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During the coronavirus pandemic, most international cargo flights are being operated from Spain on schedule and without any interruptions. Kindly keep in mind, that due to the worldwide health crises it may take longer for orders to arrive at your place.

We have temporarily suspended shippings to the below countries, as at present (1) cargo flights do not operate to these countries and/or (2) the local postal service does not operate properly and has proved unreliable during the past weeks:
- Australia (1)
(Qantas Airlines is the only carrier for international airmail coming in from Spain, and due to restrictions imposed by the Australian government, Qantas had to suspend all flights to and from Spain from 6 May 2020 until further notice. As long as no international flights are being offered, no mail can be shipped from Spain to Australia. The latest news concerning international flights being operated by Qantas you will find on the website of Qantas)

Potentially delayed delivery times
A couple of customers reported to us unusually long delivery times. We are not sure if in these countries all incoming airmail is being "quarantined" for several weeks before it will be finally delivered, or if this delay is due to other technical reasons within the local postal system. It also does not seem to affect all shippings to the same country, thus usually shipping times will be shorter than what is stated below as a maximum reported transit time. We always make sure that all seeds are well packed and that they will not be affected due a potentially longer transit time.

- Italy - up to 3 weeks
- Portugal - up to 4 weeks
- Slovenia - up to 4 weeks
- United Kingdom - up to 3 weeks

[as of 19 October 2020]