sporadic, seeds are set in small quantities only, or flowers will require artificial pollination.

For all of the above, we can offer seeds at just € 0.99 per package with a minimum of some 20 seeds each! For the ease of cultivation and the high quantity of seeds produced, a higher price is simply not justifiable.